10 Great Ways To Spend Your Tax Return

Posted April 15, 2014 by in Lifestyle

Taxes are due today! Meaning you’ve probably gathered all of your W-2’s from 2013 and filed already. Unfortunately, filing your taxes is a tedious task, but for most of us…there’s an award…a HUGE tax return! Most people who don’t own property, have student loans, and have only had one to two jobs throughout the year, get a tax refund (instead of owing the IRS).

Now what to do with it? Of course, putting it into your savings account and leaving it there is obviously the wisest decision. But, if you’re eager to spend it, follow our guide below!

1. A Gym Membership

Have you wanted to join a gym for the past few months but found you never had the extra funds? Well, now’s your chance! Remember, clothes are nice, but your health and well-being should be the first thing on your mind.

2. A Personal Trainer

Already have a gym membership? Hire a personal trainer for a session or two. You’ll get the most bang for your buck when you actually know how to use the machines. They’ll also teach you the best way to achieve your fitness goals.

3. Experiences

Take a good look around your room. Do you really need more stuff? You probably don’t. Go sky diving, go to Europe, go to the Bahamas. These experiences are definitely costly, but you’ll mentally and emotionally get so much out of them. Don’t forget to to check out travel deals on Groupon!

You should also check out a few budget-friendly travel bloggers. We love Damon & Jo!

4. Pay Off Debt

I know, this one’s a bummer. But you’ll thank yourself later on when you aren’t affected by interest too much.

5. Go To The Doctor

If you don’t have dental, medical or vision insurance, you might want to consider making a few appointments. Of course, only go if something’s bothering you. Perhaps signs in the distance are starting to look blurry?

Before making the appointment, ask the receptionist what they charge for patients paying out of pocket. That way you won’t be shocked at the bill when all is said and done. Definitely shop around too. One doctor might charge you $100 for an exam while another might charge $300.

6. Re-decorate Your Room

Decorating a room can get costly, and many of us don’t have the funds to just spend a few hundred dollars on something so “material” with one pay check.

7. Quality Shoes

As girls, we have a habit of buying multiple pairs of cheap shoes throughout the year. Budget retailers like Forever 21, H&M and Old Navy just make it so tempting. Yes, the shoes are trendy and stylish, but they are extremely bad for your feet. Now’s your chance to purchase quality shoes that will last years to come!

First, buy only the essentials: running sneakers, oxfords, black heels, ankle boots and flats. These are the type of shoes you can wear everyday. Just make sure you pick colors that will go with everything. Once those are purchased, buy a funky pair you’ve been coveting if your wallet can handle it.

8. New Bras

Good bras are expensive. But let’s be real, the cheap ones don’t really do much. It’s interesting that we wear bras daily, yet we only own two or three. Don’t you think?

Go to Victoria’s Secret and get a proper bra fitting (so many of us aren’t even wearing the right size). Once you know your true size, invest in a black, white, tan and strapless bra. Again, if you think your wallet can handle it, buy one or two pretty ones that’ll make you feel sexy.

9. Car Repairs

I know, another bummer, but now’s the time to give your car some TLC.

10. Plan Ahead For The Year

Do you know for a fact you’re going to need a black tie appropriate dress for your cousin’s September wedding? Moving this summer? Whatever it is, put that money aside now so you don’t get stressed and panic when the time actually arrives.

What are you going to spend your tax return on? Let us know in the comments below!