Act Fast: Shopbop’s Massive Sale Just Started This A.M.

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While a good portion of your brain power has been focused on apple pie, turkey, and stuffing, another thing may have taken up residency this week: Black Friday and Cyber Monday! These are the biggest shopping days of the year and definitely need to be taken advantage of, especially if you have a soft spot for designer digs.

If you’re getting a bit impatient (we don’t blame you), and wish you could shop ’til you drop now, you’re in luck. Shopbop’s biggest sale of the season just started this morning and it won’t end until 9pm on Monday, December 1st. Booyah!

With this sale, there are no brand exclusion, and the more you purchase the better the savings. So we strongly suggest you find friends for a group purchase so you can all benefit from the sale. Here’s the breakdown:

15% off orders of $250+
20% off orders of $500+
25% off orders of $1000+

*Includes All Full-Price & SALE Items
*Use Code GOBIG14 at Checkout

For more information go here. Want to shop for your boyfriend instead (how kind of you)? Then don’t forget to check out East Dane — the men’s site. The same discounts apply!

Below are a few designer items that are already on our shopping list.

What item was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


5 Ways to Replenish Your Wardrobe Without Going Broke

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Love fashion? Love to shop? If so, you know how difficult it can be to afford all the new trends. But don’t worry, you can often find inexpensive items to replenish your wardrobe so that you have a new look for every season.

Below are the five shopping suggestions for looking stylish on a dime.


Consignment Stores

Consignment stores usually have high-end items at a discounted price. Since the inventory in a consignment shop can change daily, it doesn’t hurt to stop in on a weekly basis. You never know whether you will find a sweater with price tags or a beautiful gown to wear to a special event.

Ask Your Friends

Gather all of your friends together for a clothing swap party. Have each person bring the clothes and accessories they no longer want or need. Then lay it all on a table or hang it up on a rack so you can shop each others closets. You’ll all leave with a new wardrobe!

To prevent chaos, it’s best to sort all of the clothing by size to make it easier to look through the items.

Online Sales

Your favorite stores will often have great sales online that won’t ever be available in the store. So hit the web! Online stores are constantly offering great discounts and you can often sign-up to receive email notifications about sales and other perks.

This is a way to get a large amount of clothing for a low shipping price as well, because most stores will offer free shipping if you order a certain amount.

You could also use something like Trendslove or Retail Me Not.

Thrift Stores

Thrifting definitely requires some work, but it’s usually worth it. If you really search, you can find trendy clothes that are hardly worn. You can even find clothing from your favorite designers!

Many people donate items at the end of the year for tax purposes, so you’ll mostly likely find the best items in the fall and winter.

Buy/Sell/Trade Store

Like thrifting, but better. These shops (Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet…) are stocked with the latest trends, but for way less. Everything is lightly worn, affordable, and on-trend for the season.


You can make any outfit in your wardrobe look completely different by adding the right accessory. Whether it’s a stylish belt or scarf, there are multiple items that you can wear that will bring out different colors in your clothing instead of needing to buy new ones.


How do you save money when shopping? Let us know in the comments below!


Allie’s Downtown Cool Style

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Not only does Allie have an awesome bedroom, she has an awesome wardrobe too! If you don’t remember her, Allie is a student living in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.

She moved to New York City over a year ago with her mom from a small southern town, and her hobbies include reading, photography, music, independent movies and knitting!

This won’t be the last you’ll see of Allie. We liked her so much that she is now Broke & Chic’s very own Social Media Manager! Give her a twitter follow.

  • Leopard Sweater: $10 Old Navy (sale)
  • Leggings: $10 Uniqlo
  • Moto Boots: $30 Prima Donna
  • Levi’s Jacket: Mom’s old high school jacket!

Q & A

B&C: What was your favorite winter trend?

Allie: Moto boots, moccasins and large knit head bands!

B&C: What is one trend you can’t stand?

Allie: Leggings with uggs. I like leggings, but paired with Uggs…no!

What do you think of Allie’s downtown style? Tell us in the comments below! PS: We’re digging the shatter polish!


Tis The Season For…Boots?

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You bet! Now is the perfect time to stock your wardrobe for Winter 12/13.

Off season shopping is a great way to save on quality boots and coats so you won’t have to resort to the cheap and un-warm variety when the time come again this October. You could score a nice coat that was originally over $200 for under $50, or a cute pair of quality boots under $30!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to wear them until the weather allows for it again but the amount you’ll save will be worth it. Since it’s not 100% warm yet you could even break in your new boots so you won’t have to go through a blister filled September!

More on Off-Season Shopping

Just make sure you stick to the basics. A quality black peacoat won’t be out of style next season (I promise!) However, a black and white tweed one might!

Great Online Finds

London Fog Clip Closure Coat
Was: $138
Now: $68.90

Jessica Simpson Coat

Was: $260.00

Now: $29.99

Calvin Klein Coat

Was: $345.00

Now: $34.99

Ecote Suede Split Wedge

Was: $79

Now: $39

Steve Madden MYSTERRY 


Now: $50

Steve Madden NORDIK

Was: $150

Now: $45


Happy Shopping!


Broke Fashion: Lu’s Retro Meets Trendy Look

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Lu is a fashion forward musician and hairstylist based in Manhattan! She loves red lipstick and anything leather!

  • Jacket: $200 H&M’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo collection
  • Skirt: $7.80 Forever 21
  • Boots: $30 Urban Outfitters sale
  • Tights: $9.95 H&M
  • Scarf: $19 Express
  • Glasses: $70 (vintage)

See More of Lu’s Style Here: Broke Fashion #37

What do you think of Lu’s rockin’ style?


The Broke Fashionistas of the Upper West Side

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New York City is a beautiful city filled with unique neighborhoods and boroughs, each showcasing its own sense of style. Today, Broke & Chic spent time in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan, taking photos of fashionable ladies on a budget!

The Upper West Side is home to Central Park, The Dakota and many colleges and universities including Columbia, Fordham and The New School, so of course this neighborhood would have great style. Go see for yourself!

  • Blazer: $16 Strawberry
  • Jumper: $24 Forever 21
  • Boots: $180 Macy’s
  • Hue Socks: $6 Ricky’s 
  • Belt: $30 Zara
  • Hat: $26 Urban Outfitters


Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A: “I’ve seen a lot of guys in bow ties lately, I love it.”

  • Shirt: $17 h&m
  • Pants: $54 Urban Outfitters
  • Necklace: $8 Forever 21
  • Boots: $80 Journey’s


Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A: ” Wedge heels and leggings”.

Q: What’s one trend you’d like to see go away forever?

A: “Those awful MC Hammer pants”.

Broke & Chic can agree with that!

  • Shirt: $32 American Apparel
  • Tank: $2.80 Forever 21
  • Leggings: $40 Nike
  • Bag: $60 Urban Outfitters
  • Ugg Boots: $120
I’m a dance major, I have to live in workout clothes. I’ve had to learn how to incorporate my dance class outfits with my everyday outfits so I don’t always look like I’m going to the gym. I have numerous pairs of Nike running leggings, to save money I wear them when I go out with friends too.


Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A:Circle scarves for sure!”

Q: What’s one trend you’d like to see go away forever?

A: “Highlighter yellow skinny jeans. All neon colors really.”

  • Dress: $25 h&m
  • Cardigan: $10 Old Navy (sale)
  • Tights: Ricky’s
  • Boots: $20 Macy’s (sale)
  • Belt: “It was attached to another dress!”


Q: What’s one trend you’d like to see go away forever?

A: “I have quite a few, men in extremely tight skinny jeans, not fitted with a slight taper, but skin tight barely breathe skinny jeans. Ugg boots, they’re expensive slippers that stand for ugly. Last but not least, expensive clothes that look used. Just go to a thrift store please.”

This isn’t the last you’ll see of the Upper West Side. Stay tuned for more broke fashion from here and in other New York City neighborhoods. Can’t wait? Check out The Broke Fashionistas of Greenwich Village!

PS: We’re not just about NYC. Think you’re a Broke Fashionista? Send in your photos to



These Guys Know How to Dress

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These guys know how to be Broke & Chic!

  • V-Neck- $6.99 (Hanes Pack of 3)
  • Button Up- $15 H&M
  • Jeans- $50 Levi’s
  • Shoes- $56 Sperry Top-Sider (30% off)

  • Shirt- $15 H&M
  • Jeans- $40 H&M
  • Shoes- $78 Aldo

  • Shirt- $15 H&M
  • Pants- $50 United Colors of Benetton


When is the Best Time to Buy a Bathing Suit?

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Right now! Fall is just a few short weeks away, meaning swimming season is just about over. Stores are trying to get rid of anything summer related to make room for fall attire. You can now buy a quality $80 dollar suit for next to nothing (50% to 75% off). The better the quality, the longer it’ll last. Check out Kohl’s, Macy’s, Everything But Water and Nordstrom’s.

If you’re to impatient and can’t wait the 8 months to wear your suit, try going to H&M, Target or Old Navy when it starts getting warm again. They have the cutest suits for a great price, but they’ll only last you one season.


Broke Fashion #9

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Location: East Village

Boots: $35 Urban Outfitters sale

Leggings: $20 Armani Exchange Outlet

Shirt: $9.99 Urban Outfitters sale

Bag: Belonged to her mom when she was a kid

Blazer: $48 H&M (this was a little bit of a splurge but it’s a staple piece that goes with everything.)


Thrifting in Chelsea

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I bought a few cheap things at the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea today, including a nice maroon J. Crew coat that’s perfect for spring for $6.50, a black blazer for $10, and a cute owl ring for $4. I also found a vintage LEATHER Members Only Jacket for $25.00. It just didn’t fit right so it wasn’t meant to be. If you live in NYC or are just visiting check it out!

114 W. 26th Street, Chelsea
New York, NY 10001
(212) 675-3535

I also found a pair of women’s Coach sneakers for $18 and a pair of mens Marc Jacobs oxfords for $75. Not necessarily cheap, but for a high end designer, it’s an exception. The Marc Jacobs shoes would normally cost you $510 brand new and about $350 on eBay.



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Buy Sell Trade stores are popping up all over the country. I’m so happy about this! They offer name brand clothes without the big price tag, and it’s a great place to make money. Clothes+Money=Happiness.

If your town has a privately owned Buy Sell Trade store e-mail the name, address, phone number and website to


Urban Outfitters Sale

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I have a love/hate relationship with Urban. I find them to be way overpriced (for the quality) and are only worth my time when they’re having a sale. I almost refuse to spend full price on anything in that store.  The second I walk in I put on invisible blinders and walk right to the sale section. Spending $68.00 on a sundress just isn’t gonna happen.

Anyways, I found these on sale for only $2.00 a letter. And they found a permanent home above my door.