10 Short Hairstyles and Haircuts for Major Inspo

Posted November 24, 2020 by in Beauty

Getting bored with your hair and thinking about changing up your look? It sounds like it’s time for a hair transformation. Should you go for highlights or maybe a bold new color?

How about something even more dramatic? If you’re looking for a true transformation into a brand new look, you should go for a big chop. Losing some length might be the style you’ve been searching for.

Just because you’re going short doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy. Here are ten short hairstyles that will have you saying, “Short hair don’t care” as you show off your new ‘do:

1. Sleek Bob

No matter what the current trends are, one of the top hairstyles is always a sleek bob. This look prevails season after season thanks to the classic style. Cut your hair right at the chin and straighten it down into a chic look.

This style looks great on everyone, and you can add personality with ease. Try bangs or subtle highlights to stand out from the crowd.

2. Natural Curls

One of the biggest hair trends has been rocking your natural texture, especially if you have curls. From kinky coils to tight ringlets, it’s time to allow the curls to shine. Cut your hair into a shorter look that allows your curls to be the focal point.

Curls help to add movement and personality to your style. You can go with shopped cropped curls or a longer face-framing look.

3. Shaved Sides

If you’re brave and bold, you might want to consider shaving your sides. This look adds some edge and can highlight the rest of your hair. And while it’s a simple look, there are so many ways to wear it.

You can shave one side and let the other be long and flowy. Or you can shave both and create your version of a faux hawk. What has become popular in recent years is the undercut, where you shave the back of your head, leaving the rest your chosen length.

4. Slick Pixie

One of the most classic hairstyles for short hair, a pixie cut has so much versatility, so it’s a great style for anyone who wants to go short. You can add texture, bangs, and parts to show off your personality.

But one of the most classic ways to wear a pixie cut is slicked down. Super straight and brushed out of your face; this pixie look is a classic that looks elegant no matter the occasion.

5. Wavy Lob

If you aren’t ready to commit to a super short look, you can still lose some length and go for a shorter look. Halfway in between long locks and short cuts is the lob—the long bob. It allows you to get a cut without losing all of your length.

A lob usually hits right above your shoulders and looks great with any hair texture or color. Try textured waves to add movement to this classic look.

6. Spiky Hair

For anyone who likes a little edge in their look, spiky hair is a must. It’s a fun way to be bold and modern at the same time. This look is great for those who want to add a bit of texture to their hair.

Spiky hair also lends well to unique colors, so don’t be afraid to try something new. Go with something vivid and bright or make a statement with silver or purple. This look will take some maintenance, so be ready to use the right products.

7. Modern Mullet

The word “mullet” might scare a few people, but that’s because this hairstyle has gotten a bad rap. Despite the poor connotations, this style has trended this year, with many people turning to the mullet as their new style.

A mullet means having the back of your hair being a little bit longer than the front. And the modern versions look nothing like the mullets of the past. With a few textured layers, this look can actually be a stylish option for a haircut.

8. Pompadour

The pompadour haircut is a style often rocked by celebs. This star-studded look is a great way to add a modern twist to an old classic. What’s even better about this look is that anyone with any hair texture can rock their version of this cut.

It’s a Hollywood favorite but be aware that this look takes more styling than most looks. Still, there are so many ways you can put your personality in this look.

9. Buzz It Off

The ultimate short hair look is the classic buzz cut. If you’re committed to a very dramatic transformation, this is a must-try ‘do. The buzz cut is a bold, statement-making hair cut that anyone can do.

It’s great for straight peach fuzz as well as cropped curls. And what’s great about the buzzcut is that it allows you to get creative with color. Buzzcuts looks great when paired with bold hair colors like a classic platinum blonde or a bright pink.

So if you’re looking to dye your hair as well, this might be the look for you.

10. Choppy Cut

Right now, the big trend for hairstyles is an effortlessly cool look. It’s all about looking like you’ve got right out a big and spent minimal time on your hair. A choppy cut is all about portraying that easy, laid-back lifestyle.

Anything from a choppy pixie cut to a choppy bob can elevate your style to look modern and relaxed. This cut is great for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a whole lot of time making their hair look perfect.

Short Hair Don’t Care

If you’ve been feeling a little bit bored with your locks, here’s your sign that it’s time to switch it up. You don’t need all that length weighing you down. And it’s true that short hair can pack as much—if not more—of a punch as long hair.

Time to say “Short hair don’t care” and switch up your style or try something new. Go for a big chop or add in some layers. Be sleek, add texture, or try a new part.

The possibilities are endless with short hair. So it’s time to have some fun and try new hairstyles.

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