Valentine’s Day Style: Tips from Celebrity Stylist Gen Bell

Posted January 29, 2014 by in Lifestyle

Valentine’s Day is the day to show off your sexy side, remind your loved one what you are working with underneath your sweats and possibly baby food, or to catch the eye of a new admirer.

For some, personal style comes easy but not everyone is born a natural fashionista and may need a little help. Miami based celebrity stylist, Gen Bell is here to offer her best dressed tips for Valentine’s Day!


Known for dressing celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull, and upcoming artists Jordan Fernandez and Tori Lynn Jones, Gen Bell advises to be confident in whatever you wear.

Confidence is your sexiest asset. Pair confidence with these tips and you will surely impress your loved one or snag a new boyfriend.

Avoid Red

Everyone wears red on Valentine’s Day. Avoid this cliché color by wearing a LBD paired with red accents instead. If you must wear red…save it for lingerie.

Dress Appropriately for the Date Activity

If going on a casual date such as bowling, put on your best fitting jeans with a sexy top. If you are going on a romantic date, heels are a must. Heels elongate your legs and makes your silhouette sexy!

Don’t Go Too Skimpy

Don’t reveal too much because the best way to lure interest is to leave a little to the imagination.

Stay On Trend

Pair your outfit with a fun trend such as an iridescent clutch, belt, or shoes! Or rock a full floral skirt with a form fitting top.

Pay Attention to Fit

Make sure all your pieces fit your body type well. Muffin tops or saggy butts are not attractive! Below are some ideas based on your shape.

Curvy Shape
For the curvy girl, wear something that compliments your curves. A wrap dress is sexy yet classy at the same time.


$119 via Mod Cloth

Short Shape
For the short girl, wear something that elongates your frame. A fitted sheath dress above the knee will do the trick.


$48.00 via Shop Lately

Tummy Shape
For the girl with a little pouch, wear something that doesn’t emphasize your midsection. A vibrant shift dress will have you looking elegant and beautiful.


$32.00 via Shop Lately

Boyish Shape
For the girl with slightly less curves, wear something that can add a little bit of curve. A beautiful flowing belted style dress will do just that.


$45.00 via Boohoo

Large Bust
For the girl that is full on top, wear something that will keep the detail to the top at a minimum. A nipped in waist dress with a flowing flare will look great!


$64.00 via Topshop

Small Bust
For the girl that is smaller on top, wear something that can add definition to the bust line. A flattering A-line dress will help give you the look you want!


$13.80 via Forever 21

 What are you going to wear on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!