Thou Shall NOT! 5 Challenges of Dating as a Christian

Posted September 30, 2019 by in Lifestyle
dating as a christian

Have you ever wondered what it’s like dating a Christian? Well, the rules may be a little different. It’s possible there will be fewer nights spent out at a bar or in someone else’s bed. And that’s okay!

Dating as a Christian comes with its challenges because the lifestyle is different from the world’s view on sex and marriage. But, it also offers its own kind of freedom. Let’s take a moment to consider a Christian’s viewpoint and then, with an open mind, see if it might be something you’re interested in. 

  1. Celibacy

One of the biggest challenges you might face when dating a Christian is the fact that they may feel convicted to wait until marriage to have sex.

In a world where it’s acceptable to express love for one another outside the confines of marriage, you may find it difficult to wait weeks, months, or even years to come together. Living together before marriage will likely be out of the question as well. 

  1. Unrealistic Expectations

Another thing that happens sometimes is that, because a man or woman is a Christian, they’re held to a higher standard. Just because someone is a practicing Christian, doesn’t mean they won’t have the occasional mood swing or bad day. 

Sure, prayerful people tend to have the ability to find larger quantities of peace. But, do remember they’re not angelic saints and they are going to blunder, too. 

  1. Uncomfortable Practices

How often do you bow your head to ask for God’s blessing before you enjoy a meal? How often do you fold your hands and pray during difficult times? This may not be your ordinary practice. But, if you’re dating a prayerful Christian, it may be theirs. 

Try to remain open-minded. Remember, this is the way they find serenity and honor someone they believe has saved them and given them great peace.

If you want to join hands and pray with your partner, they’ll probably appreciate that. If you don’t, then just be respectful and mindful of the fact that this is the way they find joy in life. 

  1. Different Language

Depending on their vernacular, you may find that dating a Christian comes with a different set of words and phrases. Let’s say you compliment your partner on their gorgeous hair or strength and agility. 

What if they respond with something like, “To God be the glory,” instead of, “Thank you, Hunny”? The first few times you hear them outwardly praise God in this manner, it might strike you as a bit different.  

Similar to prayer practices, don’t let this throw you off. Accept it as their manner of praise and thanksgiving to a God they believe has given them many blessings. 

  1. A New Routine

Depending on how open-minded you are, you may find yourself developing a new routine. Instead of sleeping in on Sunday morning or going for an afternoon drive, you may find yourself in a worship service for two hours. 

See if you can find any semblance of peace during these services. People are drawn to church for a reason; they seek a Higher Power for a reason. The key to all this is open-mindedness. Instead of judgment, remain curious. You never know what you’ll find!

You just might find that dating as a Christian is joy-filled. If someone is filled with the Spirit, they should have a lot of joy in their heart. You may find yourself dating someone thoughtful, loving, and nurturing. With an open mind, you may find the love of your life!

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