10 Trendy Types of Women’s Boots and Where to Buy Them

Posted September 19, 2020 by in Fashion
knee high boots

Women’s Boots are one of the most trendy footwear options one can find out there. From skirts to jeans, boots efficiently go with numerous articles of clothing. They look hip and classy and give a retro vibe. When shopping for boots, you can find yourself trapped in an endless well of websites that offer so many types of boots. And if you are someone who doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about them, your shopping can turn frustrating. 

So, how do you tackle this? Well, to serve you better, here are the top 10 types of boots you can find online. But let’s first see where you can find them online…

suede ankle boots

Where to Shop for Women’s Boots?

One of the go-to websites for all sorts of women’s footwear, including boots is novoshoes.co.nz. The website is exclusive to women’s boots and bags and has been one of the top sellers.

You can also look for other websites like numberoneshoes.co.nz and theiconic.co.nz, to name a few. All these websites are genuine and trusted by a variety of customers across the country. 

Types of Women’s Boots

Now that we know where you can find your boots, let’s look at some variations in boots you can find:

  • Knee-high boots

A stylish quotation for many ladies, the Knee-high boots as the name suggests stretching to the knees. They are generally worn with mini skirts, short dresses, and even tight jeans. 

  • Calf length boots

These are some of the most commonly available ones. They stretch a little higher than any other shoes, till the calves. They are either laced or come with a zip. Easy to wear and carry, you will find women wearing it with jeans. The best wellington boots also fit into this category for those rainy days in the city or walking around the garden.

  • Thigh-high boots

These are probably one of the longest boots, going all the way up to till your thighs. It is commonly worn in cold places and winter seasons. The boot goes perfectly with short tights or even thin laid pants. 

  • Below the ankle boots

As the name suggests, these boots are not very long and are extremely easy to wear. These boots are also very comfortable. Below the ankle boots have a general look with a closed toe. You can rock one of these with jeans or with your professional attire. 

  • Velvet Boots

As beautiful as they sound, they look extremely mesmerizing. These kinds of boots require an extra bit of care and you cannot expect to wear them all the time. From parties to college events and more, you can rock these boots in so many places. 

  • Ankle length boots

Comfortable, classy, and perfect looking, ankle-length boots are smaller than calf length but larger than below the ankle boots. These boots can be worn with any type of attire but, it looks best in pants and shorts.

These give you a rough and tough vibe and guarantee instant eyeballs wherever they go. If you like attention, you’ll love ankle-length boots. 

  • Suede Boots

Not as strong as a normal ankle or calf-length boot, the suede boots have a soft velvety texture in the exterior and generally come with laces. It is also true that they require a little more attention than normal boots. They are best worn on casual attires like jeans but also suits a woman in professional attire. 

  • Fleece-lined boots

Known for having furry lining running across the ankle area of the boots, Fleece-lined boots are adored by young women. You can rock these boots with your favorite skirt or black jeans for a rock party.

Since the furry line is susceptible to damage, it is always advised to not go running and playing around in these pairs.

  • Denim Boots

As absurd as they might sound, they are real. Denim boots are a variation of thigh-high boots made with denim. To put it better, the Denim boots are like an ankle-length boot, a heel that comes with a pair of knee-high denim. These cannot be worn on all occasions and only a couple with short dresses or skirts. 

  • PU Boots

The full form of PU is polyurethane which is a bi-product of a certain leather. PU Boots are generally without any laces and as long as ankle-length. They are also one of the most inexperienced forms of boots you can get your hands on. 

brown leather ankle boots

That’s it, here was the list of the top 10 Women’s Boots you can find online. What is your favorite pair of boots you have ever owned? We would love to hear your favorite boot stores.