12 Accessories You Absolutely Need To Pack For A Trip Of A Lifetime

Posted June 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle

If you’re planning a trip of a lifetime in the near future, then be sure to check out what we’ve got in store for you in this post. Here, we run through some of the accessories that you’ll absolutely need on your travels. Check them out below:

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

While a trip of a lifetime is always a lot of fun, there’s also a lot of “dead time” associated with it. For instance, you may spend many hours waiting for flights to taxi onto the runway or staring out the window on long train journeys. 
The good news, though, is that with noise-cancelling headphones, passing the time is easy. You just put on your favorite music or podcast and see where it takes you. The fact that these headphones also cancel out unwanted sounds is another massive benefit, allowing you to enjoy your music, even when things get noisy in your surrounding environment. 

Eye Revitalizer

Trips of a lifetime are a lot of fun, but they can take their toll on your sleep schedule. After a couple of days of changing time zones, your body certainly starts showing the signs. 

Fortunately, with an eye revitalizer, you can cover up your lack of sleep with a simple swoosh of the applicator. These products immediately conceal puffiness and bags around the eyes, giving you an instant freshness and vitality about you. 

Travel Wallet

If you haven’t invested in a travel wallet yet, you should. These amazing products have lots of labels inside, allowing you to organize all your documents, currencies and IDs. Many of them are stylish too and don’t look too macho, which is nice. 

If you can, look for a wallet with enough space to carry your phone and a backup battery. This way, you can fit everything that you need into a single item and not have to worry about carrying around lots of separate things as you make your way through airports. 

Fancy Travel Toiletries

Regular travel toiletries can leave a lot to be desired. But specialist brands are getting better at creating decent products that come in small packages. 

Take Marvis, for instance. This little-known brand now has a reputation for providing vacationers with indulgent toothpastes, shampoos and body lotions. 

Backpacking Boots

If you’re planning a trip of a lifetime, there’s a good chance that you’re going to spend a lot of your time hiking from place to place, even if it is to get around a city, according to https://www.escapemonthly.com/. For that reason, it’s a good idea to invest in a decent pair of hiking boots: something that is going to keep your feet comfortable if you spend hours on the trail. After all, the last thing you want on a trip of a lifetime is sore blisters on your feet. 

Backpacking boots are particularly critical for the adventurers among you. If you’re the sort of person who always wants to explore the next trail and climb the next mountain, these are for you. 

Camera Drone

Part of the fun of going on a trip of a lifetime is all of the stories that you’ll be able to tell your friends when you get home. That’s where a camera drone can help. These clever devices, discussed in detail on sites like https://www.drdrone.ca/, make it easy to create cinematic videography, all controllable from your smartphone. With a drone, you can film entire beaches, canyons, city scapes and anything else you want, so long as local regulations allow it. 


Apple AirPods are perhaps the greatest invention of the last decade and something that every traveller should have in their suitcase. 

Why? Simple really. They’re small, convenient and deliver an impossibly high sound quality to your ears. If things ever get monotonous for you, just pop these in and relax. 

Tech Case

Speaking of high-tech travel accessories, packing a specialist tech case might come in handy. These items are for holding all of the mundane and slightly less interesting things you need to take with you on vacation, like your USB cable and charger. Instead of just dumping it all loose in your suitcase, you can keep it in something separate that looks a little bit like a wallet. 

Turmeric Face Oil

Taking your entire skin care routine with you on vacation can be a mammoth effort. And most of us, quite frankly, would prefer not to do it. But there’s good news: today there are plenty of products on the market that contain multiple agents, allowing you to cut down on the number of serums you need to take with you.

For instance, you can now buy TSA-approved mini-bottles of vitamin C and turmeric serum – the perfect combination for keeping your skin looking beautiful for the entire trip. 

Vacuum Pack Cubes

Do you have a lot of things that you need to pack for your adventure of a lifetime? If so, you might benefit from vacuum pack cubes. These are essentially little cubbies that you put in your suitcase with all the air sucked out to maximize space.

What’s more, having these little packing cubes makes it much easier to see what stuff you need to unpack when you get to the other end. One cubes, for instance, has all of your entertainment, another has your toiletries and so on. 

Waterproof Jacket

Buying a waterproof jacket is a must if you’re planning a big trip of a lifetime, even if you’re going to a hot country. You never know when the heavens will open and you’ll get soaked. 

Don’t just go with the cheapest brand that you can find. Instead, choose a quality make that offers genuine Gore-Tex weather protection. Having a proper rain coat is so much better than using a throw-away plastic shawl or umbrella. 

Nano Facial Device

If you’re travelling for more than a month, you won’t be able to adhere to your regular salon routine. For that reason, it’s a good idea to take a nanocurrent facial device with you to act as a stop-gap between now and your next treatment session. 

What are some of your travel must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!