Runway Report: NYFW S/S 2014

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What will be trending next year? It was all decided this September at New York Fashion Week.

But if NYFW still feels a bit like a blur, don’t fear; we spent that entire week attending shows across the city and now we’re ready to share our favorites! Below are the Broke & Chic NYFW Superlatives…

Best Swimsuits


This swimsuit and coverup collection is simply stunning — lots of neutral colors and sophisticated cover-ups that can double as luncheon attire.

The designer behind this collection, Alessandra Meskita, was inspired by the captivating beauty and fierce maternal strength of the Brazilian deity Yemanja. She wanted her Spring/Summer collection to speak to the inner goddess within us all.

*Watch the show here.




*Photos by Dan Lecca

Honorable Mention: Karo

Kasia Roginska is the designer behind Karo Swimwear. According to Roginska:

My vision is to create something totally unique, a piece that’s not only a swimsuit. I want it to be a piece of art, something that makes woman feel elegant, edgy and sexy at the same time. Each piece has built in something that every female cherishes…jewelry.


Most Futuristic

Alon Livné

Alon Livné is a young fashion designer from Israel. He trained at Alexander McQueen in London and worked at Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli before going off on his own. He became a household name after winning the Israeli version of Project Runway.

His Spring/Summer 14 collection is not only unique, but very futuristic. All the models wore strong and structured silhouettes in stunning 1980’s inspired colors.




 *Photos by Dan Lecca

Best Collaboration

Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur

This eco-friendly footwear collaboration is bold, edgy and sophisticated.

Cri de Coeur, one half of this collaboration, is an accessory label founded by Julie Dicterow and Gina Ferraraccio. Their label is motivated by a love for high-fashion design and a desire to bring environmental awareness to the fashion industry.

Arden Wohl is a Renaissance girl: philanthropist, filmmaker, pastry check, and socially conscious activist. She’s famed for her eccentric fashion choices and can now add designer to her growing resume.





*The Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur collection retails for under $500 and will be available in-store for Spring 2014.

Best in Menswear

Ernest Alexander

This collection blew me away; It’s the perfect combination of classic and modern mixed with nautical and floral prints.

The founder of this menswear company, Ernest Sabine got inspiration for this collection by revisiting his experience living in Venice, Italy when he was younger and went with the theme “American gone Abroad.”




Honorable Mention: Kai-aakmann

This Korean label is just starting to emerge in the US, and the S/S 14 collection is perfect for all types of men; fashion forward, rock n’ roll, preppy and rugged. Everything was clean, with utilitarian elements thrown in for good measure. And the best part? All pieces are priced between $50 and $500.


*Image Courtesy of the Barbarian Agency

Best Theme


Jackie Fraser-Swan has done it again with her label Emerson. Emerson’s spring 2014 collection featured pretty and sophisticated silhouettes with a modern edge that went well with her Punk Rock Garden Party theme.

The collection was filled with black and white stripes, feminine floral prints, mixed textures and purple…lots of purple.

To finish off the look, models walked the runway with smooth long hair with a knotted twist at the top or purple flowers.

*Watch the show here.




*Images Courtesy Of  Emerson 

Best Gowns

Steven Khalil

These gowns were beyond stunning — all of them were definitely red carpet worthy.




*Images Courtesy Of Fashion Palette 

Honorable mention: Noon by Noor

I think this heavily-textured, floral, crop-top gown by “Noon by Noor” will go down in fashion history. What do you think?


*Image Courtesy Of Noon by Noor

Best Use of Metallics

Nicola Finetti

Metallics are trendy, but they can be very difficult to wear for the un-trained style eye. Nicola Finetti not only made metallic easy to wear, but professional and classy (instead of edgy and clubby).




*Images Courtesy Of Fashion Palette

Most Wearable

Diego Binetti

Most designs that grace the runways aren’t wearable for the average person, but Diego Binetti’s LOVE collection changes that:

Inspired by a love of different worlds, cultures, scenery and people, Binetti’s collection offers the consumer a window into the many worlds he has had the pleasure of exploring.

The collection has a very 1970’s Boho feel that would be perfect for the girl who likes that effortless-cool look.




Best Use Of Prints

Charlotte Ronson

This collection was just darling — very geeky chic. The prints ranged from bold to sophisticated, all modestly cut with extremely edgy accessories and outerwear to throw you off. The vision for this collection was “Parisian living in New York City.”




*Love this but can’t afford it? Be sure to check out Charlotte Ronson’s I Heart line at JCPenney!

Best New Designer

Lum by Lama Taher

Lama Taher is a fashion designer from Saudi Arabia. After studying in London for six years, she decided she wanted to take a break from academics and focus on her creativity. Her label Lum was born in 2010 and it’s absolutely stunning!

Lum’s mission is to design and provide modern simplicity and comfort combined with the elegance and grace of the Victorian era.




*Images Courtesy of Nolcha Fashion Week

Honorable Mentions: Leka and Studio 6th Sense


Leka is a Russian designer who gets her inspiration from modern architecture. Keep her on your radar if you love strong silhouettes!


Studio 6th Sense

Stephen Goudeau is the mastermind behind this label. Hailing from Louisiana, Goudeau makes sure all his designs are edgy, daring, style savvy and classy. His Spring 2014 collection is a breath of fresh air; the muted yellow and blue tones scream spring! My favorite look is below, but check out the whole collection here.


Best Overall

Fashion Palette

The Fashion Palette show held at Pier 59 in Chelsea was by far the most stunning and memorable show of all New York Fashion Week. It featured seven Australian designers: Samantha Wills, Akira, Nicola Finetti, Aurelio Costarella, Philippa Galasso, Steven Khalil and Mossee.

Most designs were either formal or formal day wear with the exception of one — Et Al, which was gothic-yet-seductive and more for the fashionista who likes to get double takes.



Et Al


Philippa Galasso


Aurelio Costarella




*Images Courtesy Of Fashion Palette

What was your favorite look from New York Fashion Week? Let us know in the comments below!


Living Your Passion: Trending Careers in the Fashion Industry

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If you’ve ever seriously considered eating ramen for a month so you can get the lace up boots that you just found on sale at Nordstrom’s, you should also think about taking your passion for clothes a step further. The fashion industry is made up of creative, motivated and business-savvy people who know what it takes to keep people looking beautiful and if you’re willing to go hungry to complete a couple outfits, you may already have what it takes to make it.

There are a number of great careers in this enormous and ever-expanding industry. Here are a few that are trending right now to get you started:

Fashion Merchandising/Marketing

Requiring more than just great taste and a passion for accessories, fashion merchandising is a business that focuses on pricing strategies, trend forecasting, retail management, global sourcing and product development, according to Every industry needs savvy business professionals, and if it weren’t for marketers and buyers, fashionable clothing wouldn’t be readily accessible to the public. This career is ideal for creative and business-keen fashion lovers; it combines the right and left brain into one function.

Graphic Design

A skill with a wide range of career opportunities, graphic design is helping the fashion industry become technological. Knowing software such as computer-aided design (CAD) is becoming a requirement, and the types of media used to showcase designers are increasingly technological. Graphic design helps designers visualize projects and create online portfolios to easily share within a team.

Fashion Design

While it’s certainly not a requirement to attend school to become a famous fashion designer, a number of established designers (Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, David Rodriquez etc.) have jump-started their careers by doing so. Class courses in fashion design can include a little bit of everything: fashion merchandising and marketing, fashion journalism, menswear design, textile design, knitwear design and more. If you’re already well established in your career, but have always secretly wanted to design, follow the example of Kara Laricks.

Kara was a schoolteacher for a decade before attending fashion school at Academy of Art University in her 30s. She went on to win NBC’s Fashion Star earlier this year and sold collections to H&M, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Whether you want to design your own shoes or have a line of active sportswear, fashion-designing skills will never become obsolete. A fast-paced, intense and stressful field, nearly 75 percent of fashion designers in America work in New York or Los Angeles, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. So a move might be necessary if you really want to succeed in this career.

Fashion Photography

The designers create, the models pose and the photographers capture the latest designs at fashion shows. Fashion photography is responsible for creating images displayed in magazines and on websites. Having an eye for fashion and knowing how to enhance a product with movement, angles, exotic locations and accessories is part of being a good fashion photographer.

To be a photographer in this industry, a person not only has to know how to work a camera but be able to put special emphasis on staging shots that create the right mood.

Social Media Manager

A few years ago, this position didn’t even exist. Now, brand leaders are realizing that in order to increase influence, they’ve got to have an online presence worldwide. Some of the industries most sizable companies employ teams to manage social media accounts and help the brand stay relevant.

Social media managers engage audiences and regularly introduce new fashion trends into society. Digital public relations (PR) coordinators help regulate a brand’s appearance and reputation, while content creators develop and expand the voice of a brand through online blogs, magazines and news sites. A degree in fashion marketing or communications could land you one of these positions.

What happens to be your dream job?


Broke Fashion: Meet Cathryn – A Girl With A Retro Fresh Style

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Meet Cathryn! She’s a 22-year-old Illustration student based in Richmond, Virginia with a retro fresh style. She dreams of big city life and her hobbies include knitting, drawing, sewing and cooking.

Q & A

B&C: How would you describe your style?

My style is mainly basics with retro splashes. I like clothing that accentuates my hourglass figure, so vintage silhouettes usually attract me. I usually prefer darker colors and neutrals, but recently I’m really loving nudes and pale pinks. I ALSO LOVE GLITTER. All the time.

B&C: You live down south, how do you stay fashionable when it’s 100° outside?

When it’s super hot, and the only real options are shorts and tank tops, a cute pair of shoes and a long chain are what I spring for just to spruce up the basics I use.

B&C: What’s your all time favorite item in your closet?

My favorite thing in my closet is a pair of white Steve Madden oxfords I bought at a Buffalo Exchange in Manhattan for about $25. They’re pretty dirty and jacked up, but they’re super cute and comfy!

B&C: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

I find a lot of cute things at H&M, thrift stores, and Target, actually.

B&C: What’s one trend you can’t stand?

 Trend I can’t stand? Cut off jean shorts where your pockets are hanging out from under the shorts! It looks straight STUPID.

Cathryn’s style impresses me so much because it’s all her own. The dress she’s wearing above…SHE MADE IT HERSELF! She found a dress at a local thrift store with a great pattern that happened to be too long and way too big; so, she cut the dress in half and used the fabric!

you really have to appreciate people that go the extra mile with their wardrobes. Her shoes happen to be from an Urban Outfitters sale a few seasons back. Get a similar pair here.

This photo was taken on a day that reached a high of 104°! It was sweltering! She made herself look cute, despite the heat by wearing a romper she found at Rumors Boutique for $15! She wore a red bandana to add some extra flair. Oh, and SPF 70!

What do you think of Cathryn’s great style? Let us know in the comments below! Want to see more? Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr!