15 Positive Quotes to Help You Get Through Cold and Dark January

Posted December 28, 2019 by in Lifestyle
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While December festivities are always enjoyable and exciting, there is a very real thing called seasonal depression. Not all are affected by it of course, but if you do, you know how miserable the remainder of the winter season can be. It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s icy, it’s just plain awful. Especially if you don’t have other things to look forward to during the winter — like a vacation to a tropical island or a ski trip with friends.

Now that the holiday festivities are about to be over (NYE is only days away), you may need a winter pick-me-up. Here are 15 positive quotes to get you through cold and dark January:

It’s okay to do what’s best for you.

Yes it does. Maybe winter is meant to be our healing and rest period; just like the flowers and trees.

Sometimes you need to let go. Not because you don’t care, but because you’re preventing yourself from unleashing your true potential.

Just a reminder. #selfcare

You are a masterpiece! No need to rush.


Just ask yourself…is it worth it?

It so so is.

No need to over do it.

To all the haters out there. 😘

Who really cares what they think anyway?

And don’t you forget it! 👏

Be brave, even on the darkest night.

Don’t forget chica, you’re so very powerful.

Self-care, chica. Self-care.

Not matter the time of year, that melancholy feeling can hit us; sometimes for reasons unknown. Just always know you’re powerful, and sometimes you just need to rest and take care of yourself. We live in a world where being busy is idolized, but step back and enjoy the little things, too. Life is too short to be go, go, go 24/7.

Let this season be a time for healing, reflections, and self-care. Let all things go that no longer serve you; it’s okay to selfish sometimes. Especially when it comes to your mental health. That way you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally ready to take on anything and everything this spring.

I really hope you like these inspirational quotes. Which one was your favorite?