10 Sidewalk Accident Prevention Tips

Posted April 7, 2022 by in Lifestyle
Man in Black Formal Suit Jacket Walking Together With Woman in White Sleeveless Dress

Sidewalks are meant as a safe space for normal pedestrians out and about. Without a bit of situational awareness, this safe space can quickly become dangerous. To make your health a priority, there are a few things you can do while taking the sidewalk route. 

Sidewalk beside Buildings

1. A Friend in High Places

Sometimes the best prevention against a sidewalk accident is being prepared. The best personal injury lawyers should always be ready to dial from your phone. When you have the right people backing you up, the fallout of an accident is much more bearable. 

2. Awareness

Situational awareness will help you avoid the most common sidewalk accidents. It’s easy to bump into things when you’re not paying attention. And it is hard to notice someone in front of you when your eyes are always looking down. 

3. Avoid Distractions

Smartphones are a major cause of sidewalk accidents. Keep your eyes off of the screen while walking, and be aware of other pedestrians on phones. Even with one person paying attention in a crowd, it still makes a world of difference. 

4. Missing Signs

There are many reasons that a sign will be missing or malfunctioning. When something doesn’t look right on the sidewalk, check to see if signs are out of place. Recognizing the problem will save a lot of lives in the present and future. 

5. Public Demonstrations

When crowds gather for public demonstrations, their attention is on the person talking. If you plan on listening to the demonstration, put yourself in a position where there is space to maneuver. Getting trapped in the middle of a public demonstration means that there will be a lot of bumping and sliding to get out of the crowd. 

6. Bikes

Inexperienced bikers will try to rule the road, the bike lanes and the sidewalk. By alternating between these three areas, they force walkers to make quick adjustments. To avoid colliding with a biker, keep them well within your line of vision

7. Cars

Drunk drivers are on the road every day, and sometimes the sidewalk. Life isn’t a video game, but there are times where bad drivers go a little too far. Stay away from the curb of the sidewalk to minimize the risk of getting hit by a car. 

8. Weather

Bad weather makes sidewalks a slippery hazard. Keep up with the local weather if you want to avoid potential accidents in this scenario. And in extreme conditions, expect unintentional hazards like sidewalks burning through your shoes. 

9. Wet Areas

Businesses that care for the sidewalks near their location will put up signs for wet walkways. But when they forget the signs, your health is at risk. Use visual clues to detect wet sidewalks, and alert any business owners of the potential hazard. 

10. Unfinished Construction

 No matter where you live in the world, city construction is infamously inconsistent. Bad roads damage cars, and bad sidewalks hurt people. While walking, make sure to examine a few feet ahead for any surprises in the sidewalk. 

Protect yourself and those around you by being careful on the sidewalk. Accidents happen, and signs won’t always alert you of danger. If something does go wrong, then you should be well versed on the next steps.