10 Chic Women’s Gold Watches Under $350 From Nixon

Posted October 18, 2022 by in Fashion

Nothing upgrades an outfit quite like a gold watch. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out with the ladies or putting together an outfit for work, a gold watch is the ultimate statement piece.

These 10 gold watches for women from Nixon fit the mold. And they’re all available for under $350.

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10 Best Nixon Gold Watches for Women

1. All Gold Small Time Teller – $100

One of the all-time best sellers from Nixon is the Time Teller. The Small Time Teller featured here takes that fan favorite model and downsizes it for petite wrists. The case is just 26mm compared to the 37mm case of the original Time Teller. And if 26mm is too small, check out the Nixon Medium Time Teller which measures 31mm and is the perfect in-between size.

2. Cream Tortoise and Gold Time Teller Acetate – $125

The Time Teller Acetate is another refresh on the all-time popular Nixon Time Teller. This model is slightly bigger than the Small Time Teller above, measuring in at a 40mm watch case size. It features an acetate finish, giving this women’s gold watch a classic feel.

3. Gold and Black Kensington Leather – $125

If you’re looking for something subtle and better fit for a casual outfit, the Kensington Leather is the Nixon watch for you. This gold and black Kensington Leather is understated yet elegant. Plus, you can visit the Nixon website and add a custom engraving to the back of the watch. Keep an eye out for special deals from Nixon, which often include free engravings.

4. All Gold Siren Milanese – $150

The Siren Milanese is a twist on the popular Nixon Surf watch, the Siren. This stainless steel women’s watch features a digital display that’s packed with features specifically for women who love being in the water. Functions of the Siren Milanese include a basic tide calendar to let you know when the surf is ripping, a chronograph and a countdown timer.

5. Gold, Cream and Black Arrow Leather – $150

The Nixon Arrow Leather uses similar design cues as the Kensington Leather, but with some twists. For one, the Arrow features numbers on the dial and it’s slightly bigger (37mm for the Kensington Leather and 38mm for the Arrow Leather). Like the Kensington Leather, the Arrow Leather can be engraved with a custom message.

6. All Gold Kensington Stainless Steel – $175

Fans of the Kensington Leather who want something more dressy may look to the Kensington Stainless Steel. The Kensington Stainless Steel is available in a wide variety of colors and can be fully customized at Nixon.

7. All Gold and White Arrow Stainless Steel – $200

The Arrow Stainless Steel takes the Arrow Leather and makes it more suitable for more formal occasions.  It’s also available in black and silver colors.

8. Gold and Green Sunray Thalia Leather – $200

Soft and subtle design cues on the Thalia Leather make this one of our favorite women’s watches available at Nixon now. The gold and green sunray Thalia Leather pops in all the right ways. Thalia’s case measures in at 38mm and is available in a handful of different color combinations.

9. Silver and Gold Optimist – $250

Solar watches are becoming more and more popular for their waste-reducing technology. With the Nixon Optimist solar watch you’ll change your batteries far less and harness far more energy from the sun. You can even charge this solar watch under office lights!

10. All Gold Confidante – $350

The newest women’s watch from Nixon is the Confidante. She represents a forgotten era when checking the time was considered rude. The butterfly clasp over the watch face closes to hide the dial and makes the Confidante an elegant bracelet. The Confidante watch case measures in at a petite 23mm.

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