Trend Alert: Cut-Out Boots

Posted April 8, 2013 by in Trends

There’s a new trend running wild in the fashion industry…cutout boots. At first, we all thought they were a bit strange. Boots are supposed to keep your feet warm…right? After some thinking, we changed our minds. I personally am a fan of boots all year round, and sometimes, boots in the summer can be brutal. Especially if you have to wear socks.

A pair of cutout boots is the perfect way to enjoy boots in the summer! We’re slowly starting to see them in discount stores such as Forever 21, but they aren’t very mainstream yet. If you dying to try this trend out, you might have to spend a bit of dough at an uber trendy site such as Nasty Gal or Karma Loop. Here’s another thing we like about them: there isn’t just one style — you can go modern, feminine, western and everything in between!

Christine Centenera of Vogue Australia

Below are our favorite cutout boots from $40 to $225.

Have you recently found this trend for less than $40? If so, tell us where in the comments below!