Love Saving Money? Then You’ll Love This New Website!

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As a broke fashionista living in New York City, I jump for joy whenever I can save a buck or two. It all adds up! But being a bargain hunter does have its downfalls.

For one, I might have to go to multiple stores before I’m able to find what I’m looking for at an affordable price. Who has the time for that? In this day and age, not many. That’s why when I was introduced to Trendslove, I jumped for joy!

trendslove homepage

Trendslove helps you shop and save on the latest fashion, beauty and home decor trends. Everyday, Trendslove curators scan new arrivals and feature a selection of products from popular brands following the latest trends. Trendslove features the best from over a hundred brands like Nasty gal, ASOS,, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Anthropologie, Sephora, etc…

Each added product is defined by a set of hashtags which help you navigate the site easily, for example #dress will show you all the latest dresses added, #boho or #fall will let you shop by style. You can also search for brand hashtags (#asos, #sephora) to see all products from a specific brand.

In addition to the curation of products, Trendslove also offers cash back savings and/or dsicounts on all of its brands. For instance, you will earn 10% cash-back on any product purchased from Sephora. The savings become noticeably significant when looking at higher value items like Steve Madden boots or products from Nordstrom.

Finally, the cash-back savings are always combined with on-going coupons, codes or sales from each brand’s website.

How to Use Trendslove

To get the Trendslove savings, all you have to do is click through on a product, bringing you to the brand’s website, and make your purchases! Then 24 to 48 hours later, you will receive an email notifying you that you have cash-back pending in your Trendslove account. 60 days later, the cash-back becomes available for you to claim via Paypal.

You don’t get your cash-back right away to prevent getting numerous checks of small amounts. A lump sum is always better if you’re a frequent online shopper!

So sign-up for Trendslove and follow the trends on social media via Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.


How do you save money? Let us know in the comments below!


Shop Our July 2014 Wish List — Everything’s under $45!

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Can you believe we’re halfway through July already? Where has the summer gone?! Before you know it, the crisp air of fall will be here. Not that that’s a bad thing. I’m always down for hot apple cider!

Until then, I’m just going to enjoy iced cold cider with a bit of alcohol by the pool. Does that sound better? Thought so!

Below is our July 2014 wish list. Most items are very minimalistic and we totally got inspiration from these bloggers across the pond. So enjoy and shop away!

What’s on your July 2014 wish list? Let us know in the comments below!


Stand Out This Spring: Ditch Forever 21 for These Chic Looks from H.C.B.

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Big box shops like H&M and Forever21 are great for staying fashionable on a budget — everybody know’s it. Trouble is, since they’re on the top of everybody else’s list, you’re bound to run into a girl wearing the same outfit you just bought. This is why we’re loving small and trendy e-commerce sites, like The Happy Wardrobe and Heavenly Couture.

Now a new site, H.C.B, is on our short list. It’s perfect for the preppy girl who loves to test the waters with new trends, plus everything on the site is under $60!

One thing we found that separated .H.C.B. from most e-commerce sites is that they don’t over do it. They feature a curated selection of affordable items worth checking out. Who knows, they just might be the perfect fit for your wardrobe! According to the founder, Hilary Caroline:

H.C.B. was started with the idea that online shopping should be simple, fun and not cost you an entire paycheck. Fed up with overflowing online stores with endless “search” criteria and pages and pages of mediocre options to sift through, .H.C.B. has set out to do it right – just a handful of only the best options at budget savvy prices, and not all the other filler junk. And no ridiculous mark ups. Because who needs that?

Hilary’s company is still up-and-coming (it only launched last summer) and she does everything — buying, descriptions, packing, shipping and even some of the modeling!

We ordered a purple peplum top and a black tote bag, courtesy of Hilary, which has since been used in quite a few of our photo shoots. Below is our wonderful model Madison!

Head to the bottom for a 10% off discount code.

We really admire women who start their own companies, so we had to ask Hilary a few questions!

Broke & Chic: Have you always been interested in fashion? 

Hilary: Yes, for as long as I can remember! I used to love it when any of my family members would agree to take me shopping. My favorite store back in the day was Limited Too.

Arrow Necklace: $18

B&C: Have you always looked at yourself as an entrepreneur? 

H: Yes, also for as long as I can remember. I was always the kid on the block doing lemonade stands or other even more bizarre entrepreneurial pursuits, like painting large rocks found in my neighborhood and trying to sell them as art.

When I was about 13 my dad introduced me to eBay, and that started a string of online businesses, starting with Beanie Babies and going to wholesale costume jewelry and even clothing, a very early and less developed version of HCB.

Once I grew tired of eBay I started a handmade jewelry line that I sold on Etsy for a few years in college. So I have pretty much always had one project or another going since I was 13 – but HCB is of course my favorite one yet, and seems to be on track to be the most successful!

Stacked Zig Zag Rings: $12

Where do you get the inspiration for what you’re going to sell? 

I mostly follow my own gut style instincts – if I like something I see, I will pick it up and hope that others like it too! But I’m starting to learn my customers taste also and change my buying habits slightly according to which items they are gravitating towards. I love fun clothes – bright colors and patterns, flattering fits, things that will make my customers feel happy and beautiful every time they wear them. I also like to think about where my customers would wear the items I’m buying – is it for going out, or work, or a bridal/baby shower?

I make sure everything I buy could have a purpose in someone’s life. I usually try to write a little about how I imagine the item being worn in the item description itself, so my customers can start to visualize where they are going in their new outfit! 

How would you describe your personal style? 

I like to mix a lot of different styles together, but I think I mostly gravitate towards feminine and boho style pieces, with a little bit of rocker edge tossed in from time to time. Lately I’m loving lace, floral prints, studs, and jewel tones. But since I work from home, I’m mostly wearing leggings or yoga pants and comfy tee shirts all day! So then when I go out I like to really get dolled up to get all my fashion cravings out of my system – I usually end up wearing head to toe HCB!

Chevron Dress: $38

What’s your least favorite trend at the moment? 

I’m actually pretty open minded when it comes to trends, as long as they are done tastefully and not piling too many trends together into one outfit. I really only dislike trends if the only reason an item is “trendy” or wanted is because of its brand name – I think fashion should be about the style and design, not about the name on the label. So it drives me crazy if everyone is obsessing over one bag, coat, pair of shoes, etc just because of the name on the label, which usually makes the item cost a fortune.

You can almost always find something just as cute or cuter for much, much less! Obviously if you truly like something by that designer it is justified, it only irks me when people are buying an item just because of that label, and not because they truly love the item.

It’s officially fashion week! What do you think the next big thing will be? 

I’m not sure! I can’t wait to see what the designers have done and then how that will translate into actual street fashion, it is always an interesting transition! I’m still really loving bold patterns and stripes, so I think those will be sticking around and hopefully even given a twist of some kind.

Bow Back Blouse: $36

What are you currently coveting on .H.C.B. at the moment? Let us know in the comments below!

*Use the code BROKECHIC10 for 10% off until March 6th at!


3 Trends That Will Turn Heads This Winter

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Whether you like it or not, Winter is right around the corner. Last year, it was all about faux fur, circle scarves, chelsea boots and green parkas. All are still hot, but a few more things have been added to the mix!

Below are three new trends, available at Spiegel — an online boutique for all things classy and trendy — that need to be in your wardrobe before Winter officially hits!

1. Snake Print

Sorry leopard, snake skin is going to be trendier than you this winter!

$64.00 at Spiegel

$79.00 at Spiegel

2. Jumpsuits

You have Kim Kardashian to thank for this trend, as she’s been wearing them all year! Most recently last week, during an outing with Kourtney.

Pair this jumpsuit from Spiegel with red lipstick and those snake skin pumps for a serious statement at your next holiday party!

$69.00 at Spiegel

3. Metallic

Anything metallic or sparkly during the holidays and New Year’s is always a guaranteed win.

These wide-leg metallic pants are seriously hot! Perfect for a fun night out with the girls or when the clock strikes 12 on the 1st of January!

$39.00 at Spiegel

Metallic and snake print? Double win!

$64.00 at Spiegel

This metallic dress is a bit on the pricy side ($114), but is perfect for an upcoming special event. Whether it be a high school dance, engagement party (tis’ the season) or even a Christmas wedding.

$114.00 at Spiegel

What do you think of these three emerging trends? Think you’ll add them to your wardrobe anytime soon? If you’re already rocking one of these trends, submit your outfit to for a possible feature!

Presented by Spiegel


On Our Radar: Alyssa London

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Alyssa London is a trendy shopping site that offers carefully-picked looks for girls seeking one-of-a-kind yet affordable clothes and accessories. Everything is under $65 with items perfect for work, school and the club. From their site:

Alyssa London is for the girls whose eyes are glued on street wear shutterbugs, and who is always a tweet away from dishing on their latest wardrobe additions.

Guess what?! Alyssa London is giving a special discount to Broke & Chic readers. From today through 11/08/12 you can recieve 15% off your order by using the discount code broke&chic at checkout!

Here are just a few items I found on their site that I wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe. What’s your favorite?

Watches are the hot thing this season. They look great at the office and with a sexy dress. Are you following the watch trend? We are here in NYC! This one looks expensive, but it’s only $45.

I’m in love with this $45 dress! Pair it with a blazer and nude stilettos for the 9-5. Once the clock hits 5pm, take off the blazer and add a pair of sexy red pumps for a fun night!

Hey high schoolers…it’s homecoming season! Be smart and don’t spend all your money on an expensive dress you’ll only wear once. Purple happens to be the hot color right now, so heads will turn if you show up in this show-stopper dress. To be even more extravagant wear red lipstick! Did I mention it’s only $35?

Are you a brave fashionista? These jeans are only $35 and would look great with a pair of spiked Lita’s!

What do you think of Alyssa London so far? Let us know if you buy anything!


Four Trends That Will Turn Heads This Summer

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Online boutique Necessary Clothing, is slowly, but surly taking over the internet! Necessary Clothing is perfect for the fashionista on a budget. All of their clothes are sexy, stylish and trendy, with most items not exceeding $30.

The older and busier I get, the more I value online shopping. Give this wonderful company a try on your next online shopping spree! If you happen to hate shopping online, don’t fret. They have tons of stores in downtown Manhattan.

Below are four trends that will take over summer 2012, all available at Necessary Clothing.

1. Fishtail Dresses

$30.99 at Necessary Clothing

$24.99 at Necessary Clothing

$29.99 at Necessary Clothing

2. Mint

$34.99 at Necessary Clothing

$27.99 at Necessary Clothing

$34.99 at Necessary Clothing

3. Bralets




4. Stripes




As you can see, Necessary Clothing is the perfect place to test out popular trends without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to check out their blog too! Where is your favorite place to go shopping online? Let us know in the comments below!


The Fashism Shop is Here!

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Exciting news! Fashism, a website and mobile app which started in 2009 as a way for people to get advice on what to wear, has opened up their own online shop! Brooke Moreland, co-founder and CEO of Fashism said

We noticed that there were certain comments we’d see over and over, such as “put a belt on it” or “add some bangles!” We decided to help our users take the next step and allow them to purchase accessories that will help them look their very best!

Now, when users are told to “add a belt” or “toss in some bangles” to spruce up their outfits, they can act immediately on that advice. The best part about this news is everything’s under $30. Browse through an array of accessories including belts, wallets, bags, nail polish, and jewelry. This is just the beginning, there is much more to come to this amazing shop including ready-to-wear clothing as well as low-priced designer collaborations so stay tuned!

Bunny Ears iPhone Case ($12)

Cross Body Concert Bag ($25)

Neon Skinny Belt ($12)


Necessary Clothing Has Your Spring Wardrobe Covered

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The chic and budget friendly retailer Necessary Clothing has your spring wardrobe covered! With pretty pastel tops and bright tangerine and teal colored skirts — you’ll be the talk of the town!

This spring, it’s all about Caribbean style brights with an uptown meets downtown vibe. Get a head start on your new wardrobe by doing some online shopping at Necessary Clothing; spring is just around the corner!



Check Out: Savvy Looks

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If you’re a Broke & Chic fan, you eat, sleep and breath fashion, but can’t always afford it! Savvy Looks is here to help! is an online shopping website for those who love being one step ahead, fashion-wise.

At Savvy Looks, you not only buy clothes but also style, appeal and trend! Their mission is to make all the broke fashionista’s out there look and feel their best!

Still not sold? They’re having an amazing deal! $10 for $20 worth of clothing or accessories + free shipping!

Enter Code SAVE50

Woven Lace Jacket: $55.00

♥ They’re a new company that only launched this past September, show them some love!