Popular Trends From Last Summer That Just Didn’t Make The Cut

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Summer is officially here! With every new season, comes a new set of trends. Some are lucky enough to get carried into another season or year, and some aren’t. Here are a few trends that took over Summer 2011, but sadly have to “sit the bench” for Summer 2012.

1. Feather Extensions

These guys were in every fashionable girls hair all last summer and fall. But lucky for the birds, they aren’t that much of a hit this year. Dip dye and rainbow highlights have slowly but surly taken over the hair section of trends for the summer.

2. Harem Pants

These controversial pants only had two minuets of fame. Unless you have legs like Rihanna, these are tough ones to pull off. Love these pants? Don’t worry, they aren’t 100% off the racks! To be honest, men are slowly stealing this trend from us, which may be even more controversial than the pants themselves! What are your thoughts on this?

♥ $17.95 h&m

3. Ombre

This hair trend is by no means done, but it is starting to faze out. More and more women are actually heading to the salon to get their last year’s ombre covered up.

Trends, they come and go, and sometime repeat themselves. What’s a trend you hope never comes back? Ripped jeans, butterfly clips, Monroe piercings… Let us know in the comments below!


Broke Fashion: Spring in Manhattan’s Union Square

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Broke & Chic recently hit the streets of Greenwich Village, a wonderful Manhattan neighborhood that is alive with students from both The New School and NYU. See what these broke fashionistas are wearing in America’s most fashionable city!

  • Shirt: $14.90 Forever 21
  • Blazer: $30 Forever 21
  • Shorts: $10 Buffalo Exchange
  • Bag: $10 Buffalo Exchange
  • Shoes: $18 Buffalo Exchange

Guess what guys, this lovely lady writes for Rookie Mag!

  • Shirt: $10 Target
  • Jeans: Hand-me-down
  • Bag: $30 Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: $5 Chinatown Vendor

  • Shirt: $5.00 Forever 21
  • Harem Pants: $12.50 Forever 21
  • Shoes: $20.00 Afaze
  • Bag: $30.00 h&m

  • Shirt: $10.00 Buffalo Exchange
  • Jeans: $10.80 Forever 21
  • Vest: $10.00 Buffalo Exchange
  • Shoes: $19.80 Forever 21
  • Bow: $5.00 Forever 21

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Who is your favorite New York City broke fashionista? Let us know in the comments below!


Top 5 Summer 2011 Trends

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1. The Romper

Forever 21 has rompers starting at only $10.50!

2. Harem Pants

Try a pair for under $20 at Mandee or H&M.

3. Pixie Cuts

Check out salonapprentice.com for a cheap stylish cut!

4. Off-Beat Lipstick Color

Try Lime Crime Makeup for about $15 a tube!

5. Dramatic Hair Color Change

Leave it to a professional. Check out salonapprentice.com to get a free/discounted color change by someone apprenticing under a celebrity stylist.


100% H&M

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Location: Midtown NYC

Pants: $17.95 H&M
Shirt: $5.95 H&M
Bag: $24.95 H&M