How to Save Your Blowout from the Gym

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Whether you do your own blowouts or pay for it at the salon, you want it to last. Broke & Chic asked a few stylish ladies what makes them not want to go to the gym or take a nice long jog. The reason: They didn’t want to ruin their perfect hair.

When you’re a part of the curly/wavy/frizzy world, you want to maintain that smooth hair you spent hours in the bathroom trying to achieve. But sacrificing your health for your looks just isn’t practical. Here are a few ways to  salvage your hair after a nice run!

Use a blowdryer

The second you finish up at they gym, rough dry your hair using the cool setting. This will dry up all the sweat on your scalp, preventing the oils from traveling down your hair shaft. Most gyms have a hair dryer in the locker room. If not, bring one with you.

Use dry shampoo

This will be your new best friend if you use it properly. After that quick sweat drying blow dry, spray your roots with the dry shampoo of your choosing. I personally like the Beyond the Zone Dry Shampoo located at Sally Beauty Supply for $7. If you’re in the mood for a product splurge, look into the TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo for about $19 at your local Ricky’s store. Both dry shampoos will give you nice volume while absorbing your excess oils so you can rock that blowout for one more day…or two!

Have any tips of your own? Share your best advice in the comments below!


3 Trends That Will Turn Heads This Winter

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Whether you like it or not, Winter is right around the corner. Last year, it was all about faux fur, circle scarves, chelsea boots and green parkas. All are still hot, but a few more things have been added to the mix!

Below are three new trends, available at Spiegel — an online boutique for all things classy and trendy — that need to be in your wardrobe before Winter officially hits!

1. Snake Print

Sorry leopard, snake skin is going to be trendier than you this winter!

$64.00 at Spiegel

$79.00 at Spiegel

2. Jumpsuits

You have Kim Kardashian to thank for this trend, as she’s been wearing them all year! Most recently last week, during an outing with Kourtney.

Pair this jumpsuit from Spiegel with red lipstick and those snake skin pumps for a serious statement at your next holiday party!

$69.00 at Spiegel

3. Metallic

Anything metallic or sparkly during the holidays and New Year’s is always a guaranteed win.

These wide-leg metallic pants are seriously hot! Perfect for a fun night out with the girls or when the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of January!

$39.00 at Spiegel

Metallic and snake print? Double win!

$64.00 at Spiegel

This metallic dress is a bit on the pricy side ($114), but is perfect for an upcoming special event. Whether it be a high school dance, engagement party (tis’ the season) or even a Christmas wedding.

$114.00 at Spiegel

What do you think of these three emerging trends? Think you’ll add them to your wardrobe anytime soon? If you’re already rocking one of these trends, submit your outfit to for a possible feature!

Presented by Spiegel


Here’s How to Rock a Floral Bodycon Dress on the Cheap

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Just because the leaves are changing, doesn’t mean you can’t wear floral prints. Right? According to Hollywood it’s fine! Fergie, Britney and Kim K were all recently spotted wearing sexy bodycon dresses in fun floral prints from designers such as Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Michael Lo Sordo .

Michael Lo Sordo: $615

Stella McCartney: $1,755

Givenchy: $2,395

Stunning! You too can look red carpet ready in a floral print dress, but without breaking the bank. We spotted this sexy number on Flirt Catalog the other day that’s almost identical to the crazy expensive one Fergie is wearing for only $32! Snag it here.

If you’re still in high school, homecoming is only a few weeks away. Don’t hesitate, give the floral bodycon dress trend a try. Scared of tight things? Try peplum instead!

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Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

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Style isn’t for everyone. Many girls like playing it safe with the usual “jeans and t-shirt look,” especially during the college years. It’s quick, easy and…lacks style. If you’re that girl but want to start entering the world of fashion, style and trends, then read this guide on how to appear more fashionable.

The Three Don’ts

1. Flip Flops

They are lame, sorry just lame. They work when you are in need of a pedicure in the winter, are lounging at the pool or beach all day in the summer and if you have to shower in a communal bathroom…aka “dorm life.” Other than those three things, stay away from them. Why wear something that’s unfashionable AND bad for your feet?

Opt for a pair of sandals instead! They’re a much better alternative, and are just as easy to put on as flip flops.

Gladiators will still be hot for Summer 2012!

Try out a sexy pair of T-strap or Thong sandals.

If you must wear flip flops, get a pair like these ($14.80 at F21). They still have style & appeal to them!

2. Uggs

Yes, they are comfortable, but so are lots of other boots. In the fashion world, Ugg stands for Ugly. Unless you live in Greenland, don’t wear them. Opt for a cute pair of lace up or moto boots instead!

Motorcycle boots have a tough yet classy look to them.

Unlike Uggs, moto and lace-up boots work in the summer too!

Rachel’s lace-up boots would look adorable with a dress.

3.  Denim Skirts

Let’s put it this way: if you wore it when you were in middle school, don’t wear it now. Instead, try a cute maxi or bodycon skirt! They are trendy, fashionable and just as easy to put on as your 12 season old denim skirt from Old Navy.

The Three Do’s

1. Accessorize

Accessories are such an easy way to make any outfit more trendy. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces…they all work. Just stay away from the bling.

2. Red Lipstick

It’s a quick way to look fashionable and sophisticated. Red will never go out of style. Go to your local e.l.f. retailer and get a striking red for only $3!

3. Vintage

Worried about what’s in this season? Not sure if your outfit will work for the event you’re going to? When in doubt, wear vintage! Not all vintage has to be expensive, and sometimes you can even find a vintage treasure at a thrift store for under $10!

Read More: How to Vintage Clothing + Accessories at a Thrift Store & Off Season Shopping

What’s an outfit that would deem somebody “unfashionable?” Leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you!


Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs

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This cozy and useful trend has been seen on every major celebrity this season, and now needs to be seen on you! Make sure this scarf is number one on your holiday wish list!

Other Names: Snood Scarf, Circle Scarf, Eternity Scarf, and Neck Warmer.

 $34 Urban Outfitters


$4.50 Forever 21 (in store only)


Make that Mani-Pedi Last Longer

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Mani-Pedi’s are usually 40 bucks a pop, so it’s always frustrating on day four when your polish chips. You can make your Mani-Pedi last up to two weeks if you just add a top coat every three to four days! It’ll help prevent the unattractive chips!