Get Miranda Kerr’s Casual Summer Look for Less

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Miranda Kerr is easily on the top of our list when it comes to celebrity style crushes. Her “off-duty” looks are always sophisticated, yet extremely casual.

She never over does it with her makeup or accessories, and her hair is always healthy and luscious. Miranda also has the tendency to add a bit of glamour to every outfit — from bold lips to striking heels.

Below she’s wearing a simple striped tank and white trousers, but vamped up the outfit by adding leopard print heeled sandals.




If you love her outfit just as much as we do, shop the affordable looks below:

What’s your favorite part about Miranda Kerr’s outfit? Let us know in the comments below!


4 Designer Dupes That’ll Make Your Monday Way Better

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Mondays can be such a drag. Especially in the summer. It’s extremely hard to get any work done when the sun is shining bright outside and an ice cream cone is calling your name. Since you can’t play hooky today, here are four designer dupes that’ll make both your wallet, and wardrobe happy!

1. Free People

This crotchet crop top from Free People is extremely versatile — the options are endless!

It would pair well with skinny, boyfriend or flared jeans, trousers, shorts, and skirts of any length. If you’re looking to save, I’ve found a damn good dupe from Go Jane for only $21! Just as much detail for a fraction of the designer price.


2. Giuseppe Zanotti

I’m not sure who I first spotted the Giuseppe Zanotti Gold Leaf Sandals on, but I remember thoroughly enjoying them the second I laid eyes on them. The gold leaves just add something so special to a simple black sandal.

The only thing I had an issue with was the $795 price tag (yikes!), that’s why I’m thankful Bakers Shoes is offering a pretty good option for us gals on a budget.


3. Marc Jacobs

I’ve been crushin’ on these floral canvas oxfords from Marc Jacobs for months! I live for a shoe that makes a statement — one that can carry an entire look without over powering anything else. These shoes will do just that! But what if you don’t want to spend almost $350? No problem. I’ve found an amazing option from the Gap for only $35!


4. Givenchy

The Birkenstock is back and top designers have given these flat sandals a fashion “facelift.” I’m just loving this pair from Givenchy! The addition of a floral print give this style of sandal new life.

I’d personally pair them with a super simple look, allowing the sandals the opportunity to carry the ensemble. As much as I’m gagging over the Givenchy pair, I have to get over it and move right along because I wouldn’t be able to purchase them anyway. I did stumble upon this more budget friendly pair from Steve Madden for $90. Now that’s more my speed!


Which designer dupe was your favorite? Let us know in the comment below!

*A version of this post appeared on Nakia’s blog, Budgetnista Diva.


Steal Her Look: Lauren Conrad’s “Girl Next Door” Cover Look

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If I could raid any celebrity closet, it would have to be Lauren Conrad’s (Kourtney Kardashian is a close second). I wouldn’t mind raiding her makeup stash either! Her hair, makeup and outfits are always perfect at every red carpet event.

Well, the modern day style icon is the March cover girl for Lucky Magazine! All of her outfits in the spread have a simple yet sassy “girl next door” vibe. Definitely perfect for spring!

Below is a sneak-peek of her interview where the TV star, clothing designer, mega-blogger and eco- entrepreneur talks about style and of course that rockin’ hair!

Are there any fashion moments you regret?

“I try to never look back at how I dressed in the first few seasons of Laguna Beach because it was pretty bad … head-to-toe bad. This past summer, MTV replayed every episode and I would always see it and be like, Ahh, noo! I wore these capri denim pants a lot and they were so bad.”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

“A friend from high school recently reminded me my goal was to own a bridal boutique! I’d love to design bridal dresses.”

How did being a former reality TV star affect your reputation in the fashion industry?

“The TV show did not help my reputation very much. It was difficult to be taken seriously. But I think the fact that I went to school to study fashion and worked in the industry helped me. I think it’s a good thing to feel like you have to prove something, because you’re always going to have to work a little bit harder.”

Is there a piece of style or beauty advice that you think sort of changed your life?

“I can’t remember who told me this, but it was ‘Get your clothes tailored.’ Like most people, I used to wear clothing off the rack. But having them fitted to me makes a really big difference, especially with pieces like a cocktail dress. Little nips and tucks can take 10 pounds off you.”

How do you learn not to care what people say about you?

“At the end of the day it’s going to hurt your feelings if someone says something mean about you, but I’ve learned to take a step back and ask myself if it’s really going to affect me, if this person who I’m never going to know or meet doesn’t like me—and it doesn’t.”

What is something we don’t know about you? “I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV until I was 16 and I got cast [on Laguna Beach] when I was 17. I thought it was funny. I was like, I was just allowed to watch this not that long ago!”

Do you want kids, and if so, when?

“I want kids, but not in the immediate future. All of my friends in their early 30s who just started having kids say, ‘Give it a few years.’ ”

Do you ever think of writing a dating advice book after having your private life filmed?

“The first book I pitched to HarperCollins was a dating book and they did not want it, but I would love to write one.”

What was the last movie that made you cry? 

“This is really cheesy, but it was the Katy Perry movie. I saw it on a plane and started tearing up. The movie touched on her divorce and how she had to go up on stage every night. She’s crying as she goes up, and once the lights go on, she just smiles and pulls it off, and you’re like, wow!”

Did you love her three looks just as much as we did?

Here’s how to get them for less!


Steal Her Look: Katherine McPhee Graces the Cover of Lucky Magazine

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The lovely Katherine McPhee is Lucky Magazine’s February cover girl! The 2006 American Idol runner-up has created quite a resume for herself since her Idol days. Check out this great interview to see what she’s been up to.

On her horrifying paparazzi photos: “Now I look back {at paparazzi photos} and I will be like, Where did I get those that that I was wearing? Oh right, they were sent to me by some PR company, and you think because they’re free, they’re awesome, but when you look back at the photos and you look horrible in them, I’m like, God, what was I thinking?”

On why you won’t see her stumbling out of night clubs: “When you’re on a show like this {Smash}, one that requires so much singing, you have to be really protective of you instrument. You don’t get to just, like, go out and party all night.”

On why she’s glad she doesn’t have children: “I once thought that by now I’d have lots of children, but actually I’m really enjoying being able to go from point A to point B and the only worry I have is have my dogs been walked. I’m selfish right now, but that’s how and where I should be. The thing is, work is the thing I love the most.”

 On her feelings toward moving to NYC for Smash: “I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I hated living in New York for the first six months,” said McPhee.

On the upside to living in New York versus LA: “I couldn’t really put my finger on it. There’s so much diversity on the streets here. You get to leave work behind when you leave; not everyone is an actor.”

On her strategic American Idol transformation: “Music was pretty much all I did growing up,” she says. “But I loved clothes. On Idol, I was very strategic with my look. I specifically wore very little makeup, did very little with my hair. I wore beat-up jeans and a simple jacket that covered my body up because I knew that viewers like seeing transformation,” says McPhee. “As a viewer myself, it was one of those things I looked forward to. It’s like when people watch Dancing With the Stars: They love to see the stars lose weight and start to feel confident. So I wanted to create that story—actually to push the story that I had no idea about fashion—which was not actually true.” 

On why she is weighing in on her Smash wardrobe: “I realized I needed to put attention and time into clothing. It would be easy to put together a Helmut Lang top and jeans and ankle boots—and it looks fine, but doesn’t take it to the next level, especially on television.” McPhee goes on to say, “I know what looks good on me.”

On where she sees herself in five years: “In five years I’d love to have done a play and a few movies, and of course I hope Smash keeps going.”

Steal Her Look For Less

We here at Broke & Chic loved her three outfits! We found they were 60’s mod mixed with 60’s housewife…adorable. Here’s how to recreate the looks for less!


Steal Her Look: Miranda Kerr’s Floral Pants

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The 29-year-old model was spotted wearing adorable floral trousers while running errands in New York City over the weekend. She’s also a repeat offender. She was spotted only days before wearing another pair! There is no denying it: floral pants are a hot item this summer. But how do you wear them?

Floral pants come in all different styles: trousers, leggings and even jeans. Once you know the style you want, just pair a simple shirt with it. It’s very easy to over do it. To be safe, a plain black, white or grey top is all you need…just like Miranda! The same goes for your shoes. On both days, Miranda paired her floral pants with either nude pumps or sandals.

If you’re short and/or petite, go for floral pants with a smaller print. If you’re tall and have long legs, you can go for the large and bold floral pairs.

Below are a few pants you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Topshop: $72

Urban Outfitters: $39

Necessary Clothing: $27.99

Urban Outfitters: $49

Have you been sporting a pair of floral pants this summer? Send your photos to for a possible feature!


Steal Her Look: Audrey Hepburn’s Lace Oscar Dress From 1954

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Over the winter, the dress Audrey Hepburn wore in 1954 to claim her Oscar for Best Actress in Roman Holiday went to auction. The ivory laced dress was designed by famed movie fashion designer Edith Head, and was reportedly auctioned off for $131,000 dollars!

Re-create her elegant look for under $250 at the ever elegant Topshop!






Get The Look For Less: BillyKirk for Opening Ceremony

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There is no denying it, the BillyKirk x Opening Ceremony collection this past spring was amazing. The playful red-white-and-blue palette was just enough spice to make any outfit pop! But with a $290.00 price tag, one has to say “ouch.”

Is there a cheaper way? Of course there is, Broke & Chic is here to save the day! The bag below was found at H&M for only $35. H&M is a life saver yet again.

$35 at h&m

More Broke & Chic Options

$56.00 via Yes Style

$23.99 via Mod Cloth

$79.99 via Mod Cloth

$48.00 via Urban Outfitters

$40.00 via Debenhams


Get The Look For Less: Lace Dress

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Lace dresses in any color are super hot for A-listers right now! If you’re heading to a formal, wedding or even a date why not follow in their foot steps?


Here’s the Broke & Chic way

♥ $15.00 at Walmart 

$34.99 at Charlotte Russe

$24.80 at Forever 21

♥ $27.80 at Forever 21

$36.99 at Kmart (Sofia Vergara Collection)


Get The Look For Less: Weekender Bag

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This weekender bag from Treasure & Bond in Soho looks just like the one I got from Urban Outfitters. What’s the difference? Well, the one from Treasure & Bond was a whooping $595.00 while the one from Urban Outfitters was a mere $39.00. That’s $556 LESS! It’s crazy what you can find if you just keep on the look out!




♥ The great thing about Treasure & Bond is it’s a non-profit store. All proceeds go to local charities. If you have the extra money and want to splurge on something designer definitely check out Treasure & Bond!

♥ Love the bag but hate the size? Check out this one at Urban Outfitters for $69. It’s half the size and perfect for everyday use!

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