The Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Flowers and stuffed bears are generating more allergies lately, but don’t worry, it isn’t you, it’s Valentine’s Day. Even if our consumer culture insists on selling this day as a romantic tradition, challenge them with your own ideas of love. Why? Because being single doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t celebrate love.

So if you want to get over the February 14th blues, follow our single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day:

The Single Girl's Guide to Valentine's Day

Have a Me Day

Give yourself the time to enjoy this day with the person that you should love the most, YOU! It should not be just a Netflix marathon of New Girl while you lose yourself on chocolate ice cream in the comfort of your bed, either – unless you haven’t done it in a long time and you need it. Don’t know what to do? Consider the questions below:

Is there a place you’ve been dying to go to?
A special project you’ve been postponing?
How about a spa day at home?

Meet Your Friends and Loved Ones

If going solo doesn’t really work for you, be around people who make you happy – and I mean truly happy. Love comes in all shapes and forms, and this is the best time to prove it.

You could plan a girl’s night with your closest friend, invite your mom to a bottomless mimosa brunch, or even go with a single friend to watch Fifty Shades of Grey — trust me, your friend in a relationship will wish she was there too.

Go on a Speed Date

Before there was Tinder, Facebook, and, there was Speed Dating. This dating technique was popular in the 90’s and early 2000’s, and it was a way to spend a couple of minutes with a stranger risk-free. Sex and the City’s successful lawyer, Amanda, tried this on the episode “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She ended up telling her “dates” she was a flight attendant to avoid guy’s intimidation.

You do not need to find the love of your life in those few minutes, but it would definitely be a funny story to tell. If you’re in the NYC area, check out NY Minute Dating and On Speed Dating.

Attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day Party

So, you completely hate V-day? Then, gather with people who share your feelings for it. You are not the only one who believes it is a cheesy idea to have a day dedicated to a significant other.

You can attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day event in your town or city, or throw one yourself if you have a lot of single pals.

Volunteer and Show Some Love

It is always good to give back, especially to those who need it the most. This loving gift is going to be greatly appreciated. Check out New York Cares and Volunteer Match to find a volunteer opportunity near you.

What are your (single) Valentine’s Day plans? Let us know in the comments below.


How to Have a Blast in New York City This Memorial Day Weekend

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There are two types of people when it comes to long weekends: Those who stay in the area (#staycation), and those who go (#vacation). Although it’s always fun to have a short getaway, it isn’t always necessary to have a good time.

Below are five things you should do this Memorial Day weekend if you consider the 212 your home.

1. Go Roller-skating

Oh you heard right! Eating mediocre pizza and skating around a roller rink isn’t just a pastime from the 90’s. Although skating rinks aren’t as popular as they once were, they’re still around.

Roller Jam USA is the only true roller rink left in the city and it’s on Staten Island. They have an adult night every Saturday from 9pm-2am that’s 21+ and includes a full bar, but they have great options for those under 21 as well.

You’ll have to take the free ferry that’s available downtown and then hop on the subway, so give yourself about 2-hours to get there.


2. Wine & Cheese in the Park

Grab a large blanket, buy some cheap paper cups, stick a small cutting board and cheese cutter in your bag, and call up your friends.

Chat, play a board game and tan while chowing down on yummy wine and cheese!


3. Go On a Boat

Want to make this weekend more romantic? Consider going on a boat with your significant other. Head to the Boathouse in Central Park and rent a row-boat, head to the Brooklyn Bridge Boathouse for some free kayaking on the East River, or go on a night cruise in the New York Harbor. Check out Affairs Afloat and CBS for prices.

central-park boat

4. Explore a Neighborhood

NYC is huge! Go to a neighborhood that you don’t frequent very often and explore. You can go to a highly rated restaurant, try a drink at a unique bar, shop at a few boutiques, or simply go to the local park and chill.


5. Go Thrifting

There are always amazing Memorial Day sales going on, but those stores will be packed and are likely to be just as stressful as Black Friday. If you’re trying to avoid crowds, go thrifting instead. We recently made a guide on where to thrift in Bushwick, Brooklyn!


What are your Memorial Day weekend plans? Let us know in the comments below!


Sam Brocato’s Supersilk Treatment Has Changed My Life

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I have curly hair that’s extremely frizzy. In order to combat the frizz, I have to layer on the hair products as well as blow-dry and flat iron. The whole process takes me over an hour and that doesn’t include a shower, makeup application, and of course, getting dressed.

To shorten my morning routine, I started getting keratin treatments (also known as Brazilian Blowouts). They cut my morning routine in half! But at what cost?

The first time I received a Brazilian Blowout, my eyes and scalp burned so badly during the application that my makeup ran down my face. But after six months of smooth, straight hair, I forgot how awful the experience really was. Then I got another one.

The second time I received the Brazilian Blowout, it wasn’t as bad. Most likely because the company was forced to lower their formaldehyde levels. It wasn’t until later that night that I felt sick to the point it was difficult to breath. I actually went to the doctor due to my symptoms, and was told that due to the treatment I had formaldehyde poisoning! The treatment didn’t work either — I still had frizzy hair.

After that experience, I vowed to never again get another smoothing treatment. It’s not worth exposing yourself, your stylist and everyone you live with to that deadly chemical.

Then, at a recent event, I found the perfect replacement.


I was introduced to Sam Brocato’s new Supersilk Plus treatment, and found that it was 100%  formaldehyde free. I told them about my past keratin woes and they offered to have me test out his new treatment, free of cost.

I agreed, and yes, it changed my life — for the better!


I sat down with Sam Brocato himself for the application process, which was very similar to my past keratin treatments: two shampoos, blow dry, product application, 45-minute processing time, blow dry and flat iron. About 3-hours in total.

The whole process went as easily as a standard highlight treatment; my eyes didn’t water, my scalp didn’t burn and I breathed easily.

Now the real test: would it work? Sam told me I could wash my hair right away if I wanted to, but out of habit, I decided to wait for three days.


It’s been over a month and my hair is still smooth and straight! I no longer need to use my flat iron in the morning, and my blow dry can be rushed; I don’t need to separate my hair into sections and use a round brush.

Below is a photo of my hair immediately before the treatment. The texture is the result of flat ironing the day before and then sleeping on it.


Below is my hair immediately after the treatment. Sam actually took the picture!


Below is the true test. This is what my hair looks like immediately after blow drying my hair now. No round brush or flat iron was used!


Below are some more important facts about the treatment!

  • -Safe for all hair types, color treated hair included
  • -Last for up to 8 – 12 weeks, depending on hair type
  • -Everyone receives home maintenance products with the treatment, which includes shampoo, leave-in conditioner and protein spray

This treatment costs $250+. To find a salon that offers this treatment near you, go here.

We definitely think this would be a great way to treat yourself for the New Year! Plus, it’ll save you time every morning — and time is money. If you want more info about my personal experience, feel free to comment below or email


Sparklelouder with Hpnotiq and Win a Trip to NYC for NYE

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Happy Friday! Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Once Black Friday hits, holiday shopping will be in full swing. After a hectic yet fun holiday season, it’s best to ring in the New Year at a great party with great people. Wouldn’t you just love to spend it watching the ball drop in Times Square?

From now until December 8, 2013, Hpnotiq challenges you to “Sparkle Louder” for a chance to win a trip for you and three girlfriends to New York City for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the ball drop in Times Square!

Entering is super easy. Simply upload a pic showing how you plan to Sparkle Louder on New Year’s Eve — whether it’s a glam outfit, you with your girlfriends or a selfie. Then use Hpnotiq’s “SparkleLouder” app to make your photo shine!


This New Year’s I plan on hosting a cocktail party. I’ll invite a few of my close friends and we’ll ring in 2014 listening to good music with a fancy Hpnotiq drink in hand. I’m itching to try the one below:


  • 2 oz. Hpnotiq
  • 2 oz. Premium Raspberry Vodka
  • Splash of Club Soda
  • Grenadine Sinker


Even if you don’t win the grand prize to NYC, every entry gives you weekly chances to win one of 20 Effy Rings (four each week)!

Sparkle Louder Bottle Image

If you share your photos on social media, be sure to use the hashtag: #SparkleLouder.

*This post was presented by Hpnotiq.


SparkleLouder with Hpnotiq for a Chance to Win a Trip to NYC!

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Happy Monday broke fashionistas! We wanted to share an exciting contest Hpnotiq is running. From now until December 8, 2013, Hpnotiq challenges you to “Sparkle Louder” for a chance to win a trip for you and three girlfriends to New York City to see the ball drop in Times Square!

To enter, simply upload a pic showing how you plan to Sparkle Louder on New Year’s Eve — whether it’s a glam outfit, you with your girlfriends or a selfie. Then use Hpnotiq’s “SparkleLouder” app to make your photo shine!

website_138422326289 (1)

The app is super easy to use: go to their website, upload a photo from your desktop, Facebook or Instagram, and add some sparkle! I picked this photo of myself and my roommate Madison.

No matter what I end up doing on New Year’s, I know it’ll include great drinks, great friends and a great outfit — you just have to wear sparkles on New Year’s Eve! A glittery LBD, gold shoes, red lips and fancy earrings are my go to every year. If I won, a coat and ear muffs would of course be added to the mix.


What would you wear for New Year’s Eve if you were to win the “SparkleLouder” Grand Prize?

Even if you don’t win the grand prize to NYC, every entry gives you weekly chances to win one of 20 Effy Rings (four each week)!

Sparkle Louder Bottle Image

If you share your photos on social media, be sure to use the hashtag: #SparkleLouder.

*This post was presented by Hpnotiq.


This New Yorker Knows How to Look Fab on a Dime

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Last fall we featured Jaz, a New Yorker who knows how to look fab on a dime. This fall, she’s back! Below are three of Jaz’s fall friendly outfits that are both affordable and beyond stylish:

Sporty Chic

This trend has been going on for a few months and Jaz does it so well. It’s both sexy and relaxed, and would be the perfect outfit for Sunday brunch with the girls.

If you’re interested in trying this trend out, add a varsity jacket to your LBD!


Downtown Cool

The light wash jeans paired with an over-sized white button-down gives Jaz a trendy yet relaxed look, while her structured navy jacket and red lips add that sophisticated edge.

This look is perfect for a day full or errands or a cup of coffee with a friend on a rainy day.


Fall Whites

I think everyone can agree that the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule has got to go…it just doesn’t make sense anymore. We love how Jaz paired her white blazer with an outfit that that’s both work and date friendly.

Loved Jaz’s outfits? Give her a follow on Instagram to see what other fashionable things she wears!


  • White Blazer: $34.95 via H&M
  • Trousers: $34 via H&M
  • Blouse: $24 via H&M
  • Shoes: $50 via Zara

Think you’re a broke fashionista? Submit your outfits to for a possible feature!


Thrifting? Here’s Where to Go in New York City!

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Planning a trip to New York and want to indulge in some shopping? Unfortunately, updating your wardrobe can take a huge toll on your wallet — especially in a place like New York. Luckily, thrifting is a great way to spoil yourself affordably.

Below are the 11 NYC thrift stores that have the Broke & Chic kiss of approval!

Beacon’s Closet

This is a locally-owned chain in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Each location is different so definitely check these shops out if you’re people-watching in Union Square, roaming in Williamsburg or window shopping in Park Slope. They have a decent men’s section too!

Buffalo Exchange

This is another chain that’s actually scattered all over the country. The three that are in New York are excellent, the one in Chelsea being a personal favorite; mainly for the size and their beyond perfect men’s section.

Everything at Buffalo Exchange is also sorted by size, so you won’t have to rummage through the whole store to find things that fit you.

Crossroads Trading Co.

The staff at both their Williamsburg and Flatiron locations are extremely friendly and we’ve found great items; $20 Cole Haan pumps, $20 Sperry Topsider rain boots, $15 Hudson jeans and even $30 Doc Marten’s. Not too shabby!

No Relation

This East Village thrift shop is a dream! Find 90’s dresses, lace-up boots, leather jackets and cardigans. For the boys; flannels, button-ups, dress shoes and even suits.

Rena Reborn

This small East Village thrift store packs a big punch. We’ve found gorgeous dresses, designer bags and stylish jewelry. Rachael, one of the owners is also super fab and extremely helpful if you’re looking for something specific.

Vice Versa

Head to this Williamsburg thrift store if you’re a fashionable girl who has a retro flair! You definitely have to search, but if you’re patient, you’re bound to stumble on an affordable treasure.


This is the most expensive thrift store out of the bunch, but well worth a stop. Find vintage band tees, an amazing selection of shoes, and jackets galore.

Beacons_Closet1 (1)

We hope this map helps plan your next thrift shopping day in NYC! For more New York City guides, follow us on Citymaps!


How Francy Stays Frugal in New York City

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Francy is the voice behind fashion blog, Fancy Francy. In the past year, Francy moved from Atlanta and got an adorable apartment with her older sister in Brooklyn.

Here’s one of the only problems with New York — It can be very difficult to control yourself when you first move here. It’s just so easy to blow all your money on fashion, good food, yummy desserts, coffee and late-night drinks with friends in Soho’s trendiest bars. But if you want to be able to stay in New York for the long haul, you have to watch your finances.

We recently sat down and enjoyed coffee at a popular Lower East Side eatery and had a chat with Francy. According to Francy:

Living in New York, you have to be disciplined with your money. Lucky for me, being a recent grad, I still have a college mindset and I really hope I keep that as I get older and my salary increases. Being a poor college student isn’t glamorous, but that experience can really determine how you treat your bank account as you age.

Below, Francy shares her secrets on how she’s able to stay frugal while living in one of the world’s most expensive cities:

1. Bring Lunch To Work

I try and bring my lunch to work as often as possible. So many of my co-workers leave work everyday and spend $12-$15 on lunch. I’ll do it every now and then, but if I made that an everyday habit I’d be very sorry later.

2. Keep Food At Work

I like to keep oatmeal and cereal at my desk. That way, if I forget my lunch or didn’t have time to eat breakfast, I don’t have to leave and buy something. If your office or work place has a kitchen with a microwave and fridge for milk I’d take advantage of it.

3. Only Go Out To Eat On The Weekends

Going out to eat every night is very tempting, but it’s not realistic. If a friend wants to grab brunch or dinner on the weekend, I’m down, but if it’s a Monday, I’d rather pass. Going out to eat two days out of the week is budget friendly, but going out seven days a week is just a waste of money. It’s also not very healthy.

4. Don’t Take Cabs Too Often

I avoid them as much as possible. If the traffic is light it’s usually between $9 and $11 (not including tip). But if it’s rush hour, the price just increases. Definitely take the Subway on a day-to-day basis (it’s only $2.50 a ride) and save cabs for late nights out with friends only once or twice a month.

5. Price Adjust Your Clothes

My Aunt taught me this when I was a kid. Say you bought a jean jacket from H&M last weekend and you love the coat, but when you go back to H&M the following weekend you find the same coat you just bought on sale for $7.

Just bring the coat and receipt back to the store and ask for the price to be adjusted. What they’ll do is give you back the difference. For this reason, you should save all your receipts!

If it’s been over two or three weeks, forget about it, but if it goes on sale shortly after you bought it then go for it. I’ve saved a lot of money this way!

6. Don’t Shop At Expensive Stores

I’m not talking about Celine Paris or Chanel, but stores like Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Trendy, yes, affordable, no. What I do is go to expensive shops and boutiques for inspiration only. If I like something, I leave and try and find something similar at a more affordable store.

7. Shop On Ebay

If I find something I like at say, American Apparel, I’ll search for it on Ebay. There’s two ways you can go about this. Say I really want a pair of their black disco pants:

  • 1. You can search for a used pair for less.
  • 2. You can find something similar that’s made in China that’s $20 or less.

If you care about the brand, go with the first. If you care more about the look, go with the second.

8. Look for Discount Codes When Shopping Online

Whenever you’re about to pull out your credit card while shopping online, quickly Google if there are any discount codes available from the company you’re buying from.

You can also go to one of the websites below and search for discount codes.

Remember, these tips aren’t just helpful in New York, but all over the world! If you loved Francy’s tips make sure you follow her on Twitter and check out her awesome blog.

Do you have any money saving tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!


Coffee Runs: Not Just For Sweatpants Anymore

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Broke & Chic recently teamed up with Marcus Cooper and Shelby Beamon, two talented NYC based photographers, to prove that the best time to test the waters with fashion is when you’re running errands.

Most people aren’t overly adventurous with their personal style, but we all wish we could mimic the awesome styles and fashions we see in our favorite magazines and street style blogs.

So seriously, why don’t we just suck it up, and build the fashion confidence Lady Gaga has? You probably have many reasons: what will your boss say? What if your friends hate it? What if you scare guys away?

Obviously you shouldn’t be too daring with your style at work, and maybe you shouldn’t even wear a bold outfit all day. So when can you experiment? We here at Broke & Chic have the perfect plan for you.

Test out those dream outfits you’ve always been too scared to try when you’re walking to your local coffee shop in the morning, when you’re spending your Sunday afternoon at the laundromat, and if you’re still not brave enough, in the comfort of your own home when you’re scrolling through Facebook or Tumblr.

That’s right, wear your short sequined shorts, spiked Lita’s, orange lipstick and grandma’s vintage fur coat the next time you have a load of dirty laundry to deal with. Once you get back home, you can switch back to your usual look…but only if you want to.

Note: Bold and daring makeup is another thing to have fun with the next time you run down the street to grab your latte.

Are you thinking about being daring on your next errand? Snap a photo and email it to for a possible feature.

A big thanks to Redlight PR for supplying the clothes, Kensie for supplying the jewelry, Kyle Harder for makeup and of course, Gasoline Alley for the coffee! To stay Broke & Chic, everything but the leather coat was under $80.00! 


How To Survive Your First Trip To New York City

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New York City is a beautiful place filled with wonder, excitement and opportunity — the list goes on and on. Before moving here I used to look at New York as big, overwhelming and scary. It’s still big, but it is no longer overwhelming or scary, mainly because I know the do’s and don’ts.

As a tourist, I used to think NYC was Times Square…wrong! Here’s a guide on how to survive your first trip to the Big Apple!

1. Avoid Times Square

Everyone has to see it once, but don’t go believing this burnt toast-smelling, loud, obnoxious, expensive, dirty and hectic place is what all Manhattan is like. Go see a Broadway show, take a few pictures in front of all the big lights and then get out of there!

I used to live in the center of Herald Square not too long ago and what I hated the most about it was how expensive all the bad tasting food was and the amount of tourists.

Sorry guys! But Times Square is filled with tourists. If someone is rude or obnoxious they’re probably from a small town in New Hampshire and they’re staying at the Holiday Inn on 31st and Broadway.

If you are staying in the Times Square area, make sure you don’t get ripped off on your food. Instead of spending all your cash at Ruby Tuesday’s or Planet Hollywood, head to one of these wonderful Midtown Manhattan restaurants for a more authentic experience that won’t break the bank.

For pizza, head to Vezzo on 31st and Lex. For brunch, head on over to Penelope’s on 30th and Lex, and for that Seinfeld-era lunch joint, head on over to Johny’s Luncheonette on 25th and 6th. For great coffee, take a trip to Stumptown in the Ace Hotel on 29th and Broadway. Happy dining!

2. Pass On The Right

We don’t drive here. Walking is our main form of transportation and so there are rules. Just like in a vehicle, always keep to the right. Similarly you can’t just stop out of nowhere in the middle of the sidewalk — taking up space and holding up traffic. If you want to pause and rest for a minuet, just move off to the side.

3. Don’t Wear Flip-Flops

There is a time and place for flip-flops: the beach in the middle of summer. Your $2 Old Navy flip flops are not meant for the streets of New York.

For one, you’ll be doing a lot of walking and flip flops aren’t very good for your feet. Instead, you should wear a pair of something more comfortable, especially if you aren’t used to walking everywhere (hint: Converse and oxfords are a much better option). Secondly, it’s one of the most unfashionable things you can do in a city, sorry!

4. Visit Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a New York City borough that’s often overlooked by tourists. After all, it’s home to great thrift and vintage shops as well as a full frontal view of the Manhattan skyline…which is gorgeous!

Spend an afternoon thrifting in Williamsburg, shop in all the cute boutiques in Park Slope, eat at the famous Grimaldi’s Pizza in DUMBO, and sip a classic chocolate egg cream at the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain in Carroll Gardens. Just like Manhattan, Brooklyn is filled with numerous neighborhoods, each with its own identity.

5. Visit During The Week

Visting a museum or going shopping in Manhattan on the weekend is just as bad as going to Ikea on a Saturday…don’t do it! Also, many NY museums have “pay what you want” days during the week. The MoMA is usually $25/person, however it’s free between 4-8pm on Friday’s. Do your research.

Now onto the shopping: Soho is a prime destination for tourist and residents alike. With affordable stores such as Necessary Clothing, Uniqlo and Forever 21, how can it not be?

But going into any store in Soho on a Saturday is just suicide. You’ll be standing in line for a full hour just to try on a shirt, and the crowd on Broadway will be ridiculous.

Instead, go shopping on a Monday or Tuesday in the late morning or early afternoon. The crowds won’t be so large and you’ll get better service. To avoid the annoying Broadway cattle walk, walk down Crosby St instead. It’s the street parallel to Broadway, which is much calmer and also the home of the famed Saturdays Surf.

6. Learn How To Hail A Cab

Stand on the side of the street, look straight ahead and put your right hand up when cabs begin to approach. If a black cab stops, DON’T GET IN! Stick to the classic yellow NYC cabs only. I hailed a cab and made the mistake of getting into a black one, while going from 31st st to Union Square. The driver charged me $20, when a yellow cab would have only charged $4.50. If a black cab does stop, just wave him forward and keep looking.

Cab drivers also don’t know exact addresses — you have to give them cross streets. After hailing a cab, get in, shut the door, then tell them your destination. Lastly, don’t forget to tip your driver 15%.

If you want to avoid all this confusion, and don’t mind spending a little more, download the Uber app onto your phone. It’s a wonderful car service.

7. Take Advantage Of Your Smart Phone

Before arriving in NY, make sure you know how to use Google Maps. Also, download Yelp for finding restaurants fast, Scout Mob for discovering great food discounts and City Transit to navigate through the Subway system with ease.

This is just a start. New York is an amazing place, and you’ll have fun and fall in love with it if you just follow my simple tips! Have you been to New York City before? If so, what are your favorite parts about it? Let us know in the comments below!


Pepsi Presents Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday Tour: NYC

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Guess who is going to be live tweeting the Nicki Minaj concert in NYC tomorrow? Broke & Chic is! If you don’t already have tickets or don’t happen to live near the Big Apple but LOVE Nicki there is still some hope…Pepsi is going to be live streaming the whole event!

Watch the whole concert live on starting at 9:30pm EST on August 14th! Don’t forget to follow our tweets as well! We’ll be using the hashtag #NickiMinajConcert.


Come Join Us: Salsa and Secondhand with Krrb & Furnish Green

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Join Krrb and Furnish Green for a night of scavenging one-of-a kind vintage finds, free salsa lessons and enough sangria to keep you dancing through the night. All furniture in the Furnish Green showroom will have special Krrb-friendly prices, including $2-5 records and LP’s.

Bring your dancing shoes and be prepared to exit the dance floor with a doozy. At wallet-friendly prices, you’re sure to partner up with a gem from Paul McCobb, Cushman or Kling. One two cha cha cha!

Furnish Green is located at 1261 Broadway, Suite 505, New York City. Tickets are $5. All proceeds from ticket sales will go to Rhythm Break Cares, a non-profit senior citizen dance program. RSVP on Eventbrite. And do it soon because space is limited!

A night filled with affordable vintage furniture and free salsa lessons seems like a win to me! Hope to see you there!

Furnish Green Finds