Throw the Best Party for Your Kids with These Goodie Bag Tips

Posted March 4, 2019 by in Lifestyle
Throw the Best Party for Your Kids with These Goodie Bag Tips //

If you’re having a party for your child, you’ll have to plan for goodie bags. Didn’t you just love receiving them when you were a kid?! Even though it seems like it’s a task, you can turn it into a fun thing by involving your child. Their ideas may surprise you!

There are a lot of things to plan when you’re having a birthday party. The most important thing is the cake and then the decorations and food. Party favors are usually the last things you would plan because they can be whipped up at the last minute. But have you considered doing this well in advance and getting it out of the way? It may even save you a lot of effort and money.

Here are a few cost-effective ideas for your goodie bag selection:


Since reading is a dying art, these are great gifts to hand out at parties. Children are malleable and handing out interesting english reading book could help them get into the habit of reading. If your child wants a theme party, you could hand out books related to the theme. 

Throw the Best Party for Your Kids with These Goodie Bag Tips //

Single gifts

Instead of the clutter and effort of putting together gifts with an assortment of small things, you could hand out single gifts. This would save you both time and money. You could buy Disney subscription boxes, Lego boxes, or puzzles that children like.

Acquaint yourself with your kid’s friends so you have an idea about their likes and preferences. If you’re not sure, call their parents and find out. Going the extra mile will teach your child empathy, too. After all, you are also setting an example for them.

Edible treats

Children love sweets and candies! Bags of candy and will make most children really happy, and candy is most likely what you received in your goodie bag as a child.

Shopping for candy in bulk is cheaper as well. You can even have activities at the party that involve giving out candies as gifts and rewards. Piñata anyone? You can shop for a variety of candies in bulk at Mexican candy at Candy Warehouse.

Throw the Best Party for Your Kids with These Goodie Bag Tips //

Party crafts

Doing things together is always fun for children and makes them feel included. You could have an activity at the party where the children create their favorite art. Buy little boxes of craft supplies for the children to use. They can take the art they create with them as party favors. You can double up this activity with party favors. It’s a win-win situation and the children get to take their creativity with them.

Gift cards

If you are hosting the party at a venue other than your place, like a movie theatre or store, you could buy little gift cards from the store and give them to the children as party favors. For example – if you’re at a movie theater watching a movie, you could buy snack coupons and give it to children to use when they come again. These coupons and gift cards could even save you some money if you’re buying in bulk.

Throwing parties for your children is well worth it when you see the happiness on their little faces. Going the extra mile won’t really matter and will take less effort if you plan things a little in advance.

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