Recap: The Secret Nicki Minaj Concert in NYC

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As you all may know by now, Broke & Chic was sent by Pepsi to live tweet the secret (no longer a secret) Nicki Minaj concert last Tuesday. I hope you all had the opportunity to watch the livestream of the concert on If you didn’t, here’s the recap!

The concert ended up being held at the historic Roseland Ballroom in Midtown Manhattan. Nicki put on a colorful show filled with numerous costume changes, energetic dancers and A-list guests! Not only did Foxy Brown and Drake show up in the last half hour but so did (drum roll please) LIL’ WAYNE. The whole crowd went wild, and needless to say, so did we!

A big thanks to Pepsi for sending us to the show, I hope you enjoyed our tweets. If you didn’t get to watch the livestream you’ll get to on a later date. The whole show was filmed by Fuse TV.

What was the most memorable concert you ever attended?

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Pepsi Presents Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Tour: NYC

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Guess who is going to be live tweeting the Nicki Minaj concert in NYC tomorrow? Broke & Chic is! If you don’t already have tickets or don’t happen to live near the Big Apple but LOVE Nicki there is still some hope…Pepsi is going to be live streaming the whole event!

Watch the whole concert live on starting at 9:30pm EST on August 14th! Don’t forget to follow our tweets as well! We’ll be using the hashtag #NickiMinajConcert.


Rainbow Hair is Taking Over Hollywood

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Off-beat hair colors have been taking the red carpet by storm with stars such as Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Kate Bosworth, Jaime King and the most dramatic of them all…Katy Perry.

Kelly Osbourne

Kate Bosworth

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga

Jaime King

Katy Perry has been rocking the all over blue do’ ever since her split with comedian Russell Brand. Was this her way of expressing sadness or needing a change? Or did she just take her smurfette role a little to far?

Back in the day, nail and lip color other than red or pink were looked at as taboo. Now we have cosmetic lines such as EssieLime Crime and Urban Decay coming out with all sorts of crazy colors that have become acceptable over the years. In my short life time, blue nail polish was something you would never wear to a job interview. Now it wouldn’t even raise an eye brow.

Will this be the same with hair color? Will we see purple and pink hair just as often as we see blonde and brunette? I always wondered what the fashion of the future had in store for us. Maybe this is it.

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What are your thoughts on this “crazy” hair trend? Let us know in the comments below.