Up Close and Personal with the Creator of The Happy Wardrobe

Posted January 11, 2013 by in Shopping

We have recently been introduced to The Happy Wardrobe, a wonderful site made for the broke fashionista!

Why is it happy? Everything available is colorful and right on trend! Below are a few of our favorites:

Anchors are set to be a huge trend for 2013! Snag bracelet shown above here.

Canvas Bag: $29.99

According to the founder, Ali Farrell:

I base a lot of looks on celebrities (the classy ones), fashion magazines, and looks I love on Pinterest.

After falling in love with the clothes and accessories, we decided we HAD to interview Ali! It’s very inspirational when regular girls start their own companies. Check out our interview below.

B&C: What made you start The Happy Wardrobe? 

Farrell: There are always SO many looks that I love and wish I could have, but no matter how many times I went to the mall or searched online, I couldn’t find many of the items in my price range.  I enjoy having many different looks and always being well-put-together.  I knew there were others out there in the same boat!

After 7 years of working endless hours as a Realtor, I finally said “why not work endless hours doing something I LOVE and will make others just as happy?!”  It’s the best feeling getting emails telling about how many compliments people got or how excited they are about their order.

Here’s a Broke & Chic tip: Dream jobs don’t exist, you must create them…like Ali! 

B&C: How do you decided which products to put on your site? 

Farrell: Each and every day we search for new “must-have” products that are necessary in every wardrobe. Whether it’s the basic blouse or a unique, hard-to-find item, we aim to find it for you, for less!

There are so many celeb looks that we love, but to replicate would cost thousands! Our goal is to get those same quality items at a price that we normal and fabulous ladies can afford.

B&C: How would you describe your personal style? 

Farrell: My personal style will change day to day based on my mood.  However, the majority of MY wardrobe is a classic style (so I’m in luck this season!) mixed with a preppy “brights and whites” style. Although, I’m currently in search of a great (reasonable) pair of flare jeans!

Wool Blazer:  $37.50

B&C: What do you think the biggest trends will be this winter? 

Farrell: There are so many different trends going on right now, I can’t pick just one!

Dress Up: As the Fall season quickly turned to Winter, we saw a very classic look coming back. Think Chanel, with classy neutral tones, a classic but sexy look, and a chic hat to top it off!

To mix with the neutrals, we’re seeing a lot of black.. as I said, classic. The runways also introduced a lot of black and deep blue together at this fall’s fashion week. Greys are very in right now, however, if you’re looking to pop at a party, we’re loving a sparkle of gold! Since you can’t have a wardrobe FULL of dark colors, we love the Coral and Mint shades in a classic blouse or a burst of bright red in a clutch!

Dress Medium: Skinny Jeans with a Blazer and Flats, Oxfords, or Riding Boots.

Dress down: Riding boots, skinnies, scarf, and vest! Try with a relaxed sweater or striped shirt. Trend-wise, stripes have been replaced by Aztec designs but here at The Happy Wardrobe we feel a classic stripe is, well, classic! The Chambray shirt is another piece that’s considered “must have” for a relaxed style this season.

The waistline will come back again this season to show off your lady-like figure. Peplums are a great way to enhance those curves. You’ve got to love anything that slims the waist and accentuates the hips!

Finally, leather is a sleek look that’s all over the streets. Leather jacket, pants, boots, you name it!  Try pairing it with a leopard print scarf.

B&C: What’s your least favorite trend? 

Farrell: I’d have to say my least favorite trend is the extremely short dresses and skirts.  They look amazing on the models but are most unflattering on the average lady. If you can pull it off, go for it! I would love to wear a short, sparkly, gold dress to a holiday party this season.  Unfortunately, I’m 8 months pregnant and that would be horrendous.

B&C: What would you say to the girl who wants to start incorporating color into her wardrobe?

Farrell: I would say go for it!! Coco Chanel says it best, “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.”  But I love bright colors. A hot red/orange is a big eye-catching color right now. I like Corals and Mints as well.

It’s a great idea to go online and get some inspiration before you grab those key, color-bursting items! Both a clutch and skinny jeans are an easy way to add some color as well. Target and H&M both have a great selection.

Coral Blazer: $42.00

What’s your favorite item from The Happy Wardrobe? Ours is this coral blazer!