Trend Alert: White Mascara

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Makeup trends are so much fun, mainly because how we apply makeup and the colors we choose don’t change as often as our clothing. So what’s the next big thing?

We’ve all seen off-beat lipstick colors thanks to companies like Lime Crime and MAC, and we’ve seen the rising popularity of blue mascara, which can be very pretty when used with a simple black eyeliner. Now, we’re noticing white mascara.

Are you brave enough? Below are a few photos of this trend in action.

eye girl mascara white woman 262673 Trend Alert: White Mascara

600x450xmake up beauty erica.jpg.pagespeed.ic .afmsU9NUvd Trend Alert: White Mascara

media images beaute osez le white spirit belle des neiges 9753028 1 fre FR Belle des neiges Trend Alert: White Mascara

Most of us only wear black mascara. Yes, the idea of embracing a different look may seem terrifying, but it’s definitely worth a try.

To get the look, purchase an eyelash primer. If you’re not brave enough, try using white eyeliner on your waterline instead.

white eyeliner adele Trend Alert: White Mascara

Try any other daring makeup trends lately? Let us know in the comments below!


Your Summer Social Life: How to Stay Stylish at Every Event

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There’s no way to avoid it; summer is a social season. From weddings and garden parties, to barbecues and vacations, there’s a definite need to transform your wardrobe in time for the warmer months. But where to begin?

Having a winter wardrobe cleanout is always a strenuous task, but it’s something we all have to go through. Need some fashion inspiration? Here are some combinations to ensure that you start your summer social life in style.


Finding the right holiday wear can definitely be stressful. There are a million things you need to consider. What you’ll be doing during the day, the weather, maybe even what your kids need to wear; the list is endless! Our advice is simple: start planning and packing early.

For a beach holiday, your staple item is swimwear. Let’s face it, if you’re going to be out in the sunshine for hours, this is all you’ll need. Whether it’s a high waisted bikini or lingerie inspired one-piece, take the time to find the right style for you.

Going on a cruise? Then remember to take longer dresses for the evenings. Just a simple floor length silk number would do the trick. You can thank us later.

Panache Print Bikini Top49X843FRSP W03 Your Summer Social Life: How to Stay Stylish at Every Event

Garden Parties

Garden parties, cookouts and picnics can also be difficult events to dress for, as you never really know how formal the event will be. Will it be just you and a few friends? A family gathering? A big birthday celebration? Well, whatever the occasion, there is one item of clothing that’s ideal for any garden party; maxi dresses!

Maxis have the magical ability of blending in with any fashion crowd. For those who have an inkling that the get-together will be more causal, complement your combination with a pair of gladiator sandals. And if you want your outfit to be a little dressier, opt for wedges. It’s as easy as that!

Oli Floral Waterfall Maxi Dress19H616FRSP W02 Your Summer Social Life: How to Stay Stylish at Every EventDress: $68.00 at Kaleidoscope


Similar to garden parties, for weddings it’s a good idea to wear something fresh and summery. Again a floral maxi would be a wise choice. However, if you’re the mother of the bride or a ‘VIP’ of the event, then you need to think formal.

It doesn’t necessarily have to take a huge amount of effort. But if you’re there for the duration of the day, then you need to find something that’s appropriate for the day and the night. Keep it classic. An elegant midi dress coupled with some opened toed heels would work perfectly

Contrast Dress62D711FRSP Your Summer Social Life: How to Stay Stylish at Every Event

What are your favorite go-to summer outfits? Let us know in the comments below.


The 4 Best Nail Trends Backstage at NYFW Fall 2013

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It’s no longer a secret: nail art is trendy. Over time, there’s always been a nail shape or color more popular than others, but now, nails have a new level of importance in the fashion industry.

Broke & Chic had backstage access at New York Fashion Week, and now we’re back to share the top nail trends from the likes of Emerson, Monika Chiang, Rebecca Minkoff and Charlotte Ronson!

1. Picture Frame Nails

Charlotte Ronson had a very 60′s mod vibe for her presentation on February 8th; the lead nail artist, Simcha Whitehill, wanted something just as unique as the era. She went with a simple black and white from Color Club.

image 11 The 4 Best Nail Trends Backstage at NYFW Fall 2013

How To: This look is easy to do on your own. To start, pick two different color polishes that you feel go together. Then, polish your nails as you usually would with the first color and wait a few minutes for it to dry. Then, with a different color, frame it. After that’s dry, take the first color you used and paint the tip.

 2. Lace

Lace was used for the makeup backstage at Monika Chiang, but it was also used on the nails backstage at Emerson.

Before the show, the team of nail artists painted press-on nails with a lace design. They used press-on nails due to the short time span they had to work with backstage. But you, of course, can recreate this look on your own nail.

image 1 11 The 4 Best Nail Trends Backstage at NYFW Fall 2013

How To: According to Miss Pop, all you need is a dotting tool. You can find one at your local Sally’s for under $6.00. First, paint your nails using a pearl color. They used Pure Porcelain by Orly. After that dries, dip your dotting tool into a black polish and dot your nail three times. Then connect the dots!

 3. Asymmetrical French Manicure

Nail artists from Lancome were the brains behind this look backstage at Monika Chiang. They ended up using Vernis in Love in Madame Tulipe and Vernis in Love in Noir Caviar. To add some glam, they added gold tips and gold rings to the ring fingers.

image 1 31 The 4 Best Nail Trends Backstage at NYFW Fall 2013

4. Oil Slick

Backstage at Rebecca Minkoff, the nails were done by Essie and the design was inspired by one of the metallic patterns used on her handbags. All five of the colors below were used on each nail to give that rainbow oil slick effect.

As Gold As It Gets
Aruba Blue
Blue Rhapsody
Penny Talk
Go Overboard

rebecca minkoff backstage autumn fall winter 2013 nyfw111 The 4 Best Nail Trends Backstage at NYFW Fall 2013

Photo Credit

How To: Achieve the look yourself by putting a small drop of each color on your nail. Immediately after, take a clean nail brush and swirl the colors together so they cover your entire nail.

What nail look was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

*A big thanks to Kristine of Beauty in NYC for having us cover Rebecca Minkoff, Charlotte Ronson and Monika Chiang in her absence. 


Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

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Believe it or not, summer is almost over and many people will be hitting the books in only a few short weeks. Here are a few things that aren’t only going to be trending on campus but also in the work place. Make sure all five are on your fall shopping list!

1. Low-Heeled Ankle Boots

ankleboot1 640x426 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Photo Credit: Say This To You

These add a sense of style to any outfit. They also add a bit of height without being uncomfortable. Go trendy with a studded pair or go simple for an office approved pair. Transition them by wearing them during the day with your favorite pair of jeans and at night with your sexy LBD! Below are a few Broke & Chic approved pairs!

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Western Ankle Boot: $59.61 at

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Tasseled Bootie: $32.80 Forever 21

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Studded Ankle Boot: $69.00 Urban Outfitters

2. Sequins

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Yep, they’re no longer just for prom anymore. Whether you wear a sequined blazer on a hot night out or wear a sequined skirt to the office, you’re sure to sparkle. Feel free to add some glitter to your cheeks too!

NCC05475d 640x960 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Mint Bodycon Skirt: $24.99 Necessary Clothing

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Metallic Sequined Bandage Skirt: $22.80 Forever 21

3. Structure Bags

tumblr m8itprXjIk1ql62fwo1 500 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

The slouchy bag is on its way out, mainly because they have a way of looking a bit unprofessional — there’s a reason they’re called the hobo bag.

The structure bag, on the other hand, adds sophistication to any outfit due to its boxy, stiff shape. Go edgy with a studded structure bag in a fun color, or play it safe with a classic black one. These bags are also only big enough for necessities, which will help prevent you from walking around with pointless extras.

If you do like larger bags but still want to try out the structured look, search for a satchel that is larger than 11 inches. Take a look at the Cambridge Sachel Co for more.

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Structured Faux Croc Shoulder Bag: $26.80 Forever 21

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Structured Cross-body: $39.00 Urban Outfitters

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Polka Dot Structure Bag: $59.99 ModCloth

4. Lowered Hemlines

burgundy 7 640x960 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Photo Credit: District Dress Up

Put those short shorts and mini skirts on hold, this fall it’ll be all about the lowered hemline. Who says dresses and skirts below the knee aren’t sexy? Not us! This length will give your outfit a sophisticated British vibe. We’re still crazy about the maxi skirt, which will still be a do when fall officially hits, but get out of your comfort zone and try a pencil skirt that cuts off right below the knee!

image1xxlhhhbb 640x816 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Jersey Pencil Skirt: $25.55 ASOS

jjjjjjjj1 640x816 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Tea Dress: $51.09 ASOS

5. Leather

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

It’s back again! This time, don’t just stop at the moto jacket. Be adventurous by wearing leather dresses and skirts! Melissa from Office Style wore a leather pencil skirt with a lowered hemline in her “Make a Statement” post back in the spring!

 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Faux Leather Pants: $68.00 Urban Outfitters

nj 640x816 Fall 2012 Essentials for Both The Campus and Office

Faux Leather Pleat Skirt: $59.61 ASOS

What’s your favorite up-and-coming fall trend? Let us know in the comments below!

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Trend Alert: Peplum


Trend Alert: The Bindi

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Bindis have been gaining popularity across the pond as a style statement and have finally started to creep their way into the wardrobes of fashion forward ladies in the States.

Back in the day, bindis were decorations that signified age, status or religion throughout South Asia, specifically India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Now, bindis are still worn throughout South Asia, but have fallen into a much more light-hearted role.

 Trend Alert: The BindiBlogger and Jewelry Designer Samii Ryan

 Trend Alert: The BindiStazia Lindes and Kelsey Margerison

 Trend Alert: The Bindi

This is not the first time bindis have become a fashion statement in the western world. Back in the 90′s, Gwen Stefani wouldn’t even leave her house without wearing one — most likely due to her relationship with No Doubt band member Tony Kanal. His family was from India and she became very interested in their culture and fashion. Today, celebs such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Madonna have been spotted wearing the bindi.

tumblr l7mloj9VkD1qceg46o1 500 large Trend Alert: The Bindi

 Trend Alert: The BindiWhat do you think of bindis becoming an everyday fashion accessory for the hipster crowd? Let us know in the comments below!


Trend Alert: Converse and Dresses

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In the past, sneakers paired with a skirt or dress was considered a huge no-no in the fashion world. However, Ms. Miley Cyrus has been spotted numerous times this summer doing just that. Instead of pairing her cute dresses with a chunky pair of running sneakers, she has chosen the thinner Converse.

 Trend Alert: Converse and Dresses

Here she is leaving a Pilates class in Los Angeles, California rockin’ the sneaker/dress look. Believe it or not…it works! Like her simple black body-con dress? Get a similar one here.

miley cyrus tight white dress 640x926 Trend Alert: Converse and Dresses

miley cyrus tight white dress 4 640x728 Trend Alert: Converse and Dresses

Here she is again with her fiance wearing an adorable floral hi-lo dress with a pair of black converse. Her overall outfit might have looked cuter with a pair of flats or a funky pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s, but it still works. After seeing this look in a photo, do you approve? Let the Broke & Chic team know in the comments below!

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Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

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Rainbow and pastel hair was one of the hottest trends for 2011, and it’s still going strong. From top designers to our favorite celebs!

Thakoon Spring 2012 Collection

thakoon rtw spring2012 details 002 032902372640 640x963 Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

 Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2012 Collection

get spring 2012 beauty looks from dkny narciso rodriguez 3 Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

Peter Som Spring 2012 Collection

peter som spring 2012 Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

See more hair inspiration on Fashion Launderette 

If you love all these looks but are afraid of the commitment and possible damage, then chalking is for you!

Chalking is a technique that can give you this unique hair without bleaching. Best of all…it works on dark hair too! It’s something fun you can do when you’re in the mood for a temporary change that can make a big impact.

What You’ll Need

  • Soft Pastel Chalk (no oil)
  • Water Filled Spray Bottle
  • Gloves
  • Blow Dryer
  • Flat Iron
  • An old t-shirt you don’t mind ruining.

1. Take a 1-inch strand of hair and wet it with a spray bottle (skip this step if you have blonde hair)

2. Apply gloves and take a pastel of your choice. Rub it on your hair strand until it’s at your desired vibrancy.

twist Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

3. Blow dry the hair strand until completly dry.

4. Go over the strand with your flat iron. This will help set it in. Make sure it’s on its lowest setting.

47287864807101598 x6GCteHh c Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

5. Brush and style as usual!

This will wash out during your next shampoo, so do as many strands as you’d like!

*Warning* It might stay in your hair for a few shampoos if you have natural blonde hair.

Check out this video tutorial from the wonderful Kandee Johnson as well!

Beautiful Hair Chalking Results

chalking Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

506813337 MCxyLgjk c Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

122300946100363372 rSikoamV c Trend Alert: Hair Chalking

What do you think of this rainbow hair trend? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Trend Alert: Sweater Shorts

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Cold winter weather can really put a halt to fashion. With everyone bundled up in fluffy warm down coats, bulky waterproof boots and warm knit hats, it can be hard to express yourself.

This year, we’ve done a great job transitioning our spring and summer clothes to the cooler months by adding blazers, boots and tights to our favorite sundresses. We can even spot fashionable ladies pairing their favorite pair of cut-off Levi’s with opaque tights and boots.

Flashback: How to Transition your Summer Clothes

But there’s a new trend brewing here in Manhattan…sweater shorts. Shorts made only for those cold winter months. I’ve spotted them in quite a few street-style blogs based in Asia, not knowing if it would catch on in other parts of the world. Well, it has! What are your thoughts? Love it or leave it?

germania 640x957 Trend Alert: Sweater Shorts

  • Shirt:$9.97 Gap
  • Cardigan: $69.70 Gap
  • Sweater Shorts: $12.90 Uniqlo
  • Tights: $9.95 h&m
  • Thigh-High Socks: $9.99 h&m
  • Vince Camuto Boots: $150.00 Bloomingdale’s

This Upper West Side girl is rocking a pair of $12 Uniqlo sweater shorts. She pairs them perfectly with her Vince Camuto tall boots and Gap cardigan! How do you wear your sweater shorts? Send your pictures to

Q & A

Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A: I love textured and colored tights!

Q: What are a few trends you want to see go away forever?

A: I have too many, crazy nails, adult onezies and sneakers with dresses.

Q: When do you save and when do you splurge?

A: I save on accessories and splurge on clothes. I find they last longer the more money I spend. It’s quality over quantity for me. I’d rather have two pairs of expensive shoes than twenty cheap ones that hurt my feet.

Q: What’s your favorite store?

A: I don’t really have one. I don’t like to limit myself or my style. I do however like Gap jeans. I’m tall and they’re one of the only stores in my price range that have my perfect fit!

Do you love the sweater shorts trend? Check out Uniqlo, Forever 21, Etsy and Delia’s for a pair under $30!


The Broke Fashionistas of the Upper West Side

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New York City is a beautiful city filled with unique neighborhoods and boroughs, each showcasing its own sense of style. Today, Broke & Chic spent time in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan, taking photos of fashionable ladies on a budget!

tumblr lt7no3MJ7P1r4u6foo1 500 The Broke Fashionistas of the Upper West Side

The Upper West Side is home to Central Park, The Dakota and many colleges and universities including Columbia, Fordham and The New School, so of course this neighborhood would have great style. Go see for yourself!

laurie 640x856 The Broke Fashionistas of the Upper West Side

  • Blazer: $16 Strawberry
  • Jumper: $24 Forever 21
  • Boots: $180 Macy’s
  • Hue Socks: $6 Ricky’s 
  • Belt: $30 Zara
  • Hat: $26 Urban Outfitters


Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A: “I’ve seen a lot of guys in bow ties lately, I love it.”

erin2 640x856 The Broke Fashionistas of the Upper West Side

  • Shirt: $17 h&m
  • Pants: $54 Urban Outfitters
  • Necklace: $8 Forever 21
  • Boots: $80 Journey’s


Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A: ” Wedge heels and leggings”.

Q: What’s one trend you’d like to see go away forever?

A: “Those awful MC Hammer pants”.

Broke & Chic can agree with that!

ashley 640x856 The Broke Fashionistas of the Upper West Side

  • Shirt: $32 American Apparel
  • Tank: $2.80 Forever 21
  • Leggings: $40 Nike
  • Bag: $60 Urban Outfitters
  • Ugg Boots: $120
I’m a dance major, I have to live in workout clothes. I’ve had to learn how to incorporate my dance class outfits with my everyday outfits so I don’t always look like I’m going to the gym. I have numerous pairs of Nike running leggings, to save money I wear them when I go out with friends too.


Q: What’s your favorite winter 2012 trend?

A:Circle scarves for sure!”

Q: What’s one trend you’d like to see go away forever?

A: “Highlighter yellow skinny jeans. All neon colors really.”

macenzie123 640x853 The Broke Fashionistas of the Upper West Side

  • Dress: $25 h&m
  • Cardigan: $10 Old Navy (sale)
  • Tights: Ricky’s
  • Boots: $20 Macy’s (sale)
  • Belt: “It was attached to another dress!”


Q: What’s one trend you’d like to see go away forever?

A: “I have quite a few, men in extremely tight skinny jeans, not fitted with a slight taper, but skin tight barely breathe skinny jeans. Ugg boots, they’re expensive slippers that stand for ugly. Last but not least, expensive clothes that look used. Just go to a thrift store please.”

This isn’t the last you’ll see of the Upper West Side. Stay tuned for more broke fashion from here and in other New York City neighborhoods. Can’t wait? Check out The Broke Fashionistas of Greenwich Village!

PS: We’re not just about NYC. Think you’re a Broke Fashionista? Send in your photos to



Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs

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This cozy and useful trend has been seen on every major celebrity this season, and now needs to be seen on you! Make sure this scarf is number one on your holiday wish list!

Screen Shot 2011 12 05 at 4.39.22 PM1 Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs

Other Names: Snood Scarf, Circle Scarf, Eternity Scarf, and Neck Warmer.

Screen Shot 2011 12 08 at 7.46.35 PM Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs $34 Urban Outfitters

Screen Shot 2011 12 08 at 7.47.15 PM Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs$24.99

AAAADD2Z2 wAAAAAAZj0ng Trend Alert: Infinity Scarfs$4.50 Forever 21 (in store only)


Trend Alert: Slipper Loafers

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Over the past few weeks I have seen the fashionista’s of Soho rocking the infamous slipper loafer. What was typically only in the closet of your business minded father and the late Michael Jackson have now entered yours!

a88bfa782d1a9768 slippers Trend Alert: Slipper Loafersmichael Trend Alert: Slipper Loafers

Have these shoes become the new ballet flat? And are you okay with that? I am; they are like walking on pillows, but still look cute with my LBD! Double win!

jmUbZk2WOpoz5kigG7XJQG7no1 500 Trend Alert: Slipper Loafers Screen Shot 2011 09 27 at 7.12.26 PM Trend Alert: Slipper Loafers

Where to Buy: If you’re looking for a good quality shoe that’ll last you for seasons, I recommend the Madee shoe at Steve Madden. They’re between $60-$120.

Want to be nicer to your bank account? This is an old trend that is making a comeback, so thrift stores will be filled with them! You might find a great pair under $10!


Trend Alert: Red Jeans

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Like their blue cousin, they go with everything. It’s a great trend that should be on your back-to-school shopping list! Try H&M, Zara, Old Navy and Forever 21 for a pair under $30!


fashion squad Trend Alert: Red Jeans

Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad.

lookbook 4 640x426 Trend Alert: Red Jeans

Anni of Fashion Hippie Loves.

1129736 redpants Trend Alert: Red Jeans

Iris of Fashion Zen.


Ashley Greene in Red Tight Pants Arriving at Studio in LA 03 560x840 Trend Alert: Red Jeans

Ashley Greene

hayden panettiere bright red pants times square 06 613x1024 Trend Alert: Red Jeans

Hayden Panettiere

Miranda Kerr 742x1024 Trend Alert: Red Jeans

Miranda Kerr

2011 khloe kardashian big hips7 fadedyouthblog1 682x1024 Trend Alert: Red Jeans

Khloe Kardashian