10 Healthy Exercises to Work Your Facial Muscles

Posted July 1, 2020 by in Beauty
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Did you know that facial yoga can make you appear younger? If you’re struggling with your skin or jawline, we can help.

Are you wondering how you can workout your facial muscles? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to get rid of face fat. You can complete these exercises in the morning after you wake up.

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  1. Getting Rid of Eye Wrinkles

In this exercise, you will need to keep your shoulders back and in a relaxed position. Point your chin toward your chest and make an oval with your mouth.

Once in position, you will want to look upward with only your eyes. Don’t move your shoulders or heads. You will feel a stretching sensation beneath your eyes. Try to hold this position for three seconds.

Next, tuck your upper lip inside your mouth and make an ‘ah’ expression. You will start to feel a deep stretch in your face. Only do this exercise once a day. You don’t want to stretch your muscles and skin too much.

  1. Sculpt Your Cheekbones

With this facial exercise, you can bring more definition to your cheekbones. First, place your fingers over each cheekbone. Start to lift the skin until it feels taut. Then open your mouth to form an O. You will feel resistance in your cheek muscles.

Hold this position for five seconds and complete 15 sets.

  1. Work on Your Jawline

Did you know that the platysma is the muscle connecting your jawline to your shoulders?

When the platysma begins to loosen, you will have sagging skin on your neck and a double chin. Work on toning the chin, neck, and jaw area with this exercise.

You can sit or stand straight and tilt your head, so you are looking at the ceiling. Keep your head still, and next, stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

You may feel a tingling in your neck because of your neck muscles contracting. Release this position and bring your chin down to your neck area. Repeat this exercise for five sets, and hold your tongue for up to 30 seconds.

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  1. Focus on Your Chin

Keep your posture and neck upright. Lift and press your lower lip over your upper lip and smile, lifting the corners of your lips.

Next, use your palms and rub the underlying muscle in a vigorous manner. You will feel a slight strain on your lower neck region. When this happens, stop the exercise.

  1. Yoga Exercise for Your Face and Neck

This yoga exercise can help tone the muscles of your neck and face. You can also relieve tension in your facial muscles and boost blood circulation.

Make sure you stand straight and inhale a deep breath through your mouth. Puff your cheeks out and hold the breath in as long as you can. Next, exhale through your nose.

You will want to repeat this up to 10 times.

  1. Get a Smoother Forehead

To reduce wrinkles on your forehead, complete this exercise. You need to make a surprised expression. A look of surprise will help smooth lines from your forehead.

Instead of wrinkling your forehead, focus on widening your eyes. Repeat this movement 10 times, and try it twice a day.

  1. Focus on Flexing Your Eyebrows

Over time, eyebrows will lack firmness. Sagging eyebrows make people’s faces look dull and pale.

With the tip of your fingers, hold your eyebrows from below your brows. Put some pressure on your brows and lift them up and outward. Hold this position for seven seconds. Use the muscles above your brows to press against your fingers.

  1. Get Firmer Cheeks

You can firm your cheeks and get rid of the laugh lines near your mouth. Separate your cheek muscles to the corner of your mouth with your fingers.

Suck your cheeks in and make sure you lift your jaw. You can bring out the creases on the side of your face. After, use your middle fingers, and place them on the creases to smooth the skin. Repeat this movement 20 times.

We have another exercise for your cheeks. Make sure you tilt your head as far as you can and push your chin in a forward position. Suck your cheeks in and hold for five seconds.

Aim to complete 15 sets of this facial exercise.

  1. Pick up Chewing Gum

Did you know that chewing gum daily can help combat aging skin? Chew gum in moderation, and provide consistent movement to your facial muscles. Your facial muscles will remain toned and firm.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Along with all these facial muscle exercises, aim to drink at least 10 glasses of water every day. Water will help keep your skin elasticity intact. Staying hydrated is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to take care of your skin.

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Now You Know Exercises for Your Facial Muscles

We hope this guide on how to get rid of face fat was helpful. Make sure you try these exercises to boost your facial muscles at least once a day. You can improve the firmness and strength of your face muscles.

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