Broke Fashion: Meet Mariah — A Girl Who Loves All Things Vintage

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Meet Mariah! She’s a fashionista based in Jersey City, New Jersey who loves all things vintage.

Broke & Chic: Tell us a little about yourself and your style.

I love all things vintage! I also love mixing my favorite fashion eras which is sort of what I did here (mixing an old classic hairstyle with an 80’s inspired outfit).

Broke & Chic: Where do you get your style inspiration?

Thrift stores are my inspiration! I collect vintage statement pieces and build wearable outfits around them. Not only do I save a ton of money, but I also travel back in time through the wonderful treasures that can only be found at a thrift store. SO much fun!

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Broke Fashion # 31

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This girl knows how to dress!

  • Shirt: $13 H&M
  • Jacket: $25 Old Navy
  • Skirt: $10 Mystique Boutique Manhattan
  • Sandals: $7.50 Forever 21

  • Dress: $19 Motel

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