Wonderful Wellies: Affordable boots that’ll last you all winter

Posted November 27, 2012 by in Shopping/ Trends
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Sales of wellington boots (rain boots) are on the increase; this isn’t just because of the unpredictable weather this autumn, but because wellington boots have evolved. They have adapted their fashionability, clawing back with style.

No longer does the image of wellingtons conjure up thoughts of green mud splattered boots. Instead, they now bring to mind bold patterns, enchanting colors and an entirely chic attitude. These boots have become something distinct.

The humble wellington was invented way back in the 19th century, which is why you may still believe they are a bit too old-fashioned to be cool. These days Wellington boots have been re-modelled, with their new look paraded down the avenues of Manhattan on the feet of Sarah Jessica Parker and on the pavements of London by Kate Moss.

Here’s what’s so interesting about this trend: in 2007 Hunter Wellingtons, supplier to Britain’s elite, was in financial crisis, yet just five years later they are now selling out of the shops. Who would have thought that Wellingtons would see such a turn around?

Wellingtons are moving from festival fashion to mainstream fashion, but why are wellington boots great for wearing every day? Apart from practicality reasons, these boots make a statement.

I started wearing the new breed of these boots a few years ago at music festivals — where they have always been in style. This is when I discovered that Wellies had taken a new lease on life.

Coming in a huge variety of different colors and patterns; it’s easy to match Wellington boots with the rest of your outfit and to find something that is unique to you. With the once-popular Ugg boot, it seemed everyone had the same style, but in the case of Wellingtons, you can express your personality by adopting any style which suits you.

Affordable Wellies

Hunters are the most popular and well-known brand of Wellingtons, however they’re rather pricy. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, check out our list of more affordable brands below and let us know what you think!

1. The Be Only Wellington boot ($60) is black with a gorgeous purple and blue orchid design. These boots are short in length and happen to be the cheapest in the collection.

2. The Roxy Jody Wellington boot ($63) has a traditional black rubber foot with a red tartan design on the calf. They look fantastic with a mini skirt or skinny jeans (tucked in).

3. The Pier One boot ($70) touts a very traditional design. I really like the black quilted look, with shiny rubber foot. These are the style alternative to ordinary boots, for every day wear.

4. My personal favorite is the Keddo welly ($80), which features a beautiful peacock design. They’re bit more of a splurge, but worth the extra cash if you’re looking to make a statement.

Wellingtons are the perfect winter boot, so have a look around at all the different styles out there. You’ll find everything from subtle pattens to outlandish designs with rubber and fur!

About the Author:

Ruth Margrove is a fashion blogger from Bristol writing on behalf of Zalando, an online fashion outlet selling everything from funky fur coats to welly boots!

Featured image: Victoria Wong