11 Traits of an Introvert You Can Probably Sympathize With

Posted July 11, 2019 by in Lifestyle
traits of an introvert

Did you know that about 40% of the world’s population consists of introverts? Interestingly, introverted people are often viewed as something of a mystery. Perhaps that’s because of the wrong assumption that introversion has to do with social anxiety.

A large percentage of people who can be classified as being introverted often don’t even know that they are. The traits of an introvert are more common than you may imagine. In fact, if you closely examine your personality, you may be surprised by the characteristics of introversion you find. So, what does an introvert personality look like? Read on to find out:

  1. You Find Pleasure Spending Time Alone

Perhaps the most visible sign of introversion is having no problem spending plenty of time alone. Introvert people look forward to their alone time. How often do you stay at home on Saturday nights and enjoy watching Netflix alone? 

If your thing is drawing, you look forward to spending hours on end doing it in your studio. Rather than hang out in a group of people, introverts spend much of their time in their preferred solo activities.

  1. You Find It Hard to Shut Your Inner Monologue

While most people have a clear inner voice that runs in their mind from time to time, for introverts, the voice is louder and almost constant. That inner monologue is almost impossible to shut off, and it sometimes keeps you awake at night.

Haunting thoughts are common in an introvert person. How many times have you been unable to stop yourself thinking about a stupid thing you said 10 years ago?

  1. You Think Best When Alone

An introvert person doesn’t just spend all their alone time indulging in their hobbies. This is also the time they give their mind ample time to decompress. In the company of other people, introverts may feel that their mind is too overwhelmed to think and learn more.

When do you feel most creative or insightful? If it’s in solitude when you’re able to tap into your inner monologue, then you have one of the clear traits of an introvert.

  1. Being in a Crowd Often Makes You Feel Lonely

Craving intimate moments with oneself is common among introverts. Such moments can’t be found in groups. You often feel disconnected from your inner self when in a crowd and wish you were alone to tune into your inner voice.

  1. Being the Center of Attention Doesn’t Always Excite You

One of the sure signs of an introvert is that they have little desire to be on the spotlight. Rather than explain something in a room packed with people, they’d rather have a one-on-one conversation.  

But what if you’re passionate about something and have to express your views on a podium? On such occasions, risking overstimulation is well worth it. Most introverts don’t mind being the center of attention if speaking up is going to make a difference.

  1. You Prefer Expressing Your Thoughts in Writing

Texting rather than calling is common among introverts. Most of them would rather email their colleagues at work rather than express their ideas at staff meetings.

By writing, you have enough time to think about what you want to say and the proper way to say it. You have the chance to edit your thoughts and can craft your message perfectly. Most introverts even choose writing as a career.

  1. You Prefer Deeper Conversation Rather Than Small Talk

Introverts tend to avoid small talk every time they can. It simply grates on their nerves. But discussions that are centered on more meaningful topics catch their interest, and they can engage in them for hours on end.

How often have you entered another room to avoid chit-chat with a co-worker? If it happens often, then chances are you’re an introvert. This doesn’t necessarily mean that small talk freaks you out; just that you prefer not to have it.

  1. Going to Parties Doesn’t Mean You Want to Meet New People

What’s your biggest motivation for attending parties? For introverts, meeting new people and making friends is rarely the goal. At parties, introverts are content to spend time with people they’re already familiar with 

But what if you do happen to meet a stranger than you can connect with? That’s great. But doing so was never the intention of you attending the party in the first place.

  1. Your Circle of Friends Is Pretty Small

Having one or two people that you consider friends is among introvert signs you may have noticed. Rarely do introverts have a bigger circle of friends. Every other person outside this tiny circle of friendship is considered an acquaintance.

Why? Because introverts don’t have lots of people energy to spend. So, they carefully consider their relationships. Everything’s about budgeting.

  1. You Alternate Between Solitude and Being Around People

Sure, you relish your alone time, where you can have a deep connection with yourself. You love tuning out the noise and listening to your inner voice.

But being an introvert doesn’t mean that you always want to stay alone. Everyone’s wired to want to connect with other human beings. That’s why introverts also long to have meaningful interactions.

  1. You Often Notice Details That Others Don’t

Because introverts tend to be quite sensitive to stimuli, they notice details that other people around them may miss. For example, it’s easier for an introvert to know when a friend in the room is upset by simply observing a subtle change in their demeanor. And because most introverts are highly tuned into space, color, and texture, they tend to be excellent visual artists.

Introverts are often seen as shy and socially awkward people, but that’s hardly the case. An introvert simply handles social stimulation a little differently from how others do.

Often, some of the traits of an introvert are present in people who don’t consider themselves introverts, which makes it easier to sympathize with them.

Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? Let us know in the comments below!