12 Diet Tips to a Healthier You

Posted January 9, 2012 by in Health + Fitness
amazing diet tips

Need some diet tips? The holidays are officially over. Cookies, cakes, champagne, chocolate and of course the sweet potato casserole has all happened and you’re one week into your “eat healthier” resolution. You won’t fail if you follow these 12 amazing diet tips!

12 Diet Tips to a Healthier You

1. Drink plenty of water.

No, Diet Coke doesn’t count. Many people confuse hunger with thirst. Before you grab those Doritos, grab a bottle of water first. If you still feel hungry go for it, just not the whole bag.

2. Think about what you can add to your diet, not what you can take away.

Start by making sure you’re getting the recommended daily 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables. Make veggies the star of the plate, not just the side. Ratatouille anyone? Don’t have time to cook? Make a daily stop to your local juicer for a green juice. Don’t worry, they actually taste good. Try the Supa Dupa Greens at Juice Generation. It’s filled with kale, spinach, cucumber, romaine, parsley, celery and apples!

3. Be choosy about your midnight snacks.

Don’t be a mindless eater. Most snacking occurs after dinner, when you’re relaxing on the coach in front of the television. You could down a whole bag of cookies if you’re not paying attention. End the eating amnesia by just not buying unhealthy snacks. Buy yogurt, granola bars and apples instead of potato chips and candy. Even better, substitute late night snacking with a cup of decaf herbal tea.

4. Enjoy your favorite foods.

Everything in moderation is the key to a long healthy life. If you swear off cookies forever, your diet will last less than three weeks. It’ll end with a sprint to your local bakery out of sweet deprivation. Don’t eat 20 cookies, eat three instead. Actually pay attention to the serving size on the back. Your best bet is to NOT buy in bulk. Just get a slice of pizza for dinner — not a whole pie.

5. Enjoy your treats away from home.

If your kitchen is filled with ice cream, candy and cakes…it’ll be eaten. If you want something sweet, leave the house for it. Even better, ask for that ice cream sundae in a kid size instead of the famous and fattening 5 scooper!

6. Try eating several little “meals” a day.

If you consume less calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight. Instead of having 3 large meals a day, have several fist sized meals throughout the day. You’ll be able to control your appetite better.

7. Only shop in the outer area of the grocery store.

If you pay attention, all the processed foods are in the center, while all the fresh and healthy items are on the outside. Don’t even let your self wander into the middle.

8. Have protein at every meal.

Protein helps to keep your body fuller for longer. Plus, it’s way more satisfying than carbs and fats. Think yogurt, tofu, almonds, skim milk, lean meats, hummus and edamame.

9. Get your body moving every day.

Gym memberships are expensive. If you can’t afford one at the moment, there are tons of other alternatives to get your heart pumping. For one, stop taking the elevator. All buildings that have elevators are required to have stairs…take them. Hiking up 6 flights of stairs a day will do your lungs, heart and legs some good. Also, don’t fight with the other drivers for that parking spot right in front of the door. Opt for that lonely spot way at the other end. Your car could benefit from this too. If no one’s parked next to you, no one can slam their door into yours. Double win!

10. Buy some cute workout clothes.

You’re more likely to go for a jog outside if you have a cute pair of hot pink sneakers to put on. Don’t opt for drab workout gear, make it colorful and stylish. Check out your local Target for some affordable and stylish gear.

11. Instead of going out for milkshakes, go out for smoothies.

Not only will you be getting some of your much-needed daily fruit servings, you’ll also avoid the 500+ calories in that milkshake. Just make sure it’s a healthy smoothie. Some places add sugar infested sorbet and sherbet to their smoothies. Really pay attention to the ingredient list on the menu. You want it to have soy, whey or hemp protein, fruit, ice and perhaps fat free yogurt or milk. Have to have that milkshake? Ask them to make it with skim milk instead of whole, or just ask for the kid size.

12. Don’t reward yourself with food.

If you do loose weight, reward yourself with a new pair of shoes, or a new dress. Not with a big greasy burger.

12 Diet Tips to a Healthier You

These are just a few Broke & Fit tips for you to start 2012 off right. If you have any more to share, feel free to leave them in the comments! Happy New Year!