Update Your Spring Look with SEE Eyewear

Posted March 4, 2014 by in Shopping

After a long harsh winter, many people crave change. As the weather warms up, some cut or color their hair, some buy a new wardrobe, and some even move or change jobs.

No matter how you decide to change or update your look, price needs to be considered. A new wardrobe can seriously damage your wallet, dramatic hairstyles are only for the brave, and moving isn’t always that fun.

If you can’t swing a major change, consider switching up your glasses. Step out of your comfort zone by sporting a fun color or a unique shape.


We were recently introduced to SEE, an eyewear company known for vintage-inspired frames.


Below we met with three models (aka, our good pals) who spent their Saturday at the SEE Eyewear in the West Village neighborhood of Manhattan. They tried on a crazy amount of frames in order to find the perfect pair for spring.


Madison Sorah is an account assistant at a fashion PR firm in Manhattan and would describe her personal style as flirty, feminine, and simple. She loves fit-and-flare dresses, statement jewelry, and anything pleather. When it came to changing up her frames, she wanted a cat-eye style that wasn’t too big for her face.



The pair below was her final choice: a fun cat-eye look, without being too aggressive or over-powering.



Madeline Turner is a writer and content creator living in Brooklyn. She describes her style as eclectic, and can often be found referencing the 90’s with denim, plaid, and modified t-shirts. When looking for new frames, she wanted to go for something feminine and versatile!


How can you say no to leopard print frames?!


She decided on the pair below. She felt they paired well with her style, but plans on purchasing the leopard print in the coming weeks — if they’re still available.

What makes SEE so unique is each store is only given three pairs of each style. Once they’re gone, that’s it, so the likely hood of running into someone wearing the same frames as you is very slim.


Don’t need glasses? SEE Eyewear has awesome sunnies at $99 a pair.



Gerhard Stiene is a brand strategist who currently resides in Brooklyn. A born-and-raised southerner, Gerhard defines his style as “urban meets southern.”

According to Gerhard:

When I purchase frames, I usually try to go a little bit more eccentric than my current pair. I usually think of each new pair as a special occasional pair, but they always turn into an everyday pair.

This time around he was looking for eccentric frames that were still versatile enough to wear every day. Our favorite is the mustard pair below!


bow chicka wow wow



Want a cool pair of glasses or shades like our models above? Check out the SEE Eyewear near you.