11 Fashion Accessories That Never Let You Down On An Occasion

Posted September 20, 2021 by in Fashion

Your accessories can make or break your entire look. And when you start getting sick of your old clothes, you can create new and exciting combinations with a few evergreen pieces. However, first, get the wardrobe essentials in your closet. These include a black dress, a white shirt, and comfy jeans.

An accessory can transform your basic outfit. For example, you can elevate your black dress with funky heels and a playful bag. How you pair these pieces is up to you. You can aim for a high fashion look or a boho-chic vibe. You can customize your wardrobe essentials according to your mood or what’s currently in vogue. That said, you’ll need these handy dandy accessories to get the job done.listed below are a few essential fashion accessories that can help you turn any look a few notches up.

A Hat

Having a bad hair day, or is it just too windy for an outdoor brunch? Cover up your hair with a cap to get through the day. Hats cover messy bangs and keep your hair off your face. Plus, hats can keep the sun and wind off your face. They also protect you from sun damage. However, choose the hat according to your style and face shape.

Fedoras can give your outfit a retro 90s vibe while broad-rimmed hats accentuate outfits. Furthermore, beanies can help you during cooler months. A cashmere hat can add a luxurious touch to your look.  

Silver Jewelry

Gold is not in style anymore, but silver is. 2021 is the year of silver bling as people revisit the silver-toned choker and classic chain belt. Style icons like Kylie Jenner and Halsey are experimenting with sculptural necklaces and statement earrings. Many well-known designers have also created abstract statement jewelry pieces.

However, you do not have to break the bank to add the right silver bling to your wardrobe. Several online vendors, such as Wholesalesparkle.com, offer reasonable prices and a wide variety of styles to choose from. With some delicate silver bling, you can add a touch of glam to any outfit you choose to wear, no matter the occasion.


A belt can tie together an outfit and give some shape to flowy silhouettes. However, belts aren’t just to keep your pants in place. For example, a long and black belt looks chic with a summer dress. Skinny belts can accentuate your curves and transform baggy clothes. Genuine leather belts are long-lasting additions to your closet. 

Silk Scarves

You can buy a silk scarf to add a little romance to your outfit. Pair a simple tee shirt, tailored jeans with a colorful silky scarf for a casual outing. You can experiment with different knots to elevate your look if you want something more formal. Your scarf can also add some color to your outfit.

However, buy genuine silk scarves because they last for a long time. Tie your scarf around your neck or on your tote for an elegant touch.


Your bag is not just an accessory. It also holds your necessities. Your tote should also be long-lasting and look beautiful. Some people choose high-end bags like Birkin, but you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a bag. There are online stores available providing the best handbags for women at reasonable prices. 

For example, the Micheal Kors bag is affordable and has a sophisticated look. Remember to buy a bag that can fit your things, but it should not look cavernous. You do not want to look through several things to find your lip pencil for a touch-up. A crossbody or satchel bag is excellent for everyday use. 

Long Earrings

Chandelier earrings or chain earrings can give you a sleek and stylish look, especially when attending formal events. They can help you transition your outfit from afternoon to evening wear in a matter of seconds. Items like You can also opt for a boho-chic girl look with tasseled earrings. 


Sneakers and trainers are comfortable fits for people who want to give their feet a rest from the daily grind. Pair your skirt with statement sneakers for an Arianna Grande-inspired look. On the other hand, flats or wedges are excellent for a movie night or to hang out. Low-heeled pumps work best for office wear, and they look amazing with dresses too. Wear a pair of sandals with a cute top and jeans for a fun evening.

Ipanema has edgy slide sandals that are a perfect alternative to flip-flops. Slingbacks can also work with your black dress for a night out. 


You can pair a statement necklace with your plain outfits to make your outfit trendy and fun. Necklaces with fruity charms look youthful and funky with a pair of shorts and a Tee. You can also dress for work with a long pendant for glamorous yet professional vibes. 

Bug-Eyed Sunglasses

Your shades can have an impact on your look for the day too. Current trends include several styles, ranging from big and round to colored frames. If you’re headed to any daytime affair, don’t forget to take your shades along. Some glasses like the Chanel pearl string glasses can also double up as jewelry.

We love the bug-eyed sunglasses from Rawn that perfectly complement your miniskirt. You can get them at a bargain price of 60 dollars. However, buy sunglasses according to your face shape. Cat’s eye sunglasses are best for round faces. But, people with rectangular faces should buy round sunglasses. 

Bubble Rings

You want your hands to look as stylish as the rest of you. A dramatic and chunky ring can make your outfit quirky. The bubble ring is in fashion nowadays. These child-like accessories can add some fun to your look. These joyful little pops of color can boost your simple ensembles. Several celebrities are showcasing bubble rings on their social media accounts. For example, Bella Hadid posted a selfie with two colorful rings on her Instagram page. You can also do this yourself with a clay ring. 

Face Masks

We are going to wear face masks for the next few years. These accessories are a necessity in the 21st Century. So, why not wear a stylish face mask? Rick Owens showcased models with avant-garde masks for his recent fall collection. Buy a face mask in bold colors to match your outfit. If you want extra glam, get something with bling.

Every person has a unique fashion sense. But, as we get older, our style evolves, and we gain experience. We understand what works for us and what does not. However, a few cherished accessories can help you complete a look for any occasion. So get some for your collection. And while you’re at it, do not waste your money on shoddy material. Invest in high-quality products that will last. These pieces will express your personality, and you will not have to replace them. We recommend buying a few statement pieces every season to build a wardrobe without breaking the bank.