10 Key Tips for Building a Work Wardrobe on a Budget

Posted June 20, 2019 by in Career

Have you finished school and wondering on how to stock your wardrobe? Are you having anxiety on how you can afford to purchase an entire wardrobe of office wear? Individuals undertaking white-collar jobs often grapple with such questions. Are you one of them?

Many employers and professions encourage their workers to dress in a professional manner. They specifically require the employees to adorn business outfits in the workplace. As a result, you may have gone window-shopping and noticed the high prices of suits and cotton shirts.

Don’t let such prices scare you, there are many ways that you can assemble a work wardrobe without breaking the bank. A new work wardrobe doesn’t have to cost you your whole paycheck. Keep reading for 10 key tips for building a work wardrobe on a budget:

10 Key Tips for Building a Work Wardrobe on a Budget // www.brokeandchic.com

  1. Invest Early

You can assemble a work wardrobe by learning to buy one article of clothing at a time. You don’t need to start working to purchase professional wear. You can start buying suits in your final year in college. 
Buy quality suits that can stand the test of time. Many individuals make the mistake of buying cheap suits that last only a few months. How will they be of help during employment? You can also set a fund to cater for your work wardrobe. The approach will help you to buy clothes every few months. Do not struggle to buy all the clothes at once as it could significantly influence your financial security. 

The accumulation of clothes will help to expand your wardrobe after a few months without spending a lot of money.

  1. Borrow Clothes from Friends and Relatives

There is no shame in asking for help. Do you have friends with a lot of office wear? Get your phone and call them. Also, don’t forget to contact your siblings who have accumulated clothes over the years. They could lend you some clothes for a month or even more.

In many cases, your friend or relatives could allow you to keep some of the clothes that don’t fit them anymore. Borrow attires such as blazers or ties. Request them to give you some old shoes to kick start your career. You could as well plan with your friends from college to establish clothes swaps.

Did you learn at the Ultimate Medical Academy with friends who equally lack a professional wardrobe?Why spend a lot of money on suits when you could share? Plan and buy a few suits or dresses with different colors. The strategy will help you to maintain a diverse wardrobe for work.

  1. Sell Some of Your Old Clothes

You may have finished college recently and looking to acquire affordable professional clothing. However, you lack a job to fund such purchases and that creates a dilemma. Why don’t you sell some of the college attires to fund your new wardrobe?

You may never wear some of the clothes you used in college because you probably spend six days a week at work. You could have a dozen pairs of jeans and shirts that you will only need for a few hours of the weekend.

Besides, after joining the job market you could feel awkward wearing some of the attires you used to wear back in school. Take the opportunity to trim your current wardrobe to acquire some suits and official dresses.

The internet contains many platforms such as eBay where you could sell second-hand clothes. Take several pictures of the stock and post them on the internet. Remember to specify the reason why you would like to sell the clothes as many buyers would develop some suspicions.

After that, make sure you identify the best place to buy work clothes on a budget.

  1. Use the Internet to Buy Clothes

The internet offers a platform for young individuals to compare the prices of clothes. You may find many websites offering discounts on suits, blazers, bags and other necessary clothes. Avoid expensive shops in your neighborhood that cater to established workers.

Use the internet to compare the prices of the clothes. That will provide you with an opportunity to buy quality products at a cheap price

Besides, you could get better offers from the internet because of the stiff competition. The online shops may target younger individuals under the age of 35 because they spend a lot of time on the internet.

You could also benefit from making online purchases through their active customer service. For example, you could inquire about some of the items that would fit your budget and they would consider showing you other options. Take advantage of modern technology to acquire affordable clothes.

  1. Invest in Accessories

Accessories will help compliment your overall looks. Men will require some ties to go with their suits and shirts. They could also need a watch to complete the look. You could find such items at an affordable price in physical shops and online. Take your time to locate a tie that can blend with many colors. You should prefer colors such as navy, black, and grey. That will help you to buy two to three ties that you can use for the whole week.

Ladies can acquire jewelry at different prices. Don’t blow your savings on expensive rings and necklaces meant for millionaires. Buy something affordable and classy at the local store.

Besides, you could probably use some of the necklaces gifted to you by relatives or friends. They could help to complete the look without spending a lot of money.

  1. Splurge on Classic Pieces

Your wardrobe should contain a few items that create a sense of worth. Don’t splash all your money on cheap items. Take a few dollars to buy a few classic attire. Do not spend a lot of time marveling on new trends. The newest trends could cost a lot. You will notice that the latest handbags, shirt designs, or dresses will cost a fortune.

Stay away from the trends if you want to get timeless professional clothing. Instead, look for classic pieces to add to your wardrobe. The items could still depict a lot of class despite changes in fashion.

Take your chances with the traditional blazers or handbags as they could cost you lesser money.

  1. Create a Work Wardrobe on a Budget by Assessing the Location of the Clothes’ Store

Where do you make your purchases? Do you live in an affluent neighborhood? Make sure you determine the location of your shopping store. 
Stores in rich suburbs will tend to have stocks of expensive clothes. You could spend your whole savings in such stores without buying more than two suits. Ensure that your chosen store caters for ordinary citizens.

You can ask around to find stores with discounts and other offers. The approach will help you to buy specific clothes at an affordable price. If possible, ask the managers about some of the types of clothes you would require so that they make the appropriate orders for the next stock.

  1. Participate in Garage Sales

Many individuals sell their second-hand clothes in garage sales. People that have outgrown their attire would prefer to resell some of the expensive suits and dresses at a throwaway price. Check around your neighborhood for any families that have organized a garage sale.

Look through the stuff and you might find some clothes, jewelry or shoes for sale. Don’t feel ashamed to buy second-hand clothes from a garage sale as they could help to cut on the costs. Besides, nobody would ever notice that you purchased them from someone’s home.

  1. Start with the Basics

Don’t complicate things by buying sophisticated clothes. Start with black attires. Buy a black blazer, purchase some black pants or pencil skirts.

Black will go with many shirts and ties. You could also get two cardigans from the shop. Make sure they have neutral colors to match many clothes in your wardrobe. 
Items such as sweaters will cost relatively cheap compared to suits and help you to maintain a professional look at work. Don’t focus too much on suits and skirts.

  1. Buy Clothes That Can Go with Different Combinations

Men can buy a few suits and wear them for the whole week. Yes, you could wear two suits for the whole week without anyone noticing. Use the coats to wear with different trousers and shirts in the course of the workweek.

Use your campus blazers to compliment the trousers during other days. The mix and match approach will help you to save money that you would otherwise use to buy several suits.

Do You Think You Can Now Build a Work Wardrobe on a Budget?

You don’t have to stress over how to build a work wardrobe on a budget. Apply various tricks to get cheaper clothes. Plan early and ensure that you have asked your friends and relatives for help. 
Remember, you don’t need a dozen pairs of shoes or clothes to survive. Check out our website for more information on remaining stylish on a budget.