The Best Places to Go Thrift Shopping in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Posted May 9, 2014 by in Shopping

Bushwick is an extremely trendy neighborhood in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. It’s filled with great bars, restaurants, street art, and of course, thrift shops.

Thrift shopping is a great way to stay on trend without spending heaps of dough, but not all thrift shops are created equal. The Broke & Chic team decided to get off the Morgan L train last Friday afternoon to give you the ins and outs of thrifting in this über chic neighborhood.

While there are countless thrift shops in this neighborhood, here are our top three picks. Watch our video, and for more detailed information on each shop, read on.  You won’t regret it!

1. Vice Versa

We loved Vice Versa and it’s definitely on the top of this list for a reason. First, it’s huge. It’s in a giant warehouse that takes up a whole block . You could spend all day in there if you wanted to. Second, it’s extremely clean and organized.

Nothing in this shop exceeded $25, but most things were $10 and under.


Women: Go here for t-shirts, denim cut-offs, button-ups, purses, jean jackets, leather coats, camouflage and cowboy boots.

Men: Go here for dress shoes, boat shoes, sneakers, bomber jackets, shirts, t-shirts, coats, shorts, flannel, vintage cardigans and blazers.






What We Got: Maddie left with a short-sleeved plaid button-up ($5), a simple black tank ($5), and a cute floral jumper ($15). I left with a Members Only Jacket ($10), and a pair of Cole Haan boat shoes ($15) for my boyfriend.


 2. Mary Meyer + Friends Vintage

This shop is right across the street from the Moran L train exit and is a great mix of old and new. Owned by talented fashion designer, Mary Meyer, you’ll find a mix of her designs, work from other designers, and affordable vintage/thrift clothing. Technically it’s two shops in one (a collaboration between Mary Meyer and a friend), but you would never even know it.

The staff here makes this place great as well — they’re extremely friendly!


Women: Go here for $15 sunglasses, adorable shoes, jewelry, printed wide-leg pants, body-con skirts, and home decor items. Expect to spend $15 or more for each item.

Men: The men’s selection is extremely small, but worth a look. We found printed dress shirts, western style button-ups and Doc Martens. Expect to spend $25 or more for each item.


The shoes above were only $16!





What We Got: We didn’t end up purchasing anything this time around, but we’ll definitely be back for a pair of $15 sunnies and a pair of Swedish Hasbeens!


3. Urban Jungle

This shop is located right across the street from one of our favorite Bushwick coffee shops, so definitely re-fuel with a cold brew from Kávé before heading to the last place on our list, Urban Jungle.

This thrift shop is amazing for guys, but for us gals, it was a bit more difficult. Almost all the racks featured men’s clothing! The women’s section was extremely small and most items we came across were extremely retro, but if you’re a wiz with the sewing machine, or you’re obsessed with vintage fits, this could be your heaven.

We did have luck at this shop, but we had to search more than a guy would have to. BTW: This store is massive! Not as big as Vice Versa, but still giant.


Women: Go here for $5 sunglasses, vintage dresses, shorts, military jackets, light-wash denim, and cute bags.

Men: Go here for dress shoes, flannel, military jackets, short sleeved button-ups, overalls, light-wash denim, sneakers, jean jackets, and old sports jerseys.





What We Got: Maddie found a cute pair of printed wide-leg pants ($5), and a pair of black denim cut-offs ($10). I found a pair of Nine West sunglasses for $5!




Do you have any favorite East Williamsburg thrift shops? Let us know in the comments below!

*To get a better idea of our thrifting adventure, be sure to watch our video!