10 Piercing Trends That Are Everywhere in 2023

Posted August 3, 2023 by in Fashion

Thinking about giving yourself a makeover in 2023? Getting behind some of the latest piercing trends is a great way to do it.

Piercings have always been an extraordinary form of self-expression; they allow individuals to change their appearance, making a unique and bold statement about their style and personality. However, like clothing and hairstyles, piercing trends come and go. What might be considered hot, trendy, and iconic today could become a classic style or fade away in the coming years. The piercing world remains dynamic with new styles, materials, methods, cultural influences, and fresh ideas. The beauty of this is that in the world of piercing trends, some people continuously find something that relates to their identity and allows them to express themselves.

So, if you’re looking for some hot and fresh piercing trends in 2023, here are some ideas for you.

  1. Minimalistic Ear Stacking

Ear stacking has been gaining momentum in recent years. In 2023, it has taken on a more minimalist and sophisticated approach. Gone are the days of adorning the entire ear with numerous piercings; the focus now shifts to strategically placed single or double piercings. 

Tragus piercings are in trend, allowing you to create perfect minimalistic ear stackings. Delicate and high-quality tragus earrings in gold, platinum, or silver are the go-to choices, creating an understated and elegant look. You can also choose to wear studs or hoops of your choice. 

The beauty of minimalistic ear stacking lies in its versatility. It allows individuals to mix and match different jewelry pieces to create a personalized and chic arrangement that complements their facial features.

  1. Snake Bites

Snake bites, or dual piercings on either side of the lower lip, have always been a staple in piercing trends. As of 2023, they are gaining more traction. Snake bites are ideal for those who desire more daring and bold self-expression. 

Additionally, snake bites exude a confident and edgy vibe, making them an excellent choice for those who want to stand out. Furthermore, stunning bead rings or labret studs are used for this piercing.

  1. Belly Button Piercing

Low-rise jeans have returned, moving away from the high waists of recent years. The time to get that belly button piercing you’ve always wanted is now, perfect for the crop top season. Like Britney Spears, adorn your torso with a crystal, or opt for an industrial effect by wearing a barbell. The decision is yours.

Curly haired woman in pink outfit with belly button piercing

  1. Septum Piercings

Although septum piercings are not new, it is unquestionably one of the stranger places to get pierced. And as of 2023, it seems like more and more people are showing off a hoop through the middle of their noses – which, not going to lie, looks really cool. 

When it comes to the type of jewelry used for septum piercings, hoops with a hinged closure and circular barbell jewelry are perfect. These are also easy because you can easily do the flip-up trick to hide your piercing without removing the jewelry.

  1. Forward Helix

Do you know where the beginning of your ear starts touching your cheek? That is a forward helix, and in 2023 it has become a trendy place for studs and jewelry. Choose a flashy stud to add shine to your face, or add a dagger, lightning bold, or snake for a more trendy look.

  1. Mixing and matching 

So far, in 2023, mixing and matching have become all the rage. In addition to blending conventional and stacked lobe piercings, this involves mixing jewelry. You can combine different metals to produce a titanium and gold alloy. You can have gold in any of its many hues. Studs and hoops can be combined. 

Because there are so many alternatives, mixing is fantastic because it can accommodate practically anyone’s style.

  1. Conch Piercings 

Most people who get ear piercings look terrific with the conch style. The inner ear is the ideal location for some sparkle. To complete your look, include a little gemstone, a paw print, a snake, and a hummingbird. Moreover, conch piercings are fantastic because the inner ear is big enough for statement jewelry. Also, since it faces forward, everyone you speak to can see it.

  1. Unbalanced Ear Stacks 

Having many piercings on each side of the ear is nice, or “ear stacks.” By having various piercings in each ear, you can advance the trend. If you’re unsure how you’ll feel about the asymmetry in the long run, you may still rock the style by wearing contrasting jewelry in your two ear piercings. 

  1. Medusa Piercing

Named after the famous Greek goddess, the Medusa piercing is located on the philtrum, the indentation between the upper lip and the nose. This piercing trend adds a touch of sophistication and allure to one’s appearance. Often adorned with sparkly gemstones or a unique decorative ball, the Medusa piercing creates a central focal point on the face. It also complements various facial structures, accentuating the natural beauty of the lips and nose, making it an elegant choice for those seeking to elevate their look.

  1. Tongue Piercing Reimagined

Traditionally, tongue piercings involved a single barbell placed horizontally through the center of the tongue. However, 2023 sees a reimagining of this classic trend with new jewelry options and placements. Vertical tongue piercings, double piercings, and gem-studded barbells are gaining popularity, allowing individuals to experiment and push the boundaries of this unique form of body art.

Using bio-compatible materials such as titanium minimizes potential oral health risks, making the reimagined tongue piercing trend stylish and safe.

These were some of the best piercing trends taking over in 2023. From minimalistic ear stacking to reimagined tongue piercings, the options are diverse and cater to various personalities and preferences. 

But safety and comfort should never be compromised in the pursuit of stylish expression. Therefore, it is crucial to consult reputable piercers and prioritize high-quality materials to ensure a safe piercing experience. Embrace the transformative power of body piercing, and step into any room with confidence, making a bold statement that is truly and uniquely yours.