11 Things Everyone Should Do With Their Friends

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Do you have a group of friends that you love dearly? Planning fun things to do together will help to keep you close and bonded. There’s nothing worse than growing apart from your friends. It’s natural to spend less time together as you grow up, but you should still make the effort to see each other and have fun when you can. Try some of these things:

Go on Holiday

Everybody, and I mean everybody should go on holiday with their friends. Whether you’re going to a party destination like Ibiza or somewhere like Thailand, you should all explore a new and exciting place together. Going on holiday allows you to make so many new memories and you’ll have things to talk about for years to come!

When you’re young, it’s nice to go places you can relax and have a drink. When you get a bit older, you’re probably not going to want to go places like this. That doesn’t mean you can’t go away together, you’ll just need to go other places. Places you can explore and learn. It’ll still be lots of fun!

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Have a Weekend Away

As you get older, it might not be possible to have a holiday with your friends anymore. You may have kids and families to take care of. How about arranging a weekend away instead? You could do it for somebody’s birthday, or even a hen or stag event. You don’t even need an excuse!

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Celebrate Achievements

You should feel happy for your friends when they achieve something or have something to celebrate. Whether they’ve had a promotion at work or something else has happened to them, you should be there to celebrate it with them.

Take them out on the town. Throw them a party! Whatever you think is appropriate for the occasion. You shouldn’t ever feel jealous because your friend is doing well. If you’re unhappy, do something about it.

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Throw a Dinner Party

It’s always nice to cook for your friends and have a few drinks at home, so why not throw a dinner party? You could each take it in turns. Maybe do it once a month and rotate the houses you visit. It’s a nice grown up way to catch up and have a good time! You can find lots of tips for great dinner parties online.

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Have a Movie Marathon

Why not pick a classic movie or series and have a marathon at home? Make sure you have lots of snacks. You could even have them stop over and bring blankets into the living room.

Recipe: Salted Honey Butter Popcorn

Recipe: Salted Honey Butter Popcorn

Head to the Park

Going to the park is fun and free. You can enjoy nice weather here, or even have a picnic. If you like, you could even go and play on the swings!

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Go to a Gig or Festival

Live gigs/festivals are so much fun. They can last a few hours or the whole weekend, depending on what you want. You’ll never have a dull tale to tell when you return home from a festival.

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Camp Out

Camping can be lots of fun too. You could go to a campsite or find somewhere else you’d like to camp. Just make sure you stay safe. It’s a good opportunity to get away from technology and start enjoying nature again.

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Go to a Comedy Club

What could be better than laughing with your friends? Go to a comedy club to watch some comedians and have some guaranteed laughs.

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Karaoke can be a lot of fun, especially when you’ve had a few drinks! Why don’t you all get up there and sing one of your favorite songs? You could even take it in turns to laugh at one another. This could be a great way to spend a friends reunion! You won’t forget it in a hurry.

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A Murder Mystery Night

Murder mystery nights are a lot of fun and great for special occasions. All you need to do is order a kit and you can begin to arrange the night. It’s a little bit like Clue, except you’re all dressed up and it’s almost real!

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Try Baking

Baking a cake or cookies could be something nice to do on a rainy day. You can then make a nice drink, eat what you’ve made and put the world to rights.

Things Everyone Should Do With Their Friends // #brokeandchic

Now you have loads of ideas when it comes to different things you can do with your friends. You could even create a bucket list together and start working through it. Have fun!