10 Simple and Great Exercises You Can Do at Your Office

Posted June 17, 2019 by in Health + Fitness

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. adults admit they don’t engage in any physical activities. The 21st-century adulthood grim of reality is that we spend life attending meetings and other personal responsibilities while seated at home, office, or car. In the long run, this leads to a society that has the least mobility.

Today, technology has advanced and people are becoming mere prisoners of digital migration. When they are done sitting behind the computer at the office, they get busy resting at home on their phones.

A little exercise will do more good than harm to the body. You may be thinking: where do I get the time to work out while I spend all day in the office? That should not be an issue. Here are ten office exercises that you should try:

  1. Squats

You don’t have to advertise what you are doing to everyone in the office. Squats are an easy office workout that you can do without attracting attention.

Stand up and sit back on your chair. Repeat this ten times, and you are good to go. If you feel like you need to advance from the usual ten reps, try and include some small weight. Weights help make the exercise more intense and improve your body strength.

  1. Tricep Dips

Your desk or chair is all you need to do tricep dips while in the office. You must ensure that whatever you choose to use does not have wheels to avoid movements. Position your hands or shoulders width apart on the chair or desk.

Once you master the position, start moving your butt off the front with legs extended in front. Ensure to keep tension on your triceps by bending your elbows a little.

  1. Run or Walk in a Place

Regardless of what people will think of you, running is a useful office exercise. It’s easy to set a target for yourself and ensure you work towards achieving it.

To avoid feeling guilty, get off your chair and run to the printer get a copy. Repeat this for at least 3-5 times, and you will eventually hit the 45-second running mark.

The best thing with this is that you are in control of intensity depending on the pace you set. When you want a more significant challenge, increase the speed and rounds. Running will not only save you time in office but will also help you exercise.

  1. Lunges

Lunges are easy home fitness exercises that you can try in the office. Instead of reminding yourself over and over that you will start exercising, just stand up and do lunges at your desk.

Before your colleagues start to wonder what is happing, take it to the next level by walking down the hall and back.

Make it slightly enjoyable by holding something to look as if you want to propose. Do this at least ten times on each leg, and you will be fit. You don’t need to create time for the gym; all you need is a daring spirit.

  1. The Power Swing

The power swing might be a little complex than other exercises, but it is worth a try. Take both hands above your head, slightly bend your knees, and swing forward while keeping your chest parallel to the floor. Swing your arms behind your knees, then drive them forward to an upright position.

The psychology behind the exercise is to gain flexibility such that your arms can sweep the floor in a lowered position

  1. Ankle Mobilization

Whichever position you are comfortably seated or standing, you can do this easily. Remove your shoe, and bring the foot up until your toes are facing you. Move it back until it faces down to complete a set.

Repeat this ten times and change to the other foot. To advance the exercise, move the foot in a circular motion and switch to the other. The idea is to ensure your ankle joint is engaged and highly flexible.

  1. Shoulder Mobility

That space within your desk is enough. Stand tall and place your right hand on the left hip. Ensure your arm is straight and then take the arm up towards the sky to reach away from you. Bring it behind your body as if you’re swimming, then change to the other arm.

Every time you move your hands, keep your eyes fixed on the hand movement to enhance the brain’s awareness of your body.

  1. Wall Sit

This is a tremendous isometric move, and it does not require you to get in the gym to work out. Stand with your back against the wall and gently move downwards to a seated position.

The best thing with this exercise is it will not affect office operations. You can do this while waiting for the printer to complete printing your copies.

  1. Pretend to Jump Rope

Rope jumping is a compelling body exercise that helps you remain active throughout the day. While at the office, it may be difficult to skip an actual rope, but that should not limit you from exercising.

Hop on both feet at once with arm movement as if you have a rope. The arm movement helps increase the intensity of the exercise and guarantee better results.

  1. Push-Ups

Doing push-ups in the office might seem embarrassing. The thought of getting on the floor to be in position is not welcoming. However, that is the way to go.

Exercising will help you regain body confidence, and doing push-ups is not optional.

Doing at least ten reps three times a day will keep you flexible and increase your office productivity.

Bottom Line

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get started. Take at least 10 minutes every day for office exercises. Include the above exercises in your daily routine for a fitter and healthier you.