11 Beautiful Master Bedroom Ideas

Posted December 21, 2020 by in Home

Are you looking to redecorate your master bedroom? Are you struggling for ideas that will truly take the look of your bedroom decor to the next level?

Choosing your bedroom design doesn’t have to be a struggle. We’ve got the top ideas for you today.

1. Change Up Your Bedding

Changing your bedding is a simple way to totally transform the feel of your bedroom. Plus, choosing a better bedding set can add more comfort, so you’ll sleep better at night. Try out an entirely new bedding material, like the following options:

  • Velvet
  • Jersey
  • Flannel
  • Damask
  • Poplin
  • Sateen
  • Cotton and polyester blend
  • Silk
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Cotton and rayon blend
  • Polar fleece
  • Nylon and polyester blend
  • Chenille

For one great bedding option, make sure you check out VisionBedding.com for all of your bedding needs.

2. Make A Statement

Choosing a singular statement piece is an easy way to add new life to any room. A colorful rug, for example, will bring out the brightness and add a new dimension to your bedroom’s design.

Or, take up one wall with a beautiful mural or tapestry to draw the eye of anyone who happens to ender your domain. You can even get more creative and add a statement statue or lamp to aspects of your room.

3. Pick a Color

Using one color as a throughline can add cohesiveness to your master bedroom decor. Choosing different shades of red can help pull your entire bedroom design together. For something a little more calming, pick out shades of blue, grey, or yellow for a less bright and quieter design choice.

4. Add Some Lighting

You may be surprised to hear that changing out the lighting in your room will completely change how it feels. Something as simple as changing out the lightbulbs for ones with a softer glow can take your room from feeling prison-like to feeling like a spa.

For a more dramatic approach, look into changing out your fixtures themselves. A nice chandelier over your bed makes for a dramatic edge in your bedroom.

5. Shelving, Shelving, Shelving

Shelving isn’t just a practical addition to your bedroom. Depending on the shelving you choose, you can end up with a completely different looking room. Picture shelving will help you display some of your beautiful prints.

Or, if you need more storage, you can go with built-in bookshelves to show off your impressive libraries and any other tchotchkes you may have about your bedroom that you want to put on more prominent display.

6. Black and White

Looking for something simple? A monochrome design theme is a quick and easy choice for your bedroom ideas. Simple black and white accents, like throw pillows and knickknacks, will add cohesiveness and simplicity to your room’s design.

If you’re looking to get crazy, try mixing up prints and mediums for a stronger contrast.

7. Change Your Headboard

If you’re feeling bored of your same old headboard (or you never got one in the first place), replacing it with something more exciting is easy. If you’re into a softer approach, try a fabric padded headboard with a nice print, like a floral. 

If you’d like something stronger, go for a larger headboard for a statement piece. Just make sure you pick a headboard that meshes with the rest of the decor in your room. For example, if you’re going for a midcentury aesthetic, you probably shouldn’t go with a metal industrial-style headboard.

8. Add a Bench

Sometimes, you just need more seating or a place to put things. Placing a bench at the bottom of your bed isn’t just a great style choice. It’s also practical for your day to day needs.

If you would rather have something softer, you can try out a daybed or a pair of matching armchairs instead. That will make your new seating more comfortable for reclining in, rather than making your new furniture item just a decorative piece taking up space in your bedroom.

9. Change Your Windows

Windows are truly the eyes of a room. And you change up your eye makeup every so often, don’t you? Pick a different pair of curtains than your usual to add a new layer of style.

If you’re just not a fan of curtains, there are other options out there for you. You can install blinds to completely transform any room. Large french shutters can add a country-style twist to basically any bedroom.

10. Make it Green

Adding plants and greenery to your home doesn’t just make for great decoration. They’re also beneficial for your long-term mental health. So, why not install some beautiful plants in your bedroom during your redesign?

Here are a couple of the different types of plants that may be well suited for your home:

Of course, if you’re not into plants, you’re welcome to skip this option. 

11. Change Out Your Hardware

You don’t have to buy a piece of all-new furniture set to redesign your bedroom. Instead, try changing out the knobs on some of your bigger furniture items. Buying hardware in different metals can be a wonderful choice. Or, install some amazing different doorknobs into your dresser to add a funky twist to your bedroom. 

These Master Bedroom Will Get You Started With Your Next Design Plan

Hopefully, these master bedroom ideas have given you some inspiration for redecorating your home.

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