10 Foods for Luscious Locks

Posted December 30, 2020 by in Beauty

Do you want beautiful, shiny hair?

Many people wish they had wonderful, shiny and healthy hair. You may have tried out a ton of different products and wondered why nothing seems to work. Some people chalk having great hair up to good hair days and maybe even social media filters.

Yet, did you know that people who have beautiful and truly healthy hair often eat very well? Hair is a natural part of our bodies, and like any other body part, the better you eat, the more healthy it will be.

But people don’t often talk about which foods result in luscious locks. So, what should you eat?

Keep reading to learn 10 foods you should add to your diet so you can start sporting healthier hair!

1. Salmon

Did you think that all of the foods mentioned on a natural hair care post would be salads and greens?

Think again! When it comes to making your hair more lovely, salmon is hard to beat. It features omega-3 acids, iron, and vitamin B-12, which are all essential to both healthy hair and a healthy body.

Even better? Salmon can be prepared in a variety of ways and suits a wide range of palettes. Consider pan searing it and serving it with lemons, basil pesto, or herbs. Alternatively, you can also pair it with some creamy sauces for a richer flavor.

2. Ground Flaxseed 

If you’re vegetarian or vegan–or just particularly dislike the taste of fish–salmon might not be a good option for you.

Still, omega-3 acids strengthen hair, making them a necessity for anyone who wishes to have great locks. Fortunately, omega-3s aren’t just available in salmon.

For those disinclined to eat the fish, there’s ground flaxseed. Usually, both vegetarian and vegan, flaxseed can be incorporated into many different meals. Just 1 or 2 tablespoons should be enough to keep your hair strong.

3. Legumes

Do you prefer to purchase foods that can be used in a variety of different meals?

If you want to change the appearance of your hair without sacrificing purchasing foods that can be used in a variety of meals, try getting some legumes.

What are legumes? Legumes consist of beans and lentils, and they end up being great for natural hair care. Fortunately, beans and lentils can go into a variety of dishes and paired with rice or even meat to make diverse and scrumptious meals. 

They promote your hair’s growth and give you an excellent source of protein and zinc, biotin, and iron. Biotin also prevents your hair from getting brittle.

4. Breakfast Food for Luscious Locks: Eggs 

Do you love some good scrambled or over-easy eggs in the morning?

If so, we have good news: eggs are great for your luscious locks. Like beans, they provide you with lots of protein and good sources of biotin. They also contain vitamin B-12.

Many people also love eating eggs because of their versatility. You can pair eggs with pancakes and other breakfast foods, or you could have them in a sandwich. There are also many different ways to prepare them, and they are incorporated into many recipes.

5. Focus on Eating Whole Grains

If you love eating white breads, you may want to look into some tastier, whole grain alternatives. 

While not everyone loves whole grain breads, they’re terrific for both your health and your hair. They contain vitamin B, zinc, and iron, which make your hair healthier and stronger and also strengthen your body overall.

Consider replacing any of your white breads with whole grains. You can also replace any sugar-laden cereals with cereal that contains grains as key ingredients.

6. Berries

But what if you want something sweet in your diet?

Just because large amounts of sugar isn’t healthy for you doesn’t mean that you can’t ever eat anything sweet. In fact, berries contain compounds and vitamins that help promote hair growth.

Berries contain lots of vitamin C (one cup is 141% of your daily needs). In turn, vitamin C produces collagen, which makes your hair stronger than it was before. 

So, if you love sweet foods, try reaching for berries instead of ice cream. If you’re craving something creamy, invest in a good blender and make berry-laden smoothies. This will be both a treat for you and good for your hair!

7. Avocados

If you’re craving avocado toast right now, we’ve got some good news for you: avocado is great for your hair.

Why? Avocados contain a lot of vitamin E. Vitamin E promotes hair growth, which gives you a full head of healthy-looking strands!

They also contain fatty acids. When people don’t have enough fatty acids in their body, they often lose hair.

So, if you want a full head of great-looking hair, eat some avocados!

8. Darker Greens

Many people nowadays love eating foods like spinach, broccoli, or Swiss chard. These foods are often great additions to salads and can serve as either ingredients in a main course or side dishes. 

They’re also great for your hair. They contain vitamins A and C, which assist your body in making sebum, which naturally conditions your hair.

9. Nuts

If you’re looking for another source of vitamin E, eat some nuts. As mentioned above, vitamin E assists hair growth, so if you’re looking grow your hair, incorporate nuts into your diet.

Nuts also contain zinc, vitamin B, and fatty acids. By including them in your daily foods, you’re promoting both a healthy head of hair and a healthy body!

10. Oysters

Do you love seafood? If so, treat yourself to some oysters!

Oysters constitute one of the best available sources of zinc, which helps your hair repair itself. A moderate amount of zinc fights off hair loss, but too much of it can also promote it, so make sure you only eat some oysters.

For healthier hair, check out these safe for hair supplements!

Ready for Better Hair?

Like the rest of our body, our hair improves with our diets. By eating the 10 foods above, you’ll foster better hair and a healthier body!

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