10 Personalized Gifts for Your Best Friend

Posted February 25, 2021 by in Lifestyle

It’s a beautiful thing when you’re able to find that special someone in your life. Our friends are those individuals who understand us on such a deeply, intimate level. Through thick and thin, they happen to be right in our corner, rooting us on. Thus, it’s only natural you’d want to do something special to show your love and appreciation. However, gift giving has been something some people have nightmares about, fearful of getting the wrong gift. However, there are a variety of unique gifts for hard to shop for man or for your best friend.

When searching for a touching gift for best friend or friends, you want something more sentimental. Hence, personalized gifts for your best friend is the way to go! When you doi something like make your own jigsaw puzzle with a photo that means something to both of you, it will allow you to add your personal sentiments and charm to their gift. This is what makes this gift so special.

Here are 10 specially picked gifts for your close companion:

1. Locket Necklace

If your friend loves jewelry, then a locket necklace is the perfect sentiment. Choose from a variety of heart and flower shaped lockets. Locket necklaces are quite compact, yet very meaningful as you can place 1 or 2 small photos within. This can be a photo of their loved ones or a picture of you and your best friend together.

Having this locket, they’ll feel like they’re always carrying around a special little token of your love.

2. Messages in a Bottle

Give this healing medicine which is your love. These Messages in a Bottle are a cute and creative way to brighten up your best friend’s day. There are a total of 90 capsules, each with a small blank sheet of paper inside for you to write loving messages to your friend.

The cool thing about this gift is that it is reusable. So, just have your friend give you their bottle whenever they need their prescription refilled with kindness, love, and care.

3. Charm Bracelets

Another jewelry option and touching gift for best friend is a classic charm bracelet. Charm bracelets have been used for many generations. Collect and add special charms that speak to your best friend’s personality and character. Perhaps you can add charms that correspond to your friend’s hobbies, passion, or favorite memories.

For example, if they love ice skating, you can add a cute little ice skate charm. Alternatively, if you want to give a meaningful gift, consider gifting your best friend a lucky charm bracelet to bring positive energy into her life. Giving this unique best friend gift will show your best friend how much time and consideration you put into selecting this special gift. If you have a friend who likes something specific and also unique, you can get your special someone a customized bow tie bracelet and other unique jewelry at Ethan Lord.

4. 23andMe DNA Ancestry Kit

This gift is very unique in that it isn’t really a physical gift but one of deep value. A 23andMe DNA Ancestry Kit gives your friend a cool opportunity to learn more about themselves and their lineage. They can learn more about their family tree, culture, DNA relative, and identity by simply completing an ancestry test. This gift is certainly one they’ll never forget. 

5. Custom Photo Throw Pillows

Well, we all use pillows. Instead of opting for regular decor pillows, you can surprise your friend with custom photo throw pillows. You can add pictures of you and your friend or their beloved pet baby onto a custom photo throw pillow. They’ll be reminded of all of those amazing memories every time they sleep and whenever they wake up. Customized notepads serve as a great gift and will remind your friend of you everytime he/she opens the notepad.

6. Custom Best Friends Mug

If your bestie is a coffee connoisseur or just likes mugs, then a custom best friend mug will be right up their alley. This best friend gift mug from Etsy offers preset illustrations to portray you and your best friend. Choose from 4 different skin tones, 109 hairstyles/colors, 6 accessories, clothing, and much more.

Have your names painted onto this cute mug as well for the complete finish.

7. Why You’re My Bestie Fill-in-the-Blank Journal Book

The ‘Why You’re My Bestie Fill-in-the-Blank Journal Book’ is for you to complete and for your best friend to enjoy. The pages in this book tell a beautiful story in which you will fill in and your friend will read. If you’ve never really divulged your deepest, truest feelings towards your friend, here is one very sentimental way to do it!

8. Mindfulness Cards

Mindfulness is such an important practice for self-development. Since you love and care for your friend, it goes without saying that you also care about their mental health. Despite how often you and your bestie talk, there may be a time when you’re not as accessible.

Mindfulness cards provide personal questions that prompt and provoke deep thought. Reading a card a day can be quite therapeutic especially on those more hectic afternoons. Mindfulness cards teach valuable lessons and can alleviate some unwanted stress.

9. Personalized Phone Cases

You can gift uniquely customized phone cases that lets you add photos, images, texts, stickers, and more to create a unique design to be printed on your selected phone case using the latest printing technology. You can choose between an extra protective case and a slim case to suit your best friend’s taste.

A phone case designed by you is just the perfect personalized present for your best friend or any of your friends for any occasion.

10. Custom Face Socks

This makes an especially funny and unique best friend gift. Put your face on some cool colored socks! Or, if that’s too weird for your tastes, then consider getting a cute picture of their lovable dog or cat. How cool would it be to have a picture of your pet on your socks? Even though socks are the one of the least viewed pieces of clothing, that’s what makes this gift even more intimate and special. You can consider this a quirky, gag gift that will give them a chuckle and a fun time.

What better way to show your love and admiration to your best friend than to gift them with a personalized gift from the heart. These gifts are very unique and will make your friend feel extra special and incredibly appreciated.