10 Foods for Healthy Teeth

Posted November 23, 2020 by in Health + Fitness

Other than consistent brushing and flossing of the tooth, it has been proven that several foods are great for promoting teeth health. Certain bacteria form around the teeth when poorly cared for and maintained. For this reason, regular brushing, flossing, and including healthy foods in your diet is the right way to go.

A healthy tooth alone can boost and enhance your self-esteem; that’s why lots of people spend a huge sum of money on dental hygiene and dental whitening products. If you love a healthy set of teeth but don’t want to spend a lot on dental products, we urge you to keep reading because this article is outlining some of the best foods that can provide healthy and brighter teeth.

Apart from the growing body of research, The ADA (American Dental Association) has suggested that certain foods help maintain the tooth’s overall health. One way to help get your teeth whiter is with the regular consumption of whole grains, cereals, and vegetables. Also, fruits, lean proteins are equally great for a healthy mouth.

Fruits and leafy greens are excellent choices for oral hygiene because they involve firm chewing and are coarse and watery, producing lots of saliva that help remove stains from food particles.

As we continue to elaborate on the subject, below are 10 of the best foods renowned for promoting oral health:

1. Yogurt and Cheese

Most dairy products are very beneficial to the teeth. Foods like cheese, yogurt, and milk, encourage your mouth to produce excess saliva to maintain and protect the teeth. Also, dairy products are rich in protein and calcium that helps to promote strong and healthy dentition.

Yogurts and cheese also contain beneficial bacteria that help the digestive system. When choosing your yogurt, make sure they are unsweetened or sugar-free. You can sweeten them yourselves by adding a little honey to it if you can’t consume unsweetened yogurts.

If you are allergic to milk and butter, it’s best to find dairy rich in calcium and proteins, such as cashew, soy, or almond milk. You can find more here on the benefits of dairy products to the body. 

2. Black and Green Tea

 Black and green teas are especially great for oral hygiene. They have compounds such as polyphenols that slows the formation of bacteria responsible for causing cavities and gum diseases. Studies have shown that people who use black or green teas to rinse their mouth for one minute, up to ten times a day, had less build-up of plaque in their teeth than people who do the same with water.

Tea helps to eradicate bacteria from the teeth and is excellent for remedying bad breath. A study conducted by a small group min 2010 showed that black tea has active ingredients responsible for tackling halitosis and bad breath. In contrast, the polyphenol compounds in them helped suppress the formation of bacteria responsible for the production of smelly compounds in the tooth.

3. Leafy Greens

Vegetables should be a must in your diets. Not only are they great for promoting teeth health, but they also have active ingredients responsible for encouraging the overall health of the body. They have several benefits other than being filled with calories.

Leafy greens are also filled with minerals and vitamins that help prevent excess saliva from maintaining the mouth and providing strong enamel. Leafy greens, kale, chard, spinach, and collard greens are rich in minerals and vitamins and low in calories.

You can choose to eat as many leafy greens as you want to provide optimal results. Leafy greens are also rich in calcium, B vitamins, and folic acids responsible for promoting oral hygiene. They are a great choice because you can easily integrate them into your meals or even blend them with your smoothies.

4. Apples, Carrots, and Celery

There are lots of people with a sweet tooth. So, instead of grabbing another candy at the candy store, eat an apple. Apples are great not only for your tooth, for the overall maintenance of the body. They provide fibers to the body and lots of hydrating properties.

When you chew on apples, you help the mouth with excess saliva production that is great for the teeth. Celery is great for promoting teeth health because its texture helps remove leftover stains from the teeth and drives bacteria away from them.

Carrots are a great source of fiber known to provide oral hygiene. Both carrots and celery are rich in fibers, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Make sure to add them to your salads or blend with your smoothies to get great results.

5. Seafood

Seafood is great for the teeth because they have active ingredients that help build strong and healthy teeth. Most seafood is rich in fluoride, and fluoride is an ingredient in the commercial toothpaste renowned for building healthy dentition and combating tooth decay.

 When you eat seafood rich in fluorides, it helps your teeth absorb minerals, which allows the fluoride constituent to help the mouth develop acid-resistance. Seafood is rich in fluorides because the oceans have lots of natural sodium fluoride.

Other than seafood, canned tomato products, canned pork, and beans also have some fluorides in them. So, do well to check them out the next time you’re at the supermarket.

6. Water

There is no better cleanser than water. Drinking lots of water helps improve dry mouth by providing moisture to help eradicate bacteria that cause cavities, gum diseases, and mouth odor. The link here https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/290814 has more on how much water to drink daily. 

7. Sugar-free gum

Chewing sugar-free gum is equally a good way to maintain saliva flow that helps to freshen the teeth and improve the quality of breath. Chewing sugar-free gum is especially lovely after a meal. It helps to freshen after-meal breath and boost the excretion of saliva that helps to maintain the mouth.

8. Raisins

Raisins are great for improving the health of your dentition. They do not contain sucrose, which is excellent because sucrose helps bacteria remain on the tooth’s surface, which allows for plaque production.

Raisins are also rich in phytochemicals that destroy bacteria that cause cavities.

9. Cranberries

Like tea, cranberries contain polyphenols, which help eradicate plaques that stick to the teeth, hence reducing the occurrence of cavities. They are acidic, which is great for brightening the teeth, as well as destroying bacteria.

10. Food Rich in Phosphorous and Vitamins

Foods rich in phosphorous such as fish, meats, and eggs, are great for improving oral hygiene. They maintain the teeth enamel as well as providing strong and healthy gums.

Foods rich in vitamins such as almonds, fruits, and leafy greens are necessary to maintain oral hygiene. As discussed earlier, they eradicate plaque-causing bacteria and provide robust and healthy tooth enamel.

Foods rich in phosphorous and calcium are also great for the jaw bone, keeping it strong and healthy.

Adding the above-listed foods to your diet will help a lot in improving your oral health. Also, remember to stay away from snacks or meals with excess sugar to maintain healthy habits.

Diets rich in leafy greens and fruits, with dairy products and lots of water, are great ways to avoid tooth decay and improve the teeth’ overall health.