Disposable Vs. Expensive

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There will always be a debate between disposable (you’ll only get a few wears before it starts to fall apart) and designer fashion: When is it ok to spend your money and when is it better to leave it in the bank?

When you’re a broke fashionista, you have to be very strategic. Buy designer because YOU actually want it and have been eyeing it for months! Not to mention it looks killer on you! Don’t buy designer if:

  • You’re only going to wear it once
  • Vogue told you to
  • To impress someone that doesn’t matter

Here’s how we look at it: If it’s not a staple piece don’t go all designer and expensive with it. For example, I loved the harem pant trend that took over the summer and found the most darling beige pair at Opening Ceremony for $100+. Of course I wanted them, but I came back to my senses, thought about my bank account and went to H&M¬†instead. In that situation (being a trend and all), I was better off saving my money and spending only $25 on something that might not feel right in the fall.

Here’s a different situation: I’ve been on a trench hunt for months, and find them oh so classy. I went to the usual, trendy-yet-disposable retailers and found a few that I loved. However, I knew a cheap trench would only survive one season until it had a rip, a snag, a hole or a lost button. Since the trench coat is a staple for fall and spring (not to mention the “it” coat for years), I knew it would be okay to spend more than $40. With all this in mind, I decided to go for it! I ended up visiting Annie Sez and spending $175 on a beautiful, black Michael Kors trench. It’ll last me for years and years. Bring on the rain!

When we think it’s okay to spend the dough

1. Shoes

Living in New York City I walk two to six miles a day. When I wear cheap shoes, my feet hate me. If you walk a lot, it’s okay to spend the money. Just make sure it’s a shoe you’ll wear time and time again; not a pair that will only have your feet in them once. Just stay under $200! Check out Jeffrey Campbell if you’d love some height.

2. Coats

Lets be honest. Depending on your location, you’re probably in a coat or jacket for a good six months out of the year, so it’s okay to spend your money. Splurging on a coat that will last season after season actually saves you money in the long-run.


Are you a Broke Girl that Loves Designer?

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You’re in luck! Check out Rent The Runway, a website dedicated to girls like you (and me)! Rent the Runway lets you access your dream wardrobe for all life’s special occasions at 90% off retail prices. Chose current season fashion from over 95 designers for every black tie gala, wedding, date, holiday or night on the town. Filter through the available dresses by price, style, occasion or even body type! They even have a stylist you can call if you need extra help!

Why it’s so Wonderful

  • You can wear those sexy runway dresses without the $1000+ swipe of your credit card!
  • They send you an extra size! Just in case the first one doesn’t fit!
  • It’s only $25 to add on another dress for the same dates!
  • It’s free to sign up!
  • The day after your event just send it back. THEY do the dry cleaning!
  • You don’t have to pay the return shipping!
  • Worried about spilling grape juice? Squirting ketchup? Sticking the zipper? It’s only $5 for insurance!
  • Rentals start at only $40!

Example: Runway to Celeb to YOU!

  • Lela Rose: Fall 2010
  • Retail: $1,395

Kristen Bell rocking the dress at an event!

Rent for $150 on Rent the Runway! (Retail: $1,395)


Get the Look for Less: June (Part III)

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