10 Amazing Coffee Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

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Did you know that coffee- the second most consumed beverage on earth was discovered by a goat-herder? No! Or that there are four types of coffee, but commercially only two are sold? No again! Not to worry.

We are here to share a few coffee facts with you that will not only enlighten you but also blow your mind. Check on this coffee site Brewed Coffee Guide’s page.

Coffee, as we all know, is not just a drink. It is a sentiment. For coffee addicts, it is the thing that motivates, energizes, and inspires them to get out of bed and be productive. Also, it is a drink that makes you happy and uplifts your mood. It has many health benefits too like black latte helps you stay active and lose weight.

Thus, knowing more about this drink makes sense. Let’s begin our journey into the significance of coffee:

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Fact 1: Coffee beans are not exactly beans

From the time you understand the concept of brewing and drinking coffee, you think it is beans. Right? You cannot be more wrong! Coffee beans are not beans. They are fruit!

Coffee berries or cherries are fruit with seeds in them. They are also edible. Since the seeds look like beans, people globally call them coffee beans. 

Fact 2: In 800 AD, coffee was discovered by a goat herder

There is an interesting story about coffee’s discovery. According to the story, in the 8th century, a goat herder saw his goat dancing after consuming seeds from the Coffea plant. After he narrated his story, a monk in Ethiopia used the seeds for brewing a drink. After drinking it, the monk found that he could stay awake the whole night. Thus, the first cup of joe came into existence in the 8th century.

Fact 3: There are three waves of coffee

There have been three waves of coffee since its inception. The first wave was all about simple coffee that everyone drank. It was cheap with the same flavor & aroma. 

The second wave came when coffee shops came into existence. It was all about sweet flavorings or customizing coffee according to the taste and preference of people.

The third wave is all about specialty coffee. With specialty coffee, there is a story behind every flavor. Also, roasting is an art that helps make a specialty coffee.

Fact 4: Brazil has the lead in growing coffee

Brazil grows the most coffee that you consume. Every brand that sells coffee mostly sources its coffee from Brazil. The second country growing the most coffee is Vietnam. 

Fact 5: Finland consumes the most coffee

It may surprise you, but Finland is the one nation that consumes the most amount of coffee in a year. According to research, a person in Finland consumes 12 kilograms worth of coffee every year.

So if you are a coffee-lover, go to Finland to try out their coffee with different pod flavors.

Fact 6: There are two types of commercial coffee

There are four types of coffee: Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. However, when selling coffee commercially, roasters use only two coffee types—Robusta and Arabica. 

People prefer Arabica beans the most as they are naturally sweet and with a distinct flavor. However, growing Arabica beans requires high grounds and specific climatic conditions. Roasters use Robusta too, but in a blend with Arabica beans because alone, it tastes harsh and bitter.

Fact 7: Coffee doesn’t dehydrate you

There is a myth that drinking too much coffee dehydrates you. It is not true. It is a mild diuretic, so it will make you pee more. However, you are not losing any extra fluid. Dehydration happens because people who drink too much coffee forget or ignore drinking water. Coffee can never replace your daily water intake.

Fact 8: Coffee was once consumed as food

Long before people learned how to brew coffee beans into a drink, people ate the beans. Yes, in East Africa, people mixed the seeds with animal fat and ate it often.

Fact 9: Coffee plants require tons of water

To grow one pound of coffee, you need 2500 gallon of water.

Fact 10: Coffee is the most popular drink out there

The global consumption of coffee every day is about 2.25 billion.

How many of these facts were you aware of before reading this blog? Comment below and if you know a few more interesting facts about coffee, feel free to share the knowledge below.

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