This, Not That: Twilight Mist vs. Juicy Couture La Fleur

Posted December 10, 2012 by in Beauty

All of us love perfume, right? Unfortunately, it’s considered normal to drop $80+ on quality fragrances. There are quality fragrances out there such as Tom Ford and Bond no. 9 that are worth the price, since a little goes a long way and the scent lasts all day.

Still, don’t get fooled…there are quite a few celebrity endorsed scents (e.g.: Lady Gaga Fame, Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift) that smell great, but only last an hour until you have to re-spray — definitely not worth the $80 price tag. And if you do spend the money, just realize you’re buying the name on the bottle, not what’s inside.

I recently fell in love with the new Juicy Couture La Fleur perfume. It smells great and lasts a long time before you have to re-apply. Sadly, the smallest bottle costs $70; that’s a no go when you’re trying to save money.

Luckily, a friend recently introduced me to a new body spray by Body Fantasies called “Twilight Mist.” It smells just like Juicy Couture La Fleur at only $6 for a 12 oz bottle! The scent stays with me, and I’m constantly receiving complements.

If you love the new fragrance from Juicy Couture, then you have to check this more affordable scent out! Find it at your local Kmart, Rite-Aid or CVS. Can’t find it? Head on over to Fragrance Rebel! What happens to be your favorite designer scent?

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