A Recap of Beauty Editors Day Featuring Editors From Esquire and Essence

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Last week, Broke & Chic attended Beauty Editors Day at Saks Fifth Avenue. We tweeted and Instagramed the whole event so I hope you had the opportunity to tune in if you weren’t able to attend.

I sat down with the wonderful Alyssa Hertzig of Shape Magazine (read our interview with her here) and Milly, the Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan For Latinas. I even received a makeover from a talented makeup artist at Clinique as well as a skin analysis at Ioma, which is a luxury skin care company.

Afterwards, Broke & Chic had the opportunity to interview two more editors as well as two fashionable bloggers!

Corynne Corbett from Essence Magazine

Corynne is the Beauty Director at Essence Magazine. Make sure you follow her on Twitter!

B&C: What are your favorite beauty products?

Corynne: Today I’m working with Panhaligon’s, the fragarance company. My favorite scent from them is Malabah. I love it because it’s unique, spicy and sexy making it so I won’t smell like everyone else on the street. It also isn’t overpowering.

I also love bright colors, whether it be a bright bold lip or a bright nail. I’m a huge fan of the lip color Lady Danger from MAC and the Thakoon nail collection from Nars.

Another thing I can’t get enough of  is luxurious skin care products such as the cleansing lotion from La Mer. It makes you feel like heaven when you’re washing your face.

B&C: What do you foresee the fall beauty trends to be? 

Corynne: There are going to be tons of beauty trends this year from the nude and neutral face, to the traditional red lip all the way to the really bushy bold brow.

I think it’s interesting to see the brow coming back like that. The bleached brow is another old trend that is starting to come back. A few others are braids, hairstyles from the 1940’s, plum influence in both fashion and beauty and nail art.

In the olympics, all the athletes had to wear the same uniforms. Their nails was the only thing setting them apart.

Seth Howard from Esquire Magazine

Seth is a senior editor at Esquire magazine, hear what he has to say about fashion trends for men!

B&C: What do you think will be trending this fall in mens fashion?

Seth: For the past couple of seasons we’ve seen a lot of bold colors and patterns. I think we’re still excited about the patterns but the colors are getting more toned down and refined. We’re starting to see a lot more jewel tones and bringing it back to the classics.

For the past few seasons people have been touching on the Mad Men vibe, but it seems we’re going even further back to the 20’s and 30’s: Interesting and modern cuts but built on those older silhouettes. 

B&C: In your personal opinion, what popular trend are you getting tired of?

Seth: I’m kind of over the Sperry Topsider craze.

B&C: What’s the new shoe?

The chukka and desert boot are starting to get a lot of attention. And since we’re going back to the older vibe of mens clothing and tailoring, a lot of men are going for brogue oxfords.

Clarks Desert Boot: $95.99 Zappos.com 

B&C: What do you think of the brogue oxford with bright colored bottoms?

Seth: I think they’re fun. It’s a great way to fuse the past with the present. Cole Haan and Mark Mcnairy do a good job with this. Another company called Walkover  has a similar style with a better price point.

B&C: What are your favorite mens grooming products both budget and luxury.

Seth: On a budget I would have to say Neutrogena. From my experiances they have some of the best products on the market at a budget price point (personal preference, not a solid endorsment).

For luxury I’d have to say Re’Vive. Esquire was paired with this company for Beauty Editors Day since it’s what I use in my daily routine. It’s definitely on the higher-end when it comes to price, but the technology behind it and the results you get make it worth it.

B&C: What do you think about all the shaving salons opening up all over New York City? Do you think they’ll last? 

Seth: Those personalized services are something men are enjoying so I think they will last. There are a lot of bespoke men’s companies popping up all over. There is a company called Alton Lane which does custom men’s shirts and suits here in New York as well as a few other cities.

Men are starting to really want those services that were offered to them decades ago and that are still offered for women. We’re starting to reclaim our stake by taking the time to pamper ourselves a little bit more than we used to.

Meet Ariana Marsh from Swagger New York

Ariana is a stylish editorial intern at Swagger New York.

B&C: What’s one beauty trend you’re excited about for this fall?

Ariana: I really love the colored eyeliner trend. I think a cat eye in blue really makes a statement.

B&C: What’s a beauty trend you’re tired of? 

Ariana: I’m not really tired of any of them quite yet. I just don’t like when things are over-done. You have to either highlight your eyes, lips or cheeks. Not all three.

B&C: What’s one fashion trend you’re excited about for this fall?

Ariana: I love all the textures and colors coming in. I love the tweed and wool as well as the leather skirts and lowered hem lines. I’m a big fan of tea length dresses.

Leather Skirt with lowered hemlin: $153 ASOS

B&C: What do you think of the turn out for Beauty Editors Day? 

Ariana: I think it’s been great so far. It was awesome to see all the magazines that came together to support Look Good…Feel Better.

Chastity Palmer-Davis from GlitterBuzzStyle

Chastity is the creator of GlitterBuzzStyle. Make sure you follow her on Twitter!

B&C: What’s one trend you’re excited about for this fall? 

Chastity: I’m excited that color is still a transitional key look for the fall. It was a hot thing for the summer time, but it’s still something women need to embrase for the fall season because it’ll give a fresh statement to any outfit.

Photo Credit: LookBook.nu

B&C: What’s one beauty trend you’re tired of? 

Chastity: Really bold eye makeup. I think women should keep their makeup classic and feminine. Some girls just need to tone it down a bit.

B&C: What do you think of the turn out today? 

Chastity: It’s great. It’s good to see all the editors connecting with their readers.

Were you able to attend Beauty Editors Day? If  not, make sure you mark your calendars for next year!

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Giveaway: Win an Oscar de la Renta Scarf

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To learn more about “LGFB” click here, if you live in or near NYC make sure you attend Beauty Editors Day at Saks Fifth Avenue on August 16th!

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Fitness And Beauty Tips With Alyssa Hertzig of SHAPE Magazine

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Broke & Chic got to sit down with another wonderful Beauty Director participating in the “Look Good…Feel Better” event at Saks Fifth Avenue! To learn more about this wonderful event click here.

This time it was Alyssa Hertzig of SHAPE magazine! Not only does Alyssa hold an awesome title at a great magazine, she’s also a blogger! To keep up to date with this fashion and beauty fanatic, check out her awesome blog: The Sparkly Life!

Broke & Chic: What’s your best advice for staying fit on a budget?

Alyssa: Get outside! Walking, running, hiking-it’s all free. Also, I make it a point to rarely take cabs and walk as much as I can-it adds up! Plus, don’t discount workout DVDs. For $10 to $20 (less than the price of a single class in NYC), you can get a great workout without ever leaving your apartment.

B&C: What are your top three favorite healthy NYC restaurants?

Alyssa: Pure Food & Wine is probably my top pick. Everything there is so delicious and inventive that you don’t even notice that it’s all healthy, much less raw. Ella Café in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is near my house, so it’s a go-to when we want delivery, but don’t want all the fat and grease. Their food is totally organic and really yummy. For a healthier lunch option, I’ll head to Chop’t. You can definitely get in trouble in those make-your-own-salad places, but it’s not hard to do it right. When I want to stay on the healthy side, I’ll skip the cheese and get olive oil and balsamic vinegar instead of a pre-made dressing.

B&C: CrossFit is getting very popular. Are you a fan and do you think it’s worth the money?

Alyssa: It’s funny you ask that, because my husband is a huge CrossFit fan! He has been doing it for the last year and it has completely transformed his body. I tried it for awhile as well, but it’s a little too hard-core for me. Plus, I like cheese and pasta way too much to stick to the Paleo diet that CrossFit recommends!

Photo Credit: CrossFit 818

B&C: What’s your favorite type of workout? Zumba, yoga, running…?

Alyssa: I’ve really fallen in love with Spinning. I go to SoulCycle in New York City, and it’s great! The music is awesome, the teachers are motivating, and even though it’s only 45 minutes, you get an unbelievable workout.

B&C: What advice do you give those who have never really worked out before and want to do a complete lifestyle change? Where do they begin so they don’t give up after day one?

Alyssa: Set a very specific goal. Do you want to look amazing for a high school reunion in November? Do you want to rock a bikini by Memorial Day? Having an actual goal in mind versus something as abstract as “I want to lose weight” or “I want to look better,” can make a huge difference. This way you’re working towards something concrete, so you’ll have to do concrete things to reach that goal.

For example. I’ve never worked out so hard or ate as well as I did during the months leading up to my wedding. Knowing that I was going to be standing in front of 100+ people (and immortalized in photos!) on a specific date was what I really needed to get in shape.

B&C: What are your favorite budget friendly beauty products?

Alyssa: There are so many good ones! I definitely use a ton of drugstore stuff. A few favorites: Olay Regenerist UV Defense Regenerating Lotion SPF 50 (I’m a stickler for SPF moisturizer every day and this one feels super light), Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara (makes my lashes noticeably longer and doesn’t get clumpy), Sonia Kashuk makeup brushes (they are an unbelievable value-amazing, high-end quality for a very affordable price), Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (so, so easy to apply-I especially love the patterned ones), Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes (gentle but they get rid of everything)–I could go on and on!

B&C: What workout gear do you think is worth the splurge?

Alyssa: I’m one of those people who needs all of the motivation I can get when it comes to working out, so if a fancy pair of pants or a cute top is going to make you more likely to hit the gym, then I’d say that’s worth the splurge. One kind of fancy workout-thing that I really swear by? Lululemon headbands. I don’t know what they put in there to make them so good, but they stay put, they don’t give you a headache, and they keep your hair from looking crazy. I love them!

B&C: What’s a cosmetic you think is okay to wear to the gym?

Alyssa: I’ll admit to occasionally applying a little concealer under my eyes or over a zit before I head to the gym. You certainly don’t want a full-face of makeup or anything that’s going to look raccoon-y (that’s why mascara’s a no-no), but I’m not above hiding a pimple.

B&C: Why were you interested in being a part of LGFB Beauty Editors Day?

Alyssa: LGFB is an amazing organization and I’m thrilled to do anything I can to help them out. Plus, I’m really excited to meet the readers! It’s going to be a really fun day.

B&C: What do you think is special/unique about this particular event?

Alyssa: It’s a great opportunity to ask an editor absolutely anything you have on your mind, plus you get a mini-makeover, a gift bag (I’ve seen the one we’re doing at Clinique-it’s awesome), and you help out a fabulous charity for only $30. What’s not to love?

Meet Alyssa yourself at Beauty Editors Day! If you’re unable to attend but want to hear more about Alyssa, make sure you check out her wonderful blog – The Sparkly Life!

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