3 Ways to Be Wise in the Dressing Room

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1. Try on your yes’s twice!

We all go into the dressing room with 8+ items. We cringe at the no’s, and put them back on the hanger. The yes’s we put aside for purchase. You go home and try on those yes pants again and find yourself disappointed. This scenario happens more often than not for many shoppers, and you can prevent it by trying on those yes’s twice!

Going back and re-trying on your favorites will help you make sure they deserve a spot in your wardrobe. You may even be preventing an impulse buy! If you’re still unsure, ask yourself a few questions: Does this really look good on me? Will I wear it more than once? Once you sift through those yes items, go and purchase the ones your think are really worth it.

dressing room 3 Ways to Be Wise in the Dressing Room

2. Don’t purchase ANYTHING without trying it on first.

Don’t even think about walking over to the register with items that you haven’t even tried on. You’re just setting yourself up for another trip to the store for a return. Even if you know it’s going to fit, it might not fit exactly how you were thinking. Just head over to the dressing room and do a quick 30 second try-on.

Still unsure? Go to Fashism.com for real advice from real girls!

shoppingbag 3 Ways to Be Wise in the Dressing Room

3. Don’t Rush

If you’re doing any sort of retail shopping, you need to take your time. Rushing will always lead to impulse buys that you’ll later regret.

shopping 640x426 3 Ways to Be Wise in the Dressing Room

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How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

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Creating a unique style that reflects one’s personality is a very important part of self expression.  It’s also the main reason why I’m in love with fashion!

Because of my passion for fashion, finding stores that are affordable and have great pieces is definitely a MUST for me. That’s why one of my favorite places to shop is Forever 21! But… even though I love it! It can sometimes become overwhelming due to the amount of options they have. Looking between ALL the rakes can take hours! So here are six tips on how to shop at Forever 21.

 How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

  • Skirt: $17.80 (similar)
  • Shirt: $15.80 (similar)
  • Clutch: $5.80
  • Wedges: $32.80

 1. Look at their web page first.

This helps you know the store a little better in the peacefulness of your own home. Browse through the new arrivals and see if they have cute trends you love. Then you can go to the store and see what all the pieces you loved look like in real life! Since it’s Fall, keeping your eye out for peter pan collars and burgundy colored pieces!

 How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

  • Polka Dot Trimmed Blouse: $17.80 (get it here!)
  • Pleated Lamé Skirt: $8.50 (get it here!)

2. Go on weekdays, avoid weekends.

F21 on a Friday or Saturday is always way too busy and hectic for my taste. My size is always sold out on the weekends as well. That’s why I prefer going on a Wednesday or Thursday between 10-3.  The clothing search is so much easier when you have your own space to look between racks and no 20 minuet lines to wait in to just try on a single dress.

3. Have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

This is always important, no matter where you’re shopping at. Try to not get distracted by those high-knee boots or plaid shirt when you REALLY just wanted a floral top. If you don’t have any idea what you’re looking for, you’ll end up with a bunch of items you didn’t need or want.

 How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

 4. Don’t be afraid of the Fitting Rooms!

Take the time to try on everything before you buy. It’ll save you time and money! Don’t you hate going home and finding out something doesn’t fit right? You’ll have to go back and go through the tedious process of a return!

You’ll have wasted your time, and more importantly…your money on something you didn’t even like. We don’t want that! The purchase should be a fun and correct process. So…to the fitting room ladies!

5. Don’t buy TOO much of  the “overly-trendy” pieces.

Forever 21 is ideal for fast fashion or to find great trendy pieces. We all love a cute metallic top or a pair of faux leather shorts. But buying tons of pieces of the same trend is just not good for your wallet or closet.

 How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

6. Look at the accessories and shoe section last.

My favorite section of Forever 21 is their accessories! From headbands, tights, scarfs, earrings and necklaces, (my personal favorites!) the options are truly endless. Since everything is always so fabulous and cheap in this section, I always make this my go-to place AFTER my visit to the fitting room. Why? It saves me money!

I’m able to pick out things based on the clothing I’m about to purchase. If I did it before, who knows what I’d end up with.

 How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

  • Top: $17.80 (get it here!)
  • Tights: $5.50 (grab a pair here!)
  • Boots: $34.80 (get your own here!)

I hope this helps all of you lovely gals! Shop away!

xo Nydia

About the Author: 

 How To Not Get Overwhelmed In Forever 21

Nydia is a wedding photographer that lives on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She loves bright colors, Paramore and fashion. Stay in touch by following her amazing blog, “A Girl Named Nydia“.

Make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram as well! (@agirlnamednydia)

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Out and About: How to Take Control of Your Finances, featuring LearnVest & Marie Claire

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Just recently, Melissa Murphy of Office Style and I had the opportunity to attend “Women in Business,” the Marie Claire event showcasing Joanna Coles, Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire and Alexa Von Tobel, Founder and CEO of LearnVest, in honor of Ruth Fertel, the founder of Ruth’s Chris Steak House. It was so great spending the evening celebrating the achievements of female leaders.

mc3 640x480 Out and About: How to Take Control of Your Finances, featuring LearnVest & Marie Claire

The event started off with Joanna Coles, telling us a funny story about a salon mishap and eventually it was turned over to Alexa von Tobel, who stole the show!

While looking for ways to better manage her own finances, Alexa saw a need for reliable financial guidance for women. And so, she launched LearnVest in 2008. Today, the personal finance and lifestyle website has helped over one million women gain control of their finances!

What an accomplishment on Alexa’s part! If you’re a lady who’s found herself not truly understanding her finances, LearnVest is for you. Don’t hesitate to check it out. Remember, Broke & Chic is here to teach you how to be fashionable and fabulous on a budget; LearnVest teaches you how to take control of that budget!

On an entrepreneurial note, if you have a dream, turn it into a reality. Women have more of a voice than they give themselves credit for. If you have an idea, don’t hesitate to act on it. Who knows…you could even be the next Mark Zuckerberg or Jack Dorsey!

mc2 640x853 Out and About: How to Take Control of Your Finances, featuring LearnVest & Marie Claire

Melissa (left)

  • Dress: $30 NY & Co.
  • Nude Pumps: $69 Nine West

Amanda-Raye (right)

What we learned:

Here’s a few things Melissa and I learned at this event that blew our minds. Needless to say, we both were eager to head home and organize our finances!

1. Only 40 years ago, women weren’t allowed to have a credit card in their own name.

2. Take control of your finances. Get organized and consolidate accounts. Treat your money like your social life!

3. Think about your life based on what you take home, not your salary. You might make 60,000/yr  but in reality, you only make 42,000/yr after taxes. Treat the later as your salary.

4. Your rent should only be 30%of your monthly income.

5. 20% of your income should go to essentials. Utilities, food, gas….

6. Your credit score is the only grade that matters when you’re out of school.

7.  According to Alexa Von Tobel, everyone should have an emergency fund of nine months of living expenses.

8. Should you buy or rent? It depends. If you don’t think you can live in a home for at least 16 years…don’t buy it.

9. All women should have their own bank accounts. Don’t let a man ever control your finances. Don’t rely on someone else to support you forever. Always have your own income. You never know. The only person you can really depend on to be there for you, is yourself!

10. Want a raise? Set up a meeting with your employer a month in advance to talk about your career. Be prepared to negotiate. According to Alexa, women have a hard time with this. Go for it ladies!

11. Don’t be to aggresive in your negotiation. Educate yourself on what others in your position all over the country are making.

12. 25% of the USA consists of single moms!

13. We make 6-10 money decisions everyday!

Helpful Articles from LearnVest

9 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score Immediately 

9 Secret Ways Stores Seduce Us Into Buying

4 Things To Do if You Don’t Get the Job

Is Your Spending Normal? 

mc1 640x480 Out and About: How to Take Control of Your Finances, featuring LearnVest & Marie Claire

Alexa von Tobel and I after the event.

Here’s a question for you. Why do men negotiate their salary tooth and nail and women don’t? Let us know you personal thoughts in the comments below.


Office Style: Henna, Curls and Classics

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The night before I had attended one of my favorite Mommy blogger networks, Mommys Links Glam Me event.  It was a really fun time with a great group of girls. There were women empowerment speakers, fun vendors, and swag.  At the party, I got my first henna tattoo and my hair curled. So when I got home, I put my hair in a loose bun, and secured it with a few bobby pins – a tip my regular stylist at BlowNY gave me.

m1 640x1321 Office Style: Henna, Curls and Classics

m2 640x876 Office Style: Henna, Curls and Classics

The next day my hair and henna looked fab. Don’t ever underestimate the power of a professional with a curling iron;those curls lasted for days. So getting ready for work the next day was pretty easy.  I think subconsciously the ornate orange design on my hand lead me to pick that bold orange pencil skirt that I paired with a simple white button down shirt.

You can never have too many crisp dry cleaned, fitted, collared shirts.  They are a classic item that will always come in handy, and never go out of style. I recommend investing in a few.

m3 640x942 Office Style: Henna, Curls and Classics

Meet Natalie Yvonne Henry

Natalie is currently a social media moderator intern at SocialChorus. She got interested in fashion in high school and it just grew from there. Natalie blogs at fashionbystander.com, sharing the latest in fashion news with others; she hopes to expand it to showcase Caribbean fashion designers. She explains her style by saying,

“I dress how I feel. I love to look different, so I never focus on fitting into a particular genre or era of fashion. I just love to collect various pieces and make them my own. However, I love color! I prefer bright colors; the more than better!”

Her outfit today consists of a Forever 21 Chambray shirt, H&M floral print leggings,and a vintage bag and suede vest, which are both from a relative. The bow is a scrap piece of material that she had sitting around.

m6 640x751 Office Style: Henna, Curls and Classics

  • Chambray Shirt: $22.90 Forever 21
  • Floral Leggings: $14.00 H&M
  • Vintage Bag: Gift from relative.
  • Vest: Gift from relative.
  • Bow: Homemade
m5 640x798 Office Style: Henna, Curls and Classics
m4 640x960 Office Style: Henna, Curls and Classics

What do you think of Melissa and Natalie’s outfit choices in this week’s office style? Let us know in the comments below!

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Spring Fashion, Nautical Style

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When winter turns to spring, there comes a need for newness and change in every area of life, especially in fashion. For most people, spring comes as a huge relief after the cold and dreary winter. This relief plays out in fashion with the response of bright colors, light fabrics, flowery patterns and slim, crisp shapes.

One thing about changing seasons that can be difficult, is trying to keep a budget for a new wardrobe.  Tj Maxx and Marshall’s carry designer and fashionable clothes for low and affordable prices.  Also, make sure you check out sales, and clip your coupons for great deals at department stores.  Forever 21 is also a great place to find cute, inexpensive clothes for the spring.  Spring fashion is the most exciting, luxuriating in the sharp contrast of cold turning to warm and the subtle elegance of new growth.

With all of the impulses to change up the wardrobe, the best way to keep spring fashion classy is to turn to the casual, sophisticated styles inspired by the Hamptons. The atmosphere is full of freshness, laid back elegance and classic chic. The combination of the relaxed environment with tastes for high fashion brings forth the epitome of spring style.

661 x600 seek hamptons beach Spring Fashion, Nautical Style

Characteristic of relaxing in your Hamptons homes; nautical fashion is summed up with clear, crisp ensembles and pieces in natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk, colors with a flavor of sea breezes and classic, well defined feminine shapes. With timeless pieces that easily transition from day to night, from the beach to the city, it’s easy to create a personal style by combining certain wardrobe staples and accessorizing in a unique way. With a destination like the Hamptons in mind, a nautical flavored fashion emerges that is timeless, ageless, classy, unique and easy going.

268667933990509902 Jr2Bhh2B f Spring Fashion, Nautical Style

234327986831138367 7mpbwiVt f Spring Fashion, Nautical Style

Spring is also a time to bring out all of the lightness and fun. Don’t get caught up in trying to go all out. Let the focus of the wardrobe be practicality and relaxation, and the beauty and style will look effortless without getting in the way.


For daytime, have fun with light, simple outfits in crisp fabrics. Focus on clear shapes that have a great silhouette. Dressing in solid colors is always classy and timeless and makes accessorizing simple. Save money on clothes shopping by investing in classic pieces, like denim pencil skirts, great jeans, basic tees and cardigans, that can be paired with lots of other things. Just because simplicity is the goal doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Pull out striking colors and dramatic shapes. Don’t forget stripes! Enjoy stripes in every area of fashion, from a nautical bag to a striking black and white top to a flirty skirt. Chambray is both trendy and timeless, so look for a flattering dress that works for at home, for errands and with a cardigan for a casual night out and use it as a centerpiece this spring.

chambray1 Spring Fashion, Nautical Style


The fun of evenings in spring comes with converting day looks to something a little more dressy. Exchange a cardigan for a blazer, cover up a light dress with a chic jacket, or take the sweater off to show off the pretty details of a cute frock. Change flats for heels and put hair up in an up-do, and the look is complete! The look of Hamptons fashion is effortless and graceful, so don’t try too hard.

tumblr m04n1ilSso1qeltl1o1 500 Spring Fashion, Nautical Style

35184440808854216 9V8xwfhb f Spring Fashion, Nautical Style


Accessorize the simplicity of the spring look with favorite, personal details. Wear lots of heels and open sandals in natural leather, accentuating the breezy naturalness of the nautical feel. To bring out the nautical feel, choose jewelry in brass, from necklaces to bangles. Keep jewelry light, since spring at the Hamptons is relaxed and classy. Enjoy the fresh nautical fashions this spring, relaxing in effortless style.


Us Weekly’s So Called “Splurge Vs. Save” & The Right Way to Get a Deal

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A recent Splurge Vs. Save in Us Weekly left the Broke & Chic team mad and discouraged. The splurge items started at $590, and yet all the save items were expensive as well — the most expensive being a whopping $138!

I’m sorry, but spending $138 on a simple summer dress is a splurge to me, and, in this day and age, is likely for you as well.

Fashion and style don’t have to equal credit card debt. You often pay more for an item simply based on the name printed on the inside and not quality. So, despite what Us Weekly says, there are quality items out there that won’t break the bank. Broke & Chic is here to show you how to get all these items for far less than these so called steals.

 Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal

The Broke & Chic Way

Instead of spending $134 on the Elise Pink and Black Scallop dress, just stop into your local h&m to purchase this beautiful pastel pink dress for only $49.95. That’s $84 less than Us Weekly’s so called steal!

hm Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal

If you love the color blocking on Victoria Beckham’s dress,  just add a black peter pan collar like this one from Etsy for only $25!

 il 570xN.321412800 Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal

Both the Kenneth Jay Lane and C. Wonder bamboo bangles are beautiful. However, to get the desired look you’re going to have to buy at least five bangles. That multiplied by the $24 steal is $120! That’s way too much for something that isn’t going to be a part of your everyday wardrobe. Try either one of these bangle sets from your local Forever 21 instead. Three bracelets only cost $6.80.

00037475 02 Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal 00014243 05 Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal

Us Weekly is right, bright bags are in this season and you should totally jump on board; just not for $78, let alone $590. Try this adorable yellow satchel from Yes Style for only $35 instead.

L p0020168515 Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal

The Navajo inspired skinny jeans have a fun look. Just not fun enough to spend $660 or $138. You’re better off wearing your favorite pair of white jeans and pairing them with a Navajo inspired shirt or sweater instead. That way you’re not spending too much on something you can only wear once in a while. If you just have to have a pair, try these ones from River Island for $80.

 Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal Us Weeklys So Called Splurge Vs. Save & The Right Way to Get a Deal

What do you personally think of Us Weekly’s definition of a save item? Let us know in the comments below! Also, do you have any steals to share?


Broke Fashion: Lu’s Retro Meets Trendy Look

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Lu is a fashion forward musician and hairstylist based in Manhattan! She loves red lipstick and anything leather!

123 640x856 Broke Fashion: Lus Retro Meets Trendy Look

  • Jacket: $200 H&M’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo collection
  • Skirt: $7.80 Forever 21
  • Boots: $30 Urban Outfitters sale
  • Tights: $9.95 H&M
  • Scarf: $19 Express
  • Glasses: $70 (vintage)

17 640x478 Broke Fashion: Lus Retro Meets Trendy Look

1234 640x478 Broke Fashion: Lus Retro Meets Trendy Look

12345 640x856 Broke Fashion: Lus Retro Meets Trendy Look

See More of Lu’s Style Here: Broke Fashion #37

What do you think of Lu’s rockin’ style?


1 Girl, 2 Outfits: Eclectic & Stylish

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Yvette is a hair stylist living and working in the beautiful city of Manhattan. She loves experimenting with her style and finds herself changing it up everyday!


B&C: What would you call your style?

Yvette: It’s different every day. If I like it, I’ll wear it. I love being creative with my style.

B&C: Do you think your style has evolved over time?

Yvette: Yes! I’m much more sophisticated than I have been in the past. But I’ve always stayed true to myself.

B&C: If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Yvette: h&m, they have good quality at a fair price.

1 girl 3 outfits 1 Girl, 2 Outfits: Eclectic & Stylish


  • Cardigan: $15 Target
  • Top: $10 Target
  • Belt: $7.80 Forever 21
  • Necklace: $8 Target
  • Skirt: $19.80 Forever 21
  • Tights: $7 Asos
  • Shoes: $70 Steve Madden


  • Dress: $20 Target
  • Belt: $7.80 Forever 21
  • Tights: $7 Asos
  • Shoes: $70 Steve Madden


Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

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Style isn’t for everyone. Many girls like playing it safe with the usual “jeans and t-shirt look,” especially during the college years. It’s quick, easy and…lacks style. If you’re that girl but want to start entering the world of fashion, style and trends, then read this guide on how to appear more fashionable.

The Three Don’ts

1. Flip Flops

They are lame, sorry just lame. They work when you are in need of a pedicure in the winter, are lounging at the pool or beach all day in the summer and if you have to shower in a communal bathroom…aka “dorm life.” Other than those three things, stay away from them. Why wear something that’s unfashionable AND bad for your feet?

Opt for a pair of sandals instead! They’re a much better alternative, and are just as easy to put on as flip flops.

gladspants Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Gladiators will still be hot for Summer 2012!

Blog.Celebrity.T Strap.Sandals.2010 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

1a44774bc0c5985e Reese Witherspoon.preview Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Try out a sexy pair of T-strap or Thong sandals.

f212 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More FashionableIf you must wear flip flops, get a pair like these ($14.80 at F21). They still have style & appeal to them!

2. Uggs

Yes, they are comfortable, but so are lots of other boots. In the fashion world, Ugg stands for Ugly. Unless you live in Greenland, don’t wear them. Opt for a cute pair of lace up or moto boots instead!

082509 harness boots 400 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More FashionableMotorcycle boots have a tough yet classy look to them.

e6658df99c5ace91 Ashley Tisdale 2.preview Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Unlike Uggs, moto and lace-up boots work in the summer too!

Rachel+Bilson+Boots+Lace+Up+Boots+OO I NOxByWl Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Rachel’s lace-up boots would look adorable with a dress.

3.  Denim Skirts

Let’s put it this way: if you wore it when you were in middle school, don’t wear it now. Instead, try a cute maxi or bodycon skirt! They are trendy, fashionable and just as easy to put on as your 12 season old denim skirt from Old Navy.

skirt 640x816 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

lauren conrad hl1 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

The Three Do’s

1. Accessorize

Accessories are such an easy way to make any outfit more trendy. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces…they all work. Just stay away from the bling.

tumblr m0kr58v3hw1ro56sco1 500 large Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

2. Red Lipstick

It’s a quick way to look fashionable and sophisticated. Red will never go out of style. Go to your local e.l.f. retailer and get a striking red for only $3!

tumblr m0fo6vYLyh1rr3uspo1 400 large Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

3. Vintage

Worried about what’s in this season? Not sure if your outfit will work for the event you’re going to? When in doubt, wear vintage! Not all vintage has to be expensive, and sometimes you can even find a vintage treasure at a thrift store for under $10!

Read More: How to Vintage Clothing + Accessories at a Thrift Store & Off Season Shopping

tumblr m0ivllbPUC1r2qmmro1 500 large Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

What’s an outfit that would deem somebody “unfashionable?” Leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you!


Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs

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This cozy and useful trend has been seen on every major celebrity this season, and now needs to be seen on you! Make sure this scarf is number one on your holiday wish list!

Screen Shot 2011 12 05 at 4.39.22 PM1 Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs

Other Names: Snood Scarf, Circle Scarf, Eternity Scarf, and Neck Warmer.

Screen Shot 2011 12 08 at 7.46.35 PM Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs $34 Urban Outfitters

Screen Shot 2011 12 08 at 7.47.15 PM Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs$24.99 Modcloth.com

AAAADD2Z2 wAAAAAAZj0ng Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs$4.50 Forever 21 (in store only)


A Broke & Chic Halloween

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Have you already been a victim of overly priced Halloween costumes this year? Don’t be, spending $50+ on a cheaply made outfit you’re only going to wear once, it isn’t very Broke & Chic!

Here are a few costume ideas that are cheap, fun and probably already in your closet!

halloween cat A Broke & Chic Halloween

  1. $9.95 h&m
  2. $17.95 h&m
  3. $6.99 Spirit Halloween Stores
  4. $22.80 Forever 21
devil A Broke & Chic Halloween
  1. $14.95 h&m
  2. $3.99 Spirit Halloween Stores
  3. $22.80 Forever 21 
halloween bubblegum A Broke & Chic Halloween
  1. $22.99 Charlotte Russe
  2. $27.98 Target
  3. $18.99 Ami Clubwear 
cowgirl A Broke & Chic Halloween
  1. $12.88 Walmart
  2. $29.80 Forever 21 
  3. $19.95 Buckle
  4. $32.80 Forever 21 


University Trends: Frostburg State University

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By Imani-Kai

Fall is officially here, college students all around the globe are pulling out their favorite outfits to rock around campus. Students at Frostburg State University told Broke & Chic their favorite looks and trends for fall, and how they got them on the cheap!

For Kristen it’s all about FRINGE! Fringe is definitely a trendy must-have. Whether it’s a bag, jacket or shirt, fringe can make an outfit! Try a black fringe bag; they go with just about everything. And for the bolder fashionista, try one with a hint of color.

IK Fringe University Trends: Frostburg State University

IK Fringe2 University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥Kristen’s studded fringe bag was found at Honeycomb Hideout for $50!

Screen Shot 2011 10 05 at 3.02.32 PM University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥ Grab this bag for$59.99 at Urban Outfitters

Aleecia brings a little boho to campus with her oh-so chic MAXI SKIRT! These skirts have become a major must-have for fall 2011. They’re great for class and those nights out on the town! Pair your maxi with a cute jacket or blazer. Need some pizazz? Try a maxi in a bold color!

IKMaxi Skirt University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥ Aleecia’s extra chic maxi was found for $40 at Zara!

Screen Shot 2011 10 05 at 3.07.38 PM University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥ Get this black maxi skirt at Target for $15.

Maxi skirt’s not your thing? Try a MINI SKIRT! Pair it with tights or thigh-high socks. A mini skirt can give you that effortlessly cute look every girl on campus wants. Kate pairs her skirt with an adorable pair of tights and flats. She’s ready to rock the campus!

IKMini Skirt University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥ Kate’s mini was found at Charlotte Russe for only $5 on sale. The tights were only $15 at Nordstroms!

IKpleated mini University Trends: Frostburg State University

Pleated Minis are another great look for fall!

For guys, the ever popular VINTAGE PREP look is back for yet another season, and don’t forget OXFORD BUTTON-UP’S! These classic shirts never go out of style. Try a bright color to give an unexpected twist! Hamid and Mark were more than happy to bring this classic trend back to campus.

IKOxford button up2 University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥ Mark’s red button up was found at H&M for only $20. He paired it with khaki jeans and Bass loafers!

IKOxford button up1 University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥ Hamid found his Ralph Lauren oxford button-up at a local thrift store for only $10!

As if every girl didn’t already know, LEATHER JACKETS are back! Fall is the perfect season to take out your fitted leather. It’s warm, trendy, and believe it or not, classy. Miranda strolls around campus in her moto-style leather jacket paired with a simple white tee and jeans.

It doesn’t have be real leather…but you already knew that right?!

IK Leather University Trends: Frostburg State University

♥ Miranda found her jacket for only $14 at a local thrift store!

Leather f21 32.80 University Trends: Frostburg State University

Only $32 at Forever 21.

Think you have great campus style? E-mail your pictures to hey@brokeandchic.com