Your Summer Makeover Starts Here! — 5 Steps to a New You

Posted June 20, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Summer is here! Now you can finally start wearing all those outfits that have been hiding in your closet for nearly a year. Yes, we’ve had a few hot ones in the mix, but now it’ll be a daily deal.

If you’re getting intimidated about showing a lot of skin at that upcoming beach weekend with your friends, don’t panic! There are some quick and easy ways to prepare your body for the summer. They may even help improve your confidence!

It's finally summer!!

1. Wax

If you don’t regularly wax, now is the time to book an appointment. Don’t be embarrassed about booking in for a bikini, arms and full leg. At this time of year, salons are seeing plenty of everybody!

Prepare for your appointment with an all-over exfoliation. A gentle scrub should be enough to take off the dead top layers and improve the circulation to your skin. Now you are ready for your wax appointment.
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2. Go Bronze

The color of your skin may be a little pale for this time of year, but that can easily be fixed. The safest option is a sunless-tanning lotion. Alternatively, a spray tan can have good results.

For a natural color, avoid sunbeds, but take care in the sun. Use SPF creams to avoid damaging UV rays, and build up slowly. Even a gray day can damage your skin and potentially cause cancer. Also make sure to wear good sunnies from a company like Oakley, which offers promo codes through Coupon Sherpa to help you save money.

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3. Get Fab Hair

Hair can dry out and frizz up horribly when it’s hot and humid. Take action now by applying a good hair mask once a week during the summer. To avoid overheating, set your hair dryer to a cooler heat setting at this time of year, too. Or just let it air dry more often.

If you’re bored with your locks, treat yourself to a new cut and style. Summer is the perfect season to try out a new look!

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4. Take Extra Care of Your Skin

Your face can also benefit from a good scrub, but you might want to try microdermabrasion for problem areas. You can find Microderm MD reviews for home treatments.

Once you have completed any facial treatments, it’s time to get into a good skin care routine. Always cleanse and tone morning and night. Moisturizer is important all-year-round, but you may want to use one that includes a sunscreen now that it’s summer. Apply this under your foundation and makeup.


5. Update Your Wardrobe

Now your face and body are looking fabulous, it’s time to dress to impress. Choose light, flowing summer dresses to keep cool, and never buy for the size you want to be. Dress for the shape you are now to look your best.

You can drop a pound or two later while looking incredible right now in a flattering outfit. Stand up straight with good posture and a smile, and you will look amazing no matter what you wear.

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How are you prepping for summer? Let us know in the comments below!