You Made It! 9 Great Graduation Gifts to Give a College Grad

Posted July 11, 2019 by in Lifestyle
great graduation gifts

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), the average cost of a graduation gift costs about $102. It is a milestone for students and parents alike and is often accompanied by great graduation gifts. Gifts are a great way to show love and support for their efforts. From simple, cheap tokens to high-end cars, there are many ways in which you can grace the occasion. With moods and expectations high after finishing school, it’s a norm for graduates to expect something for their accomplishments. Below are some of the great graduation gifts to give a college grad:

  1. How About a Car?

There isn’t a better gift to give a graduate than a car. A car is essential for a recent college graduate. It is even better when the vehicle is new and in the ultimate condition. It is something that any graduate will cherish and reminisce forever.

Cars are becoming a necessity as they help in many endeavors, from business and hustling to job seeking. To make an impact on a graduate’s life, buy them a car. You won’t imagine how much it will mean to them. Obviously this is the most pricey gift on the list.

  1. Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime membership comes with many benefits that will wow a graduate. From the free two-day shipping to movie and music streaming, amazon prime doesn’t fall short of advantages.

The recipient will have access to the following:

  • Unlimited photo storage (starting with the graduation photos)
  • Amazon’s streaming video service
  • Kindle Lending Library
  • Prime Music
  • Prime Audible Channels
  • Prime Reading
  • Discounted Starz and Showtime
  • Amazon Music unlimited

As you can see, there is more to Amazon Prime than just shipping. 

  1. Blue Apron Gift Card

The Blue Apron is another excellent subscription gift for a graduate. This is a meal E-gift card that users can use to order meal ingredients and recipes. It is the ultimate guide to proper cooking, and it’s something commendable for graduates.

After making orders, Blue Apron delivers the right portions to the recipient. Besides, they engage directly with farmers, and their foods are fresher and of higher quality. With this gift card, your college grad will learn how to make quality meals with fresh ingredients. 

  1. Nice Watch

Time is money, and a watch makes people conscious of time. A nice watch is one of the great graduation gifts for men. It is a classy, timeless, and one of the most treasured gifts since time immemorial.

To many, watches are treasurable gifts. You will probably be leaving a mark in the new life of the graduate. Walk to the nearby store and look for a sleek watch that the grad won’t mind wearing all day.

  1. Instant Coffee Maker

Many people drink coffee, especially those who have to wake up early in the morning (aka, a college grad starting a new job). Purchasing an instant coffee maker is such a fantastic graduation gift. 

  1. Echo Dot

An Echo Dot is a cheap, yet great addition at any home. Besides, it is one of the essential gifts when beginning life after college. The Echo Dot is essential in the following ways:

  • Setting time
  • Providing weather and traffic updates
  • Waking the grad early with an alarm
  • Turning the lights on
  • Controlling music voice
  • Voice controlling your home
  • Connecting with others

There are many more benefits of an Echo Dot. It will enable the graduate to coordinate some activities by relying on real-time updates. It is locally available, and you won’t have to spend much on it. 

  1. Business Card Holder

What a way to usher a graduate into the business world. Cardholders are popular among ladies, and you will rarely see a man pull out anything out except the wallet. She will probably have several cards, and the business card holder will give her a reason to smile.

Leather card holders look polished, classy, and make appealing impressions when pulled out. Get a cool, sophisticated cardholder that will make a flawless impact. You can also go for some cool pins for the graduation cap and you can find out more about them before getting one.

  1. Kindle Paperwhite

Reading never ends after graduation. Gifting a Kindle is like encouraging them to read even more. There are many books that a young adult can read, and the kindle paperwhite makes it easy for them.

This device makes reading easy and affordable. It is waterproof with a non-glare screen, to ease reading regardless of the presence of sunlight.

If the grad has got a Kindle on their phone, you don’t need to purchase an additional one. Instead, a Scribd membership will work ideally-the grad will enjoy access to thousands of books.

  1. A Tool Kit

Everyone requires a tool kit in a real-life situation. Graduating means moving from the fantasy student life to the real world. The real world is about fixing furniture, mounting TVs, repairing sockets, and fixing faucets, among other things.

A household hand tool kit is among the great graduation gifts that will assist your grad. Although it’s not something fancy, it’s essential to many people. A tool kit makes sense as a post-graduation gift as many graduates begin their journey of owning homes.

Great Graduation Gifts – The Bottom Line

You will have many graduation events to attend in the future. Whenever you have a graduation event ahead, these are the ultimate gifts to consider.

The world is changing from the conventional way of gifting people. Instead of spending much on one-off things, consider these great graduation gifts that will leave a mark in one’s life. There are plenty of options, and all that matters is your budget.

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