Would You Have a Recycled Wedding?

Posted July 10, 2013 by in Lifestyle

If you’re anything like us, your summer is probably filled with weddings to attend almost every weekend and, as a guest, we already know that your costs associated with attending those weddings has climbed over the years.

A new trend is emerging, however, where couples seem to be trying to save as much money as possible on what they themselves spend for their special day. For example, one site caters to helping brides part with their gowns once they’re done with them.

And now, TODAY reports on a new company, Bridal Brokerage, that helps couples save on wedding costs by hooking them up with cheaper, pre-planned wedding packages that have been canceled by other couples who have broken off their engagements.


The company allows would-be brides to log on to the site and search for open wedding dates that were called off, or vendors in the area that have new, last-minute openings available for a discount. In some cases, the couples purchasing these weddings are even able to still pick their colors, the menu and other details  depending on how close the actual wedding date is from the time they make the purchase.

And although a broken engagement is certainly nothing to be excited about, at least in the case of the no-longer engaged couple, the arrangement allows for them to get some of their money back on the deal, too.

“It was really easy and took the headache away from me,” one bride told TODAYafter she and her fiancé purchased a wedding from the site. “Since we’re saving so much money, I can splurge on some other things.”


So what are your thoughts? Would you ever purchase a wedding that was called-off by another couple to save money? Let us know in the comments below!

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