10 Mood Boosters Under $10.00

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1. Paint Your Nails

♥ Kick back, play some music, and paint your nails a fun trendy color!

2. Wear a Bright Colored Lipstick

♥ You’ll instantly feel sexy!

3. Make a Cup of Tea or Hot Chocolate

♥ Summer or Winter, it’s comforting anytime.

4. Re-Organize Your Bedroom

♥ For some reason it’s always refreshing to add a little change to your space.

5. Sell Old Clothes to a Buy/Sell/Trade Store and Buy More with the Credit

♥ Free new wardrobe!

6. Wear a Pair of your Favorite High Heels

♥ Even if it’s just for a morning coffee run.

7. Put your Bedding in the Dryer for 10 Minuets

♥ It feels so amazing to fall asleep in a nice warm bed.

8. Go for a 30 Minute Walk in the Morning

♥ It’ll get you nice and energized for the long day ahead.

9. Buy the Latest Issue of your Favorite Magazine

♥ Nylon anyone?

10. Call an old Friend

♥ It’s always nice to have a nice long chat with an old friend.


How to Save on Your Morning Coffee

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Our coffee habit can get expensive. Especially if you go out for coffee every morning instead of making it at home…

Below are a few tips that might save you a ton of money over the course of a year.


How to Find Vintage Clothing + Accessories at a Thrift Store

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Hi ladies, Natalie here from The Closet de Natalie. Vintage is a hot thing right now, but can get pretty pricey at those fancy vintage stores. People donate beautiful vintage clothing to thrift stores daily, not knowing it’s actually worth a pretty penny. I’m here to teach you how to find those treasures!

There are some really easy ways to determine if what you’ve picked up is vintage or not. Here are some of my tried-and-true tips:

#1. The first indicator is the tag. There are certain types of tags that can help you determine if the clothing item is truly vintage.

Many clothing companies began outsourcing their production internationally during the 80’s, so if the tag says made in the USA, it’s likely that your piece was made 30+ years ago.

A union label indicates that an item was made by a union, such as the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union, which existed before companies began mass-producing overseas.

It’s rare to see fancy tags on clothing these days, but vintage clothing often features brand names stitched in a pretty font on the tag (above).

A lot number (below) was a common way for companies to keep track of clothing before computers. The lot number refers to a group of the same items from a particular store.

#2. The fabric of an item is also a very good indicator of what decade it’s from. Polyester was all the rage in the 70’s and 80’s, but is a rare sight today.

Rayon, another synthetic material, surged in the 90’s, and was often the chosen material for dresses and rompers.

#3. There are certain details that can help you determine if an item is vintage. If you find a polyester dress with a big butterfly collar, I can almost guarantee it’s from the 70’s.

Elastic on dresses, skirts, and blouses became very popular in the 80’s when clothing companies began using spandex. Bold, abstract patterns, such as tribal and animal prints, floral patterns, and colorful art-deco prints were all the rage on clothing in the 90’s.

#4. Clothing sizes have changed dramatically since the 70’s. Vintage clothing, especially from the 50’s and 60’s, usually run 4-6 sizes smaller than modern clothing. If you find a dress that looks about your size and fits great, but the size on the tag is bigger than what you’d normally wear, it’s probably vintage.

Clothing from the 80’s and 90’s aren’t as drastic in size differences, but they still run about 1-2 sizes smaller than today’s clothing. I normally wear a size 8 in modern clothing, but I wear a size 14-16 in vintage clothing. This vintage skirt (below) is a size 14 and it fits like a glove.

There are many other ways to tell if something is vintage, but this list is your best bet when first starting out. We’d love to hear any tips you might have for identifying vintage in a thrift store. Let us know in the comments below!

About the author: Natalie Garza is Broke & Chic’s resident thrift & vintage expert, and the voice behind The Closet de Natalie. She loves to mix thrifted treasures with classic wardrobe staples to create a unique style that’s all her own. Click here for more of her articles.


Advice from a Seasoned Thrifter

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Natalie Garza–the savvy fashionista from The Closet de Natalie, is here to teach you how to thrift. With her one-of-a-kind thrift finds mixed with her one-of-a-kind outfits, we felt there was no one better for the job.

How it all got started: I started thrifting back in high school, because I was obsessed with finding and wearing cool vintage t-shirts. When I first moved to Austin for college, I was so inspired by all the great style around me that I became confident enough to experiment with my own style.

I started thrifting regularly, because it was the only way I could afford to shop as much as I wanted without going broke. I quickly learned that thrift stores were the best places to find truly unique items that no one else had. I received so many compliments on my thrifted and unique outfits that I started my own personal style blog, The Closet de Natalie, to show everyone that it’s entirely possible to look chic for cheap. I’ve become such a huge advocate of buying thrifted and secondhand clothing whenever possible.

♥ Natalie recently started another blog promoting, buying and wearing secondhand clothing in Austin, Texas–Recycled & Reworn.

Thrifted leather boots ($12)

Some of the things I’ve learned during my experience as a determined thrifter:

1. Check Your Closet: Before you even leave your home to go shopping, look into your closet just to get a refresher of what you already have. Most of us have so much stuff, we often forget what we have and don’t have. It will also remind you of what you’ve been wanting to add to your wardrobe so you can look for it at the thrift store.

2. Know You Will Have to Dig: In a thrift store, you have to literally look through entire rows of clothing to find those hidden treasures. It’s not like walking into a retail clothing store where your eye is automatically drawn to the well-merchandised display showing you exactly what’s in style.

3. Don’t Go Thrifting Tired: You’ll need energy to make it through the many racks or bins. I usually drink a small coffee or latte on the way for a little energy boost!

4. Know Your Size: Measure your favorite items of clothing that fit really well to have a visual idea of what sizes to look for. Sizing can be a little weird in thrift stores, so it helps if you can eyeball your approximate size.

Remember: Many thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms.

Thrifted top

Nine items, only $25.98.

5. Have an Open Mind: Go into a thrift store with an open mind and without any expectations. One of the most exciting things about thrifting is that you never know what you are going to find.

6. Don’t Impulse Buy: Don’t let the luring low prices cause you to make bad choices. Try imagining everything you’re about to buy as already a part of your wardrobe. What outfits can you create with a thrift find, using what’s already in your closet? If you have to buy something else just to wear it… put it down.

7. Do an Item Check: Check over everything before you buy it. Look for stains and tears, check zippers and buttons, and even sniff for weird smells. Don’t forget to wash everything before you wear it!

8. Have Fun: Any sort of shopping can be fun! Bring a friend and make a day of it. Try stopping by every single thrift store your town or city has. Not only will you find amazing one-of-a-kind items, you’ll be surprised by all the money you’ll save!

♥ The next time you go shopping, I hope you’ll consider stopping by a thrift store before the mall. I promise it will be worth it!

“Goodwill is one of my favorite thrift stores. Wearing thrifted shoes ($5), thrifted blouse ($2), Zara jeans ($50), thrifted purse ($8), and Ray-Ban sunglasses I’ve had for four years ($125).”

Still need help?  Check out one of my posts “How I Thrift” on Recycled & Reworn, or feel free to e-mail me specific questions. I’ll try to offer suggestions on how to have a more successful thrift store experience. T: @nataliebgarza, E: nataliebgarza@gmail.com


Steal Her Look: Pippa Middleton’s White Lace Dress

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Don’t you love seeing celebs in outfits you can actually afford? Of course you do! Pippa was spotted on the streets of London rocking a beautiful white lace dress from h&m. The best part…it only cost her $35.00!



Get The Look For Less: BillyKirk for Opening Ceremony

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There is no denying it, the BillyKirk x Opening Ceremony collection this past spring was amazing. The playful red-white-and-blue palette was just enough spice to make any outfit pop! But with a $290.00 price tag, one has to say “ouch.”

Is there a cheaper way? Of course there is, Broke & Chic is here to save the day! The bag below was found at H&M for only $35. H&M is a life saver yet again.

$35 at h&m

More Broke & Chic Options

$56.00 via Yes Style

$23.99 via Mod Cloth

$79.99 via Mod Cloth

$48.00 via Urban Outfitters

$40.00 via Debenhams


Check Out: Savvy Looks

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If you’re a Broke & Chic fan, you eat, sleep and breath fashion, but can’t always afford it! Savvy Looks is here to help! Savvylooks.com is an online shopping website for those who love being one step ahead, fashion-wise.

At Savvy Looks, you not only buy clothes but also style, appeal and trend! Their mission is to make all the broke fashionista’s out there look and feel their best!

Still not sold? They’re having an amazing deal! $10 for $20 worth of clothing or accessories + free shipping!

Enter Code SAVE50

Woven Lace Jacket: $55.00

♥ They’re a new company that only launched this past September, show them some love!


Blogger Spotlight: Natalie Garza of The Closet de Natalie

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Natalie is a personal style blogger based in Texas. She’s a pro thriftier with an amazing fashion sense. This It Girl represents what we at Broke & Chic believe in. You don’t have to go into debt to look like a million bucks! If you’d love to see more from this thrifty fashionista check out her blog The Closet de Natalie, you won’t be disappointed!

“I’m a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Texas at Austin who loves wearing and shopping for secondhand clothing. I mix my thrifted treasures with classic wardrobe staples to create a unique style that’s all my own.”

-Natalie Garza-

  • Shirt: $10 Gap
  • Skirt: $1 Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet
  • Belt: $3 Forever 21
  • Flats: $30 Zara
  • Shirt: .50 cents Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet
  • Pants: $7 Cream Vintage
  • Belt: $2 Goodwill
  • Earrings: $4 Forever 21
  • Wedges: $25 Walmart
  • Dress: $1 Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet
  • Belt: $2 Goodwill
  • Wedges: $25 Payless
  • Necklace: Gift vis Francesca’s 
♥ Think you’re just as thrifty and stylish as Natalie? Submit your pictures to hey@brokeandchic.com


Beacon’s Closet

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Beacon’s Closet  is a locally-owned buy/sell/trade company in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Being one of the city’s best buy/sell/trade stores, you won’t be disappointed. It’s filled with both modern AND vintage clothing, making it extra special.

Beacon’s Closet will be absolute heaven for all you broke fashionista’s, so go check it out if you’re people-watching in Union Square, roaming in Williamsburg or window shopping in Park Slope.

Come here for quality, uniqueness, and of course cheapness! They also have an “award-worthy” men’s section. Don’t forget to buy on-line if you aren’t making a NYC trip anytime soon!


Manhattan Store

10 w 13th street

new york, ny 10011

m-f 11am-8pm
s+s 11am-8pm

*Click here for the Brooklyn locations!


Necessary Clothing

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Necessary Clothing practically owns the Soho shopping district, there are at least four in a one mile radius. If you’re on Broadway between Canal and Houston you’re bound to find one.

Everything here is definitely on the cheap side, however, if you love testing the waters with new trends, then this is your place! It’s filled with everything hip, cool and trendy. Studded leather jackets, oxfords, pumps, lace-up boots, club dresses, formal dresses, indie chic dresses; you name it! I recently bought a faux brown leather jacket for only $19.99! My only complaint is the crazy long lines, weird dressing room rules and the not always friendly staff. But I guess those are the “joys” of shopping on the cheap in one of New York’s most expensive shopping districts. Don’t live in New York City? Just order on-line, you won’t regret it!


  • 676, 501, 404, 443, 442 Broadway, New York, NY 10013



Steal Her Look: Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Got Milk Ad

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Adorable indie chic actress Maggie Gyllenhaal recently wowed us with her ultra sexy Got Milk Ad! I fell in love with her skin tight leopard mind dress and had to find one that looked just like it…on a budget! Lucky for me, H&M saved the day for only $17.95! It looks the exact same. I think I need a latte now!



Only $17.95 at H&M


Get The Look For Less: Lace Dress

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Lace dresses in any color are super hot for A-listers right now! If you’re heading to a formal, wedding or even a date why not follow in their foot steps?


Here’s the Broke & Chic way

♥ $15.00 at Walmart 

$34.99 at Charlotte Russe

$24.80 at Forever 21

♥ $27.80 at Forever 21

$36.99 at Kmart (Sofia Vergara Collection)