Cold-weather Friendly Street Style to Get You Through This Freezing Friday

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This winter has been nothing but brutal, mean, and obnoxious. If it’s not snowing, it’s below freezing, and us New Yorkers (and Bostonians) are over it. We. Just. Can’t. Even.

All we want to do is sip on a delicious iced coffee from Blue Bottle, without a coat, with the hot sun shining on our faces. Is that too much to ask? Apparently.

If you’re over winter as well, you might be over your winter wardrobe, too. Below are five fashionable ladies that found ways to look stylish in this unbearable weather.

Made in the 90's! //

Niamh (of Your Lawless) looking like a boss in black, neon, and leopard! 

Leah, of Lipstick Catwalk looking ultra chic!

Leah of Lipstick Catwalk is looking ultra chic in her ASOS coat! 

Winter-friendly street style //

Nikki, the Assistant Editor at Style Blazer is rockin’ layers of grey! 

Pink hair //

Fran Scott is looking lovely in pink, green, and moody florals! 

Street Style //

Piling on the hues!

Do you notice something similar? We definitely did! All these ladies are wearing either rainbow hair, pops of color, furry coats, or all three!

Which look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Runway to Real Way: Survive the Polar Vortex in Style with a Sweater Dress

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New York Fashion Week happened in the middle of a polar vortex. Many of the attendees wanting to see the Fall/Winter 2015 collections had to tolerate below freezing temps and bitter cold winds. While many of fashion’s elite found ways to stay stylish AND warm, others might find it difficult. Do you sacrifice warmth? Or do you sacrifice style? Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice either.

Designers such as Charlotte Ronson, Emily Saunder and Ready to Fish showcased different versions of the popular sweater dress that were both long and structured. Below you’ll see the “fashionably warm” look that hit the runways just last week:

Runway to Real Way: Survive the Polar Vortex in Style with a Sweater Dress

Isn’t it a pleasure to see a trend that transfers perfectly from the runway to your wardrobe? This structured piece can go with legging or tights, depending on the occasion.

FYI, you don’t have to wait for next season to get here to get in on this trend. Below are five sweater dresses you can get your hands on now:


So cozy! //



Sporty chic sweater //


Urban Outfitters

Survive the Polar Vortex in Style with a Sweater Dress



Go green with this sweater dress from LuLu*s!


Forever 21

Want! //


 What do you think of this trend? Let us know in the comments below!


Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

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Are you and your bestie super in-synch when it comes to style? If so, you’ll love our latest street style series from New York Fashion Week. Below are nine duos and trios that really knew how to dress-to-impress as a team — despite frigid temps (now that’s real friendship):

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

These ootra girls show stopped in all black! 

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

This trio aced the bundled-yet-stylin’ look.

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

What a pair. 

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

Sequins for her and statement boots for him. 

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

Andrea and Pablo make an ultra stylish duo. 

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

When the whole squad looks fresh to death. 

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week //

Naty Michele of A love Affair With FashionChevy Donato — those pink boots tho…

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

No words. 

Street Style: Fashionable Duos and Trios at New York Fashion Week

Pink hair + Berry Lips for team Skirts & Skylines.

 Which group was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


This Girl Managed to Make a Sleeping Bag Look Fashionable at NYFW

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In all honesty, New York Fashion Week is an extremely odd ordeal. People wear absurd things — like yellow feathers and roller-sandals (no joke), those working behind-the-scenes (models, PR, make-up artists…) are often either extremely friendly or extremely rude, and it’s either boiling hot outside or frigid. There’s no in-between. There’s no moderation.

But let’s focus on the “people wearing absurd things” part. Many people attend Fashion Week in their Sunday best (with a dash of Alexa Chung), while others don’t try to be fashionable at all — since they’re working the event. Some go way out of their comfort zones just so they can be snapped by street style photographers, and others simply wear sleeping bags, like the girl below:

This Girl Managed to Make a Sleeping Bag Look Fashionable at NYFW

By the time I saw her, I was so done taking street style photos. My fingers were stiff and numb because of the freezing temps. My SD card was running out of space, and I had to get somewhere else ASAP. But I saw a bunch of photographers swarm someone, and I just had to get a better look.

And there she was, a girl wearing a sleeping bag. At first I was like, “really?” and became a tad annoyed. People do all sorts of crazy things in the name of fashion, but then I realized I needed to stop hating, because let’s get real…SHE LOOKS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

This Girl Managed to Make a Sleeping Bag Look Fashionable at NYFW

This girl found a way to make a sleeping bag fashionable. Truly amazing. And she had the right idea since it was freezing out. I bet she was warm and cozy all day (unlike myself).

So there you have it, a girl wore a sleeping bag to Fashion Week and made it work.


Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

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New York City decided to turn into a tundra this February — just in time for New York Fashion Week. As you may know, NYFW is when fashion’s elite debut their new collections for the next season. The new collections are always exciting to see, but the attendees are sometimes more interesting.

Below are the street style snaps we captured on day two and day four of NYFW. It was freezing, but these ladies managed to look hot and stylish nonetheless:

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Pssst….that blue bag is from H&M! 

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Add a statement necklace over your favorite flannel! 

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Statement coat for the win! 

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Kennesha Lynette stood out with her hot pink clutch!  

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Pink hair on fleek. 

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

That scarf looks so cozy! 

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Madison Sorah is winning at monochrome! 

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Camel & Black — you just can’t go wrong!

Below-Freezing (but still hot) NYFW Street Style

Neon sneaks for the win! 

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How do you stay stylish in the Winter? Let us know in the comments below!


Our 9 Favorite Street Style Trends from New York Fashion Week

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Yesterday marked the last day of Fashion Week in New York City. We’re definitely sad, but we’re excited to see what London Fashion Week has in store for the fashion industry.

Of course seeing the new collections from our favorite designers is enjoyable, but nothing beats street style. NYC’s most fashionable residents attend NYFW every season, and believe me when I say this — they’re the real taste makers. Below are our favorite trends we spotted outside of Lincoln Center (where the magic happens).


1. Moody Florals

We’re loving the resurgence of moody floral prints from the 90’s! Proof that not all floral prints have to be ultra girly.

moody florals1

moody florals2

moody florals3

2. All Black

Want to look like a tough-as-nails fashionista? Consider wearing all black the next time you go out with your friends.

black outfit3

black outfit2

black outfit1

3. Metallic

Metallic shoes and prints are up-and-coming and should be taken advantage of this fall.

nyfw streetstyle1

nyfw streetstyle2

4. Black and White

This combo will never go out of style. Never!

black and white3

black and white2

black and white1

5. Tulle

Have you always wanted to be a prima ballerina? We’re loving how these ladies wore the famous ballerina poof! You may not have the moves, but you can at least have the look.

tulle 5

tulle skirt 4

tulle skirt 3


6. Plaid

How can you say no to plaid? It’s classy and perfect for the upcoming fall season.

plaid outfit1

plaid outfit2

7. Pattern-Mixing

Pattern mixing can be difficult, but these ladies pulled it off perfectly!

mixed prints nyfw1

mixed prints nyfw2

8. Rainbow Hair and Lips

We loved all the off-beat hair and lip colors! Consider giving it a try if you’re getting bored with your look.




9. Hats

We love hats since they automatically make outfits more interesting. They’re also great for hiding bad hair days!

nyfw streestyle


What trend from NYFW are you going to try this September? Let us know in the comments below!


Runway Beauty Trends: 5 Things to Try This Spring

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Bored with your current beauty routine? Now that Spring is finally here, it’s time to update your look. Below are our five favorite looks from New York Fashion Week that you just HAVE to try this season!

Purple Eyeliner

Take advantage of The Color of the Year while you can by trading in your classic black for a pretty purple!


 Backstage: Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan

Grecian Goddess Eyes

Love wearing gold eyeshadow during the Spring and Summer? Change it up this year by adding some glitter!


Backstage: Lela Rose

Ultra High Ponytail

Add some swing to your step by adding an ultra high ponytail. For a sporty look, add a thick headband.


Backstage: Meskita

Big Hair

Forget about spending an hour flat ironing your locks. Simply add some sea salt spray after applying a serum to your wet hair. Then blow dry as usual or let it air dry.


Arden Wohl x CDC

Messy Up-do

Who says an up-do has to be done by a skilled professional? Embrace the imperfections and do it yourself! This look works well for a fancy night out, or a casual night in.


Backstage: Lela Rose

What runway beauty trend would you like to try this season? Let us know in the comments below!


The 10 Prettiest Dresses at NYFW

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Year after year, season after season, New York Fashion Week debuts the most stunning gowns and dresses.

Although we’ll most likely never get to wear one, we just had to share the 10 dresses that took our breath away as they graced the runway.

1. Gail Be

Just wow! Attendee’s actually started to cheer when this gown went down the runway.


2. Alon Livné

Alon Livné is already popular with celebrities so it’ll take no time at all for this gown to be at a red carpet event.


3. Erin Featherston

It’s simple, elegant and timeless.


 4. Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil hails from Australia and blows us away every season! This metallic, laser-cut gown from his Fall 2014 collection really stood out.

Fashion Palette Womenswear Fall Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week February 2014

5. Philippa Galasso

This Philippa Galasso dress is dark, mysterious and extremely unique! We could totally see this being worn by Lorde at a fancy red carpet event.

Fashion Palette Womenswear Fall Winter 2014 New York Fashion Week February 2014

6. Leanne Marshall

This dress really stood out since the silhouette is stunning and the color is sweet and romantic.


7. Doré

The length of this gown is what caught our eye the most!



This velvet dress is extremely sexy. No one can mess with velvet!


9. Lela Rose

The color of this gown is what makes it so gorgeous. Magenta is such a playful color!


10. Dany Tabet

The perfect amount of sheer mixed with the perfect amount of sparkle and embellishment.


Which gown is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


Trend Alert: Sporty Chic Backstage at NYFW

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The ponytail was the hair-do of choice for many designers this season at New York Fashion Week. From ready-to-wear and couture all the way to bridal, the ponytail was a must.

Some designers stuck with a high pony, such as Meskita and Doré, while others — including Leanne Marshall and Milly by Michelle Smith — went for an elegant low pony. Either way, each look shouted “sporty chic.”

Below are our favorite ponies from NYFW:


Meskita Fall 2014 collection boasts “clean shapes” with a “touch of sport,” so the lead hairstylists at NIOXIN gave all the models thick and full ponytails with lots of movement.




The runway show for Doré Designs was absolutely stunning. This was Dawn Smart’s first ready-to-wear collection and the models walked the runway with European flair, glossy lips and bouncy ponies.


Leanne Marshall

Season five Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall debuted her Fall 2014 collection last Sunday. Instead of traditional bridal makeup, her models walked the runway with a strong smokey eye and a low pony.



Milly by Michelle Smith

The hair and makeup backstage at Milly was simple and straight forward so her clothes could do the talking! We think this hair look will be extremely popular this fall since it’s extremely easy to replicate.


What do you think  of the emerging sporty chic trend? Let us know in the comments below!


Our Favorite Ready-to-Wear Looks from NYFW

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So many of the beautiful looks that walk down the runway during Fashion Week aren’t wearable for the masses. How many of you have the okay from the boss to wear see-through gowns to the office? We certainly don’t! But don’t worry, we’ve scouted out the best.

Below are our favorite wearable looks from NYFW.


We could totally see Zooey Deschanel rockin’ this Erin Featherston dress on her way to the New Girl set!



This combo from SAUNDER is unbelievably stunning! All the looks from this runway show blew us away, but this one stood out the most.

This look would be perfect for both the office and date night with that special someone.


To watch a short video of this show, check out our Instagram!


Charlotte Ronson’s F/W 2014 collection is dark, mysterious and oh-so romantic. The look below will be perfect for long walks in the park this fall.


Photo Credit: Dan Lecca


Our favorite from the ready-to-wear runway show for Manufacture NY was Abacaxi. This dress from her new collection would be perfect for a night out with the girls!

To make it more work friendly, simply add a black blazer.


Photo Credit: Udor Photography


Nolcha Fashion Week always has talented new designers, but Katty Xiomara really stood out since her collection was inspired by Peanut characters (Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the gang).



We’ve been crushing on Christian Benner’s work for months and fell even more in love at his runway show last night. Wouldn’t you just love that white leather jacket to be a part of your wardrobe?



This print from Gabrielle Arruda is just what the doctor ordered. Perfect for school, the office or a date at a trendy Lower East Side bar.


Which ready-to-wear look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


5 Beauty Tips from Miss United States Herself

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We had the honor of meeting Candiace Dillard at the Doré Runway show this past week. Candiace is a beauty queen that currently holds the title of “Miss United States.” How fancy!


It’s not everyday you meet a beauty queen, and that’s why we had to ask her a few questions! Below she shared with us her favorite beauty products and how she stays flawless on busy days:

  • 1. Oil sheets are your best friend! Even if you don’t have oily skin, they’ll keep your foundation looking fresh.
  • 2. Make your eyes pop by lining your upper lash line.
  • 3. A good brow can change your life! See a professional regularly for a good shaping and start filling in your brows with a pencil.
  • 4. Use clip-ins to create the illusion of longer, fuller hair. They’re way cheaper than extensions and won’t damage your hair.
  • 5. Matte lipsticks can double as a stain when you set them with loose powder.

She can’t live without MAC’s Fix+ setting spray and bronzer in Gold Deposit. According to Candiace:

“The spray gets rid of the caky look by giving your skin a dewy finish.”

To learn more about Candiace, go here.

*Photo via Getty Images


6 New Designers That Need to Be on Your Radar

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Christian Siriano, Alexander Wang, Philip Lim…we all know they’re great, but they aren’t the only designers that need to be on your ready-to-wear wish-list.

Below you’ll find six of our favorite emerging designers — all modeled by Madison, our style contributor!

Karel Mills

Karel Mills was born and raised in France, graduated from a prestigious art and design school in 2005, and assisted Korean designer MOONYOUNGSHEE for four years.

After her experience working in the fashion industry, she decided to launch her own label in 2010.


We love the neutral colors and flowy pieces in her Spring/Summer 14 collection.

alax 5

Alax W Diamond

Alax W Diamond is a New York based fashion designer from Southern Thailand. His goal is to arm his wearers with strength and confidence. He expertly combines unique fabrics and cuts, creating ultra-modern pieces that are simultaneously edgy and feminine.

We love the mod vibe, bright colors, and structured pieces in his Spring/Summer 14 collection.




Since its launch in 2006 by Mikako Ishii, Ambali has developed into a global womenswear brand.

According to Ishii:

I design for the modern and suave woman. She is vibrant, cosmopolitan and never defined by any borders. She captures the beauty of zeitgeist through her impeccable style.


Kate Middleton would love this designer!



Catherine Litke is the talent behind LITKE. She was born in Poland and received her B.F.A. from New York University in 2010. Following her graduation, Catherine worked under some of the fashion industry’s top stylists and editors, and it was her extensive travel during this period that inspired her to create her namesake line of impeccably crafted pieces, all made in the United States.

Her line is a combination of classic minimalism and eccentric tailoring.


Cidenzi Mori

Joel Cidenzi, based in New York City, was born in Thailand and transplanted to Los Angeles, where he graduated from OTIS College of Art and Design. After graduation, he worked with big names such as Suwannagate and Rag & Bone. In 2012, he decided to go off on his own with his label, Cidenzi Mori.

During the Vietnam War, his hometown was a military base full of American military camps. For his Spring/Summer 2014 collection, he took inspiration from American GI’s in the 1970’s, and combined it with the city’s famous orchid farm to create a mix of strong and soft. The end result is a full blown collision of military and hippie!



Valentine Gauthier

Valentine Gauthier is an eco-friendly designer from France. We love the boho-feel of her most recent collection. Perfect for spring!


Valentine Gauthier is sold at Anthropologie, New York Look, and Satine Boutique in the U.S.



Which designer was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!