Annie Sez Got a Makeover!

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The label loving Annie Sez just got a makeover, and now she’s better than ever! I recently got invited to a Blogger Preview Party at the new Annie Sez in New Brunswick, New Jersey: it was love at first sight. I was throughly impressed with their new store. It has become highly classy and super sophisticated, with in season merchandise by designers such as Betsy Johnson, Michael Kors, Calvin Kline, Steve Madden and Carla Mancini. I recommend this store for the post grad who needs to revamp her style with chic and sophisticated clothing (for those longs days at the office). Love labels? Crave savings? Shop Annie Sez!

Click here for a location near you.


Thrifting Vs. Full Retail

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By: Van Crawford

Thrift stores (aka: charity shops, hospice shops, re-sale shops or opportunity shops) are retail/clothing stores typically run by charities. The items are donated by the public and can include clothes, furniture, bikes, decor, electronics, etc.

About a year ago I went on a shopping spree that came up to about $700 (right before school started). The trip consisted of shoes, shirts, button up’s, polo’s and accessories. I, of course, liked all the clothes I got, but couldn’t help but feel I was spending too much for the look that I was going for. When I first got to college, I saw people who could dress a lot better than I could as my money began to dwindle. I was approached by some upperclassmen who thought my friends and I dressed nicely, and they invited us to go thrifting with them. We went and I became addicted! It’s crazy — the things that you can find in a thrift store for a reasonable price. Often times you will come across “big” designer clothes as well; like this Oscar de la Renta olive-green pullover sweater we found for only $4.98!

Mens H&M shirt only $1.98

Go with friends and make a day of it! Make it your goal to only shop in thrift stores for a full day. Make a list of all your town or cities thrift shops, hop in the car and go! Most of the time you can’t even tell the difference between someone wearing thrift and full retail!

Full Retail


Don’t forget that thrifting is also great for furniture, decor and electronics! Polaroid anyone?

Think you’re a pro thrifter? If so, e-mail your pictures to


Trend Alert: Southwestern Designs

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I’m not quite sure what to call this trend/style yet. It reminds me of the Navajo and Cherokee Indian fashions of the Southwestern United States. I personally like them! What do you think?

$24 at Urban Outfitters

$39 at Urban Outfitters

$29 at Urban Outfitters

$12.80 Forever 21

$14.80 Forever 21

$15.80 Forever 21

This past week, every time I saw a shirt/accessory with these designs I took a picture! They are all from different stores, meaning– this trend is going to take over Fall 2011, so get ready!

Are you rockin this trend? If so, e-mail your pictures to


Trend Alert: Are the 80’s Coming Back?

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We had an 80’s comeback between 2002-2005 with leg warmers, netted gloves, vibrant tights, and short skirts over pants. It was mainly popular with the under 17 crowd and almost completely disappeared when the status bag trend took over. But I think it’s back with a whole new twist! Since 2009 I’ve seen people rock the acid wash skinny jeans, fitted neon shirts, and mood rings, but  in the past 6 months its become trendier than ever. I’ve seen it everywhere, and from every sub-culture. What do you think?

Try American Apparel and Forever 21 for fitted neon shirts and tanks ($25 and under!)

Try Hot Topic (only $2.99) or thrift stores for a real vintage mood ring!

Try H&M, Forever 21, Target, and Necessary Clothing in Soho for acid wash skinny jeans ($30 and under!)


Broke Fashion Soho

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  • Shirt: Unknown
  • Shorts: $25 Cotton On (Australia)
  • Shoes: $40 Urban Outfitters

98% Target!

  • Shirt: $12
  • Sweater: $15
  • Shorts: $19
  • Shoes: $9
  • Bag: $15 Old Navy
  • Sun Glasses: $5 Soho street stand

  • Shirt: 75 CENTS! Thrift
  • Skirt: $40 J.Crew
  • Shoes: $25 Payless
  • Bag: FREE (free with Teen Vogue renewal)

  • Shirt: $3.99 Thrift
  • Leggings: $ 35 American Apparel
  • Shoes: $40 Urban Outfitters
  • Bag: $16 Forever 21
  • Hat: $10 Soho street stand

  • Shirt: $2 Thrift
  • Leggings: Unknown
  • Shoes: $40 Urban Outfitters
  • Necklace: $2 Thrift
  • Bag: $13 Soho street stand

Soho was filled with so many “broke” fashionistas. All looking trendy, hip, and stylish in their thrifty outfits!


Small Town Fashion

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Location: Northern Connecticut

Just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean you can’t have big city fashion!

  • Shirt: $10 Forever 21
  • Skirt: $20 American Eagle sale
  • Sandals: $25 Marshall’s

  • Dress: $34 Marshall’s
  • Sandals: $60 Express


Broke Fashion #20

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Location: Union Square NYC

Shirt: $20
Jeans: $25 H&M
Shoes: $12 H&M


Broke Fashion #19

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Location: Midtown NYC

Shirt: $18 Forever 21
Sweater: $17.90 H&M
Rain Boots: $30
Leggings: $6.99


Mandee Stores

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Mandee is a store I fell in love with a few years back on a trip to Philadelphia. It’s a great place to go if you find yourself needing something to wear to a party or club. Go there for some flashy jewelry or some sexy shoes! They have stores in Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, and Florida. If you don’t live near one, don’t worry, just order on-line!

*These pump were only $30 (and they were buy one get one 50% off)


Broke Fashion #16

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Location: Union Square NYC

White Shirt: $7
Jeans: $39
Jacket: $15
Shoes: $50


A cute & cheap outfit for summer!

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1. Dress from only $19.99

2. Belt from H&M only $9.95

3. Sandals from Forever 21 only $7.50


Broke Fashion #12

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Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Leggings: Alexander McQueen for Target

Dress: H&M

Jacket: Old Navy


Mostly Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Levi’s Outlet