12 Fun and Trendy Ideas for Decorating Your New Duplex

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When it comes to decorating your duplex, there are so many fresh and unique ideas you can use. Don’t let the size of your place get in your way when there are so many great design trends that are suited to smaller spaces. Here’s a list of some of the best ways you can decorate your duplex home.

  1. Make a First Impression

One of the first things people will be seeing when they come to your house is your front porch. Make your front porch look fun and inviting by choosing a clever doormat, adding some fun flowers and painting your door a unique color like purple or salmon to add some pizazz. If you have the space, add a bench or table to give guests a homey feeling before they even enter.

  1. Use All the Space

Duplex units might be smaller than a full house but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most out of the space you have. Putting up shelves is a great way to be able to use the space available in every room. Another great idea is investing in furniture that doubles as storage so you can keep clutter out of the way. 

  1.  Carry a Color

 If your duplex unit isn’t an open concept unit then you might feel like the rooms are too disconnected. If you stick with neutrals for the majority of your space but add a pop of color in each room then the space will feel much more united. Bright red pillows in the living room will accent the red towels being used in the bathrooms and keep the space tied together. 

  1. Make a Statement

Smaller rooms are a little trickier to add bold design elements to so statement pieces should be something small but powerful. An oddly shaped vase in the middle of the living room table or a unique DIY light feature hanging in the kitchen for example. If you’re the type that likes conversation pieces then make sure you stick to one or two in each room or your decor will feel loud and uninviting. 

  1. Make Your Own Rooms

If you don’t have any space for extra storage but you have some junk you want to be hidden for a while then look unto some room dividers or curtains. You can use a pressure-mounted shower rod to hang a curtain in almost any room and hide a few boxes behind it if necessary. Room dividers are another great way to turn one room into two smaller ones without doing any major construction. 

  1. Bring in the Green 

One of the hottest trends of the year is creating your own indoor garden. Start with some easy to care for plants and place them all around the house or concentrated together in one spot. This design trend is also based on how many windows you have and what level of a green thumb you think you’re at so make sure you do some research before you take a trip to the garden center. 

  1. Give Back to the Earth

Another hot trend for the year is going green and using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. Materials like bamboo, glass and stone have been popping up everywhere and replacing materials like wood or plastic. One of the easiest places to start this is in your kitchen by replacing all of your outdated plastic utensils with gorgeous bamboo ones that you will be proud to display.

  1. Everything Has a Purpose (or two)

When you’re buying large furniture pieces like coffee tables or couches, look for a style that gives you more than one function for buying a duplex home. A pull-out couch bed is one thing but a bed with a fold-out desk or a couch with hidden storage is another. Try to find items that will work for you in more ways than one so you can utilize them as much as possible. 

  1. Pretty Functional

When you’re in a room that has a limited amount of space then try your best to make use of every piece in the room. Decor items can also be dual usage and hide things like electronics or pet accessories cleverly. Try using a gorgeous antique cigar box to tuck away your remotes in your living room or using a trendy basket to hide your dog toys and you’ll be adding style to the space in a functional way. 

  1. Head it up

One of the biggest trends in the last few years for bedroom spaces are statement headboards. These are great for duplexes because they usually don’t require mounting anything or changing anything with the room itself but they can still create a huge impact. Use bold fabrics, textures, or colors and treat it like a piece of art to add some extra drama to your bedroom. 

  1. Round it out

For square and boxy living rooms, curved furniture is the way to go. Curved couches, chairs and tables have been making their way back from the ’70s and they do a great job of making sterile rooms have some depth. Place curved furniture like couches away from walls and pair them with curved edge tables for a fun and funky look. 

  1. Paint the Fifth wall

If you want to go a step above the statement wall then try giving a room a statement ceiling. Painting your ceiling a bold color can change the room dramatically so choose wisely before you start. A pattern might be a little too much so stick to brighter color for small rooms with little light and go with a darker color for bigger rooms with lots of light and you’ll get a big visual impact. 

There are so many great ideas you can use to make your duplex space look and feel like home to you. With so many different ideas, it’s easy to find one or a few that will work best for you and your space.  Choose as many of these ideas as you’d like to turn your duplex unit from drab to delightful. 

*Photos by Andrea Davis

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