12 Tips & Tricks on How to Become a Successful Nail Technician

Posted July 1, 2022 by in Career
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Becoming a successful nail technician takes time. It may seem easy at first glance – a few pieces of equipment and attention to small details. Indeed, you need these, but at the end of the day, experience is invaluable.

Here are a few general ideas to help you become more successful in the nail salon industry.

Crop of person getting their nails done in a nail salon

Get quality

Invest in quality, rather than cheap stuff that you can buy from any store. You will not have to spend a fortune anyway. If you cannot afford it, look for a business loan for a nail salon if you have to – just make sure you never compromise on quality. If you do not want a loan, simply save some more.

Practice again and again

If you are new to this industry, you do need to practice a lot. Ideally, you should get certified training and even work in a professional salon for a while, until you get how it works. You might as well get a few customers to follow you once you decide to go on your own.

Patience is essential

There are only 10 nails you need to look after – 20, if you do the pedicure too. It does not sound like a lot, but each of them requires extreme attention to small details. You need to be patient and correct small mistakes – again, again, and again. Without patience, you are less likely to thrive.

Training is continuous

Whether you take one, five, or a dozen training courses, your training does not stop there. It makes no difference how many diplomas you get. Training is continuous and also implies becoming familiar with new technologies popping up on a regular basis. It goes on and on again.

Focus on precision

Attention to small details and precision go hand in hand. But then, no matter how careful you are, precision is a different thing and requires practice. Doing nails takes time, and practicing over and over again will help you become more precise with your work.

Steady hands

Steady hands are also related to precision. You need to practice on how to keep still. At the same time, make sure you pay attention to what you drink and eat. Five coffees a day and a few energy drinks will most likely make you shake.

Concentration pays off

People want to be pampered when they come over to get their nails done. They expect good treatment. Concentration is not all about nails, but also about the client, so focus on each person in particular and deal with their needs accordingly.

You need top-notch eyesight

Since nails are small and everything around them is even smaller, you will need a cat’s eyesight. If you struggle to see such small things, you will inevitably make mistakes – if your eyes are not in the best possible condition, consider getting some glasses.

Hygiene is a must

You are likely to get in trouble if one of your clients gets ill or infected because you failed to sterilize your tools. Hygiene is not all about showing off to your customers, but also about looking after them. Should such issues arise, your reputation will go down overnight, and potential customers will avoid you.

Good memory

Pay attention to each customer. If they are happy, they will return. Now, you need to remember things about them, such as details they may share about their personal lives, as well as their general preferences regarding nails. It shows good customer service, and they will appreciate it.

Multitasking skills

Multitasking skills represent a necessity in this industry. You are very likely to talk to customers as you do their nails. Unfortunately, many newbies lose concentration when they do that – even worse, some of them stop working at all.

You need to be able to carry a conversation without losing your focus. While most customers appreciate a good chat, they do not want to spend three hours sitting down in front of you. Therefore, learn to work while being distracted.

Be reliable

You need to be reliable and often go the extra mile. Keep a diary and manage it by the book – if it helps, you could invest in software. It will also do finances for you, show you which of your services are more appreciated, and so on.

Special clients deserve going the extra mile and getting an appointment out of working hours if it is an emergency.

Woman painting nails in a nail salon

Bottom line, the nail industry requires lots of work and attention to small details. It is not an industry for everyone, but if you truly love it, practice makes you perfect.

The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you gain clientele over a short period of time. Plus, there are certain things that you may need more training for, but this is part of every game out there.

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